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a bunch of stuff


I’ve been sort of all over the place the last few days. I’ve been working on milk paint stuff and book stuff and branding stuff and cleaning and youth group and sleeping in this morning…  Just a lot, so I’m feeling a little scattered as I write this post tonight.

In addition to the hardware store counter and oak cabinet I bought on Thursday, I also bought this very cool easel.  I thought it would be a great place to display things about my paint line in my space at Lucketts.  I’m so excited to get my space all set up for the launch.

I received some awesome mail over the past few weeks including several rolls of this gorgeous paper from French Charmed


…a huge roll of upholstery webbing and burlap ribbon from



…and a beautiful pillow from Oliviera Textiles.



I’m excited about all of these products, but oh, this pillow…the fabric…the color…yeah.  It’s really special and it’s made from all-natural hemp with a feather-filled insert.  I’m really excited about working with these talented ladies.


So, this week I need to buckle down and get myself focused.  I have to get the labels for the milk paint line finished and find some pieces to paint, so I can introduce my other colors.  I also have a few key pieces I still need to find to be fixtures in my space at Lucketts.  Wow…and not to mention Haven is just around the corner!!  It’s an exciting time…


For the first time in a while, I’m going to announce the winner of a giveaway when I said I would.  Woohoo!!   The winners of the Decor Steals MMS pick-of-the-month giveaway are…

KathyB (kmaggierose) is the winner of the technician’s stool


Danielle from Silver Pennies is the winner of the collection of rustic frames.

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  1. oh what fun stuff! I have a huge roll of that burlap webbing too – the one with the blue stripe. It’s a fun decor accent – great to be able to store it out where it can look cute – and where I can cut some off anytime I want to use it for a project.
    Yay for the stuff you are getting done :)

  2. Nice stuff!

  3. Such exciting things coming up!!! I’m so happy for you.. I can’t wait to see your paint line, I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous!

  4. Love all the stuff,and hearing your human and feeling a little scatterred…with everything you have going on,scattered is normal. I love everything you have bought for the set up on your paint. The pillows are so fresh and happy. Are you going to be getting a larger booth again for paint and your treasures you create.

  5. [email protected] Charm says:

    Great looking piece you have here. Looking forward to your milk paint line.


  6. Marian, KMAGGIEROSE IS MY AUNT KATHIE!!! I’m so stinkin’ jealous!!!

  7. Linda says:

    Last Christmas I used the webbing as garland on my tree. I also use tit to make wreaths – take a peek!

  8. over the past few days, i have been working like a nutter. i was to be in a show last sunday, which was cancelled due to bad weather. also there is a two day event this upcoming weekend. i also filled some of my wholesale orders and made fresh stuff for the hope of personal growth. the net result is that my living room is looking ridiculous and i think i need some mustardy improvements. it is a breath of fresh air to dial your “scattered” ideas and feel focused by your drive. thank you as always. you rock. xow.

  9. I think you deserved a sleep in!
    I’m always in awe of your ability to write a new post each day.
    I am struggling for time at the moment with an almost one year old constantly clutching at my jeans.
    The easel is awesome! As is all the other cool stuff.

  10. I absolutely love the color combination and the pattern of the pillow. So beautiful. Thank you so much for the frames. I’m so excited!

  11. Carol says:

    LOVE the fabric on that pillow. I think maybe it doesn’t look that great in your house, though, and you should give it away. Worth a shot.

  12. Wow, love that paper from French Charmed!

  13. Debbie says:

    Ooohhh…love that blue pillow!

  14. beverlee says:

    I am happy, excited and anticipating all the wonders coming your way, it’s fun to see it all unfold. Some pretty cool suffs also!

  15. Susan says:

    I can’t wait to see your new milk paint color. I love the paper from French Charmed, I’ll have to get some! The pillow is so pretty I’ve been loving blue lately.

  16. So happy to see Oliveira Textiles featured! Love their textiles and colors. Feel so lucky to have them in Bristol, RI!

  17. Everything sound exciting and busy!! What fun…can’t wait to see the new paint colors,
    Love the fabric!!

  18. I love your blog and hate to post negative things but just wanted to comment on the blue pillow. It’s made of all natural hemp (good) but filled with feathers (bad). Do you know how feathers are obtained? A lot comes from the slaughter of your birds and many come from “harvesting” where feathers are ripped out of live birds many times in the bird’s life. “Natural” is not always better.

  19. How exciting, I love that easel. It is gorgeous.

  20. Marian,
    Thank you so much for this lovely post today. What a nice surprise! Stay in touch, and I look forward to future collaboration. The pillow looks beautiful on your sofa.


  21. KathieB says:

    oh, Miss Marian! I am thrilled beyond words about winning the technician’s stool… I went back to your post three separate times to be sure I read it right. Thank you SO much!

    KathieB (kmaggierose)

    P.S. Miss Breida with a b. will be eyeing it with envy when it arrives!


  22. Love the pillow, the ribbon and the easel is great!!!….Hope to get to Luckett’s this week…can’t wait to see your booth!

  23. How are you doing all this and attending the Haven conference in a couple of weeks? Can’t wait to see you and your paint line there! Oh, the paper rolls and burlap are almost as nice as the easel! Do you sell the burlap and such by the foot/yard?

  24. OH the paper is truly lovely! And I can hardly wait for your paint line to come out… I’ve already started making a list of projects to make using it and the rustic frames… well, I am making my own. Between yard sales and auctions I’ve got a stash going that will work just perfect!!

    Thanks you so very much for sharing all of your lovely finds with us!

  25. Love the great things people have sent you, especially the paper.
    Would love to know where you find your stuff. In your hometown?
    Where are all those great thrift shops?
    Please share!!

  26. Love the blue pillow!

  27. Denise says:

    Gorgeous roll of paper from French Charmed. Would like to know more about all-natural hemp fabrics.Looking forward to see more colors of milk paints.

  28. MaryC says:

    Gorgeous easel! And thanks for sharing the sources for some of these accents. Have a great weekend!

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