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Say hello to “Tricycle”


Well, I am totally whipped.  I have actually resorted to giving myself pep talks over the last couple of days.  “Ok, Marian.  Just paint this dresser.  That’s all you need to do right now, then you can focus on the next thing.”  I have made everyone promise to force me to get in bed early tonight.  The truck is loaded (I can’t believe I filled a 17′ truck!), I’m finished with all of my “workshop” projects and my dad is grilling some hamburgers, so I didn’t have to worry about making dinner.  Tomorrow we will drop everything off at Lucketts and I’ll refill my space inside.  I have a few more projects left to work on Thursday and Friday…sewing pillows, making some decorations for my booth, last minute shopping, getting change, making sure my bag is packed…stuff like that.  I’m hoping also to rest and watch a movie somewhere in there.

So, now it’s time to reveal the next paint color in my milk paint line…

…meet “Tricycle.”


…it is the most wonderful shade of red and I have to say I am totally in love with this color and the dresser.

Here’s the piece before…


I scored it on Craig’s List a couple of days ago.  Someone had it listed for an outrageous price for a couple of weeks and then had to get rid of it before he moved.  He brought the price down to a basement bargain and I jumped on it.  The drawers were wonky, so my dad and husband fixed them up so they function properly.



I purchased the knobs from Hobby Lobby.  I wasn’t sure I would love them for this piece when I bought them, but they were the only ones that were large enough AND had eight knobs available.  They ended up being perfect.





My hobby horse was just the right accessory.




I really need more red in my house.  Anyway, this piece is on the truck to take to Lucketts tomorrow.

I wanted to share one last milk paint related thing.  I made an advertising chalkboard to take to the fair this weekend…

Reni’s logo and Laura’s sketched dresser work perfectly together and I’m so excited about the branding for my paint.  Although I’ve been testing paints, mixing colors and selecting label and packaging options, seeing it on a chalkboard makes it seem more real.  It’s just awesome and I’m so blessed.

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  1. Anne Boykin says:

    MMS, Tricycle is beautiful on that piece of furniture! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  2. So wish I could buy some things and have you ship it. But the cost of shipping would be crazy. Love your work and the colors…..

  3. I have to honestly say..of all your colors this is the BEST..It is so hard to find a Red that isn’t too orange or too pink…THIS IS PERFECT…It is spot on the best color red EVER.
    Thank you!!
    Hugs and good luck at Lucketts!
    art is beauty

  4. love the color, LOVE the name….and, yes, you are blessed. BUT you are blessed with the smarts and talent needed to make your dreams come true.

    love watching your ride to success!

  5. Hello, and a great big – LOVE Tricycle milk paint. – You have to put me down for some of this just as soon as you get your international shipping up and running and send a pot of this to me in Scotland.

  6. Robin W. says:

    Shut the Front Door!!!! This color is amazing!!! And the name….perfect!!!! I cannot wait to try out this paint and all the delicious colors so far!!! Hope your weekend is wonderful and you come back much lighter… if that would be a problem!!! Everyone loves Miss Mustard Seed!!! Enjoy!!!!

  7. Wow! Fantastic! I am really looking forward to seeing your milk paint line. Loving the colors so far. This dresser is a home run!

  8. Your furniture pieces just keep getting better and better. I wish my house was bigger ( and closer) so I could get some. I am not afraid to paint my own tho so I eagerly await more info on your milk paint line. So exciting.. Congratulations!

  9. Kathy says:

    My husband was sold on this color when i said “tricycle”. He never even saw the photo but he said he pictured it just from the name. It is lovely, and if it does that in one or two coats hallelujah!

  10. I LOVE this color! I cannot wait to purchase all of your colors, Marian! You have been such an inspiration to me for so many years! Congrats on your success! You certainly deserve it!

  11. Cecilia Connell says:

    Hey, Marian! I hope you are well recovered from Lucketts. Diana and I love the pieces we got from you! As you may remember, I am the happy new owner of the lovely Tricycle Red Dresser! It is SO BEAUTIFUL! We are planning on taking it out to our new house near Jackson Hole, WY, this summer. However, my sweet-yet-perfectionist -wood-worker husband would like to have some of the red paint you used on it. He ended up taking some of the pieces apart and re-glueing them so as to make it more sturdy and would put the missing trim on the drawers if he could get some paint to match the dresser. When and how can we get some? Thanks a lot, and many blessings to you!

  12. I am totally in love with this color! Reds are so hard to work with and that shade is so perfect! Can’t wait to see what your paint line looks like. I didn’t know Hobby Lobby carried knobs, those are fabulous! I am going to see if they are still available for my project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I love this ! could you tell me how you did the antiquing on this ?

  14. super,bardzo ładny czerwony kolor,uwielbiam czerwień:)

  15. Courtney D says:

    I am so lucky to live so closet to Lucketts-and last week purchased your typewriter paint for our kitchen table’s pedestal base and lip. it looks AMAZING and I’m OBSESSED with your product. I’d like to paint our black saddle barstools in your TRICYCLE red. Are you willing to share with us the technique you used on the red dresser on this post? any colored stain finish? I am painting on a shiney black surface, so I’ll use a coat w/ your bonding agent- plus, our 3 kids use these stools every day-they will be well used! thanks for your expertise and time! -cd

  16. That shade is amazing and I love the distressed look you have achieved. Nothing beats good traditional furniture that oozes character like this!

  17. I absolutely love this chest. I have a five drawer expresso chest that i would like to distress similarly but perhaps with a yellow color ( not too sharp but more lighter creamier calm yello) and show hughes of black expresso undertones from the existing polish. Can hou please recommend what paint i should buy and the best technique? Thank you! I really M looking forward to your response.

  18. Love your blog and your great colors.
    How do I go about ordering paint and bonding?
    Thank you

  19. Wow this dresser is gorgeous! Red is my favourite colour and I will definitely be trying this one out. Tricycle is a brilliant name for the colour. Genius!!!


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