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Shopping at Lucketts


I’m still recovering from Lucketts. (Well, I guess I need to give myself a break.  It just ended yesterday and I still need to de-Lucketts my house!  Events have a way of taking over.)  My parents are leaving tomorrow to go back to Florida to tie up loose ends and get ready to move up here, north of the Mason-Dixon line for the first time in their adult lives.  We went to see the house their having built today and it’s coming right along.

So, I worked on cleaning out my e-mail inbox, which was way out of control.  I shuffled around and picked up some of the mess that was the result of dumping the contents of my van in the living room.  Mini made fun of my squeaky, raspy voice pretty regularly.  My mom and I finally had our bowl of cream of crab soup.  I was in a post-Lucketts fog through most of it.  Finally about 2:00, I felt like I was coming back to life.  I was able to snap some pictures and did some work on my milk paint line.  I think I have solidified the wax that will be carried with my paint.  I am so excited about it, because it’s creamy, easy to use and not stinky AT ALL!  I’ll be testing out some dark wax to determine the right ratio of tint-to-wax, so it’s easier to use and not as heavy as traditional dark furniture wax (which is really meant for staining wood.)  Anyway, I was pretty giddy about it this afternoon.  I have some calls tomorrow to discuss additional photos needed for my book and to work on the paint line.  Very fun stuff.

With all of this going on, I haven’t been able to sit down and write all about Lucketts and the wonderful people I met.   I will do that, but until then, I’ve been posting and sharing some things on my Facebook Page.  I didn’t want to not post at all today, so I thought I would show a couple of the things I purchased at the fair.  I usually don’t have time to shop until Sunday, so I am always surprised when I find great stuff!

I actually shopped my own booth quite a bit.  There were a few pieces I wanted to keep, so I priced them pretty high and my strategy worked.  (If ever you see something with a ridiculous price, it means I love it and want to keep it!)  So, I was happy when I got to take home this zinc milk bottle carrier.


I made sure to check out the tent of Pete, one of my favorite vendors at the Lucketts Store, and found an awesome pair of French caned chairs.  I couldn’t believe they were still there!  The caned seats had been punched through, but it’s an easy fix to reupholster them.  The frames are sturdy and I love the shape.  I also bought a monogrammed hemp grain sack from him.



I bought a bunch of feathers from another Lucketts Store vendor and my booth neighbor, Lisa.  I was fawning over them when I first saw them filling a huge silver bowl.



 I look forward to being rested, so I can share more.  On that note, I’m off to bed…


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  1. Diana says:

    Would loveone of your tshirts!
    Can’t wait to be able to purchase your paint, also!
    Enjoy your blog!

  2. i am so proud of all of your accomplishments. good luck and sleep well. perhaps the next few days will allow you to unwind a bit. you need to i suspect.

  3. beverlee says:

    Good rest! I know you’re going to have sweet drems….

  4. Sue Pagels says:

    You always work so hard! Can’t wait for the book, the paint line, the wax line, the t-shirts…… You are my favorite blog and so glad I stumbled across you a few years ago! Glad the show was great – looks like you found some fun stuff too!

  5. angela says:

    i am glad you sold a lot and i would keep that milk bottle carrier too and who won the giveaways?

  6. Man, I could have a a free pair of cane back seats this weekend but passed them up because I knew I wouldn’t have time to figure out how to fix them. I thought maybe taking out the cane and upholsterring would work but I thought it might still be too tricky for me . I should have picked them up and at least given it a try!! I for one would love to see how you do it it your up for sharing when you work on this chair!

  7. Ashley G says:

    You deserve a break!!

    Please consider doing a blog post on re-upholstering the cane seat of the french chair. I have a similar chair that I would like to upholster the seat because the cane is breaking too.

  8. How wonderful for you to have your parents close. Treasure the moments as I know you will. I enjoy your adventures and endeavors. The milk paint looks supper now with the wax! Woo hoo!
    Smiles, Alice

  9. Sleep well Marion. You deserve it. You did a ton of physical work last week and over the weekend. You need some catch-up time! : )

  10. So happy for your success! You deserve every bit of it! I’m looking forward to your new line of milk paint. The colors are gorgeous! So glad you’re also coming out with wax. And, I’m sure you’re going to post tutorials. But, you need your rest first! Go ahead. We can wait cause we know it’s worth it!

  11. [email protected] Charm says:

    How funny…I have a zinc carrier a lot like yours…but I was never brave enough to price mine really high…I just played it safe and it never left my nest:) Awesome chairs!


  12. love the chairs wish I could find some …..You deserve all the rest and a break from work! But we say thank you for your daily updates….It’s like a cup of Coffee you have to have. Are you going to do a black in your color range. I love the feathers,I have had a arrangment of Feathers in my house for years! I need to put a picture of it on my blog. How do you do it all?

  13. Hi,
    love what you got and kept….
    I have a question…do you do all your own upholstery??
    Love grain sacks…great choice…

  14. Carol says:

    Non-stinky paste wax??! Sign me up!

  15. Sharon says:

    Love those chairs! So happy for you that you’ll have your parents close-by soon! I LOVE having family close! I love all your turky feathers too….I have a pitcher full just like yours. We have lots of wild turkey around and I pick up a feather whenever I see one. Take a well-deserved break and get some rest!

  16. For someone who didn’t want to post, that was a good one! lol
    That is my favorite part of your blogging! You share your heart and we love it!
    I can see why you didn’t want to sell the milk bottle carrier, they are wonderful.
    Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise, I will be coming to Lucketts next year! I feel like I really missed out on something wonderful. There are about a thousand post from everyone who was able to go and they all were wonderful!
    Yep, I will be pulling my camper and hitting the road next year!

  17. Cheri says:

    Thank you for sharing. I know you must be exhausted!

  18. Awesome finds! There were so many great things to look at that I found myself browsing more than anything. It was like being in a candy store- seriously- while trying to hold in my giddiness as I saw one neat thing after another. And that was on Sunday afternoon, too. Next year, I need to make more of a plan to figure out what I want- jars, sacks, linens, ephemera, because it would have been so easy to just buy it all! 😉

  19. Thank you for sharing your finds! I love that milk crate carrier, I would of kept it too! I hope you had a fabulous time and enjoy a nice rest! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

  20. Congrats on your success, your hard work is truly paying off. Rest when you can I’m sure you have many busy weeks ahead. Thanks for sharing with us. Can’t wait for the book to come out!

  21. So glad you got to keep the zinc milk carrier! What a beauty! I grew up on a dairy farm, so love all things milk! Really like those feathers, too!


  22. Good for you – I love that zinc carrier you kept! Way to go – if something you want sells you make great money on it – and can get another one! If it doesn’t sell you get to keep it :) great strategy :)
    Rest up quick – we all can’t wait to see more of it!

  23. Have a fun break! I am so glad the show went really well for you! I could not believe it when I saw your rocking horse in the booth!! I thought you would keep him for sure!

  24. I love it that you overprice the stuff you want to keep 😉 An excellent strategy that isn’t quite the same as just outright keeping it, which is always less acceptable w/ husbands (or at least with mine!). I LOVE those chairs, what a fun project!!

    Can’t wait to see your wax! I’ve held off buying any soft wax online until you start selling yours :)

  25. Margaret says:

    I have a question for you a bought the cane chairs you bought, will you
    have them re caned or have them upholstered. I have a French settee in
    my store that has one little hole in it on the back. It is to expensive to re cane,
    is there an easy fix for this?

  26. Enjoyed meeting you….my lovely flower frog is happy with the rest of the ones I’ve accumulated. I especially like that you gave out the “move mountains” tag. I’ve been thinking I need a life verse as well….what a great testimony. See ya next year!

  27. Can’t wait to see who you met at Lucketts! I always enjoy that post. You have so many exciting things going on, so fun you are sharing with us. Good luck on all the exciting adventures!

  28. Wishing we had a Lucketts….then read that your parents live in Florida, I live in Indian River County in Florida (east coast) and was wondering if your folks might know of something like it around here?????????

    Can’t wait for your milk paint to be available!
    Love following your posts!

  29. Dear Marian, I don’t know how you do it all!!
    My little blog is going to be 3 months old and I already spend my time on it quite a bit!
    Sometimes is hard to find time to actually DO the projects to share!
    I love the chairs you bought!
    I am so glad you sold a lot, too!!!
    Hopefully you can REST a bit, now?



  30. Tina Youngblood says:

    If I could do anything I wanted… I would do all that you do. I love your blog.. I love all the accomplishments you have made. I am so hoping to start a photography class this summer. I have been involved in thrifting and antiquing for some time. I hope to someday play while I work as it seems you do… We live in the Panhandle of Florida and I was reading that your parents live in Florida but are moving… I wish them the best in their new adventures. Please keep those fantastic blogs and pictures coming… So enjoy!!!! Thanks

  31. Oh could you please tell me how you plan to fix your chairs? i bought the other two from Pete and mine are punched through too!!!

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