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Say hello to “Shutter Gray”


I’m so excited to introduce the first color in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line…”Shutter Gray.”


So, maybe you’re wondering why I’m calling it Shutter Gray.  I’ve decided to name the colors in my line after things I love and decorate with.  I have a few awesome chippy gray shutters, so when I thought of a name for gray, shutters immediately came to mind.




My gray has a bit more blue in it, but that’s the way I like my grays!



The piece I tested it on is a gorgeous French chest-on-chest I picked up last week.





…and the milk paint did the awesome thing it does…



The piece wasn’t bad to begin with at all.  It was just a little….orange.


I love how this dresser (and the color) turned out.  I’ll be bringing it with me to sell at the Lucketts Antique Market (May 19-20.)

More milk paint colors and furniture makeovers are in the near future!

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  1. Marian, does milk paint get all crackley like that on it’s own or do you add something/coat it with something to get it to do that?! Looks great!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      It just does it. It can be unpredictable, but it’s the thing I love most about milk paint. It’s be best product to get an authentic chippy finish.

    • congrats!!! i’m a long time fan. just haven’t had much time to read your great blog. i used a milk paint years ago and loved the way my project turned out. can’t wait to use your line. i’ve used annie sloan and cece caldwell, i’m looking for someone new or something new to hit the diy market. i would love to be a retailer/stockist for your line what’s the chances of expanding along those lines?


  2. So gorgeous! I love all the detailing and those legs.

  3. W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.! I love the name you chose. Can’t wait to see the rest of your colors :)

  4. Marian, I may be re-thinking Grammy’s dresser!!! Please let us know when we can purchase it through the mail! I still hope to make it to Lucketts this summer :-)


  5. Lindsey says:

    Do you have to sand the piece before you use your milk paint?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      No. You can add a bonding agent directly to the paint for slick surfaces and no sanding or primer is required.

  6. It is a beautiful shade of gray! I’ll definitely be ordering!

  7. joyce says:

    Stunning! Does it require a protective finish, like waxing? I’m sure you will give us all this info eventually…were just so excited!

  8. Marian what a perfect shade of gray and a great way to start your paint line debut! You know that dresser will probably sell before you even get it over to Lucketts! Wishing you all the best for the fair this year and don’t forget the sunscreen this time.

  9. lovely color!

  10. Really, really love this piece. I think the name is fabulous, can’t wait to hear more color names. Also, looking for a “purchase” button for some of that milk paint….waiting…lol

  11. Kristen says:

    What a beautiful dresser! This post couldn’t have been better timed for me! I just finished my first milk paint dresser today and I wasn’t sure I did it when it crackled up and flaked. So far I really like the organic look of the color and am impressed with how it adhered. I’m just wondering if I should wax it or not…the finish feels more durable than I thought it would. Do you seal your milk paint dressers?


  12. that is totally beautiful!!!!!!!

  13. What a gorgeous piece to work with! It looks beautiful!!!

  14. Beautiful piece of furniture. I love the color, and the name too.

  15. I am interested…where can we order and when???

  16. LOVE this color.I too like blue greys.Milk paint is so much fun to work with.I love how it ages a piece almost organically.

  17. It is a gorgeous color! Can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  18. Love the color and the name; congratulations on your paint line!

  19. L.O.V.E. the color and the name — absolutely beautiful dresser too, they always are! Thanks for continuing to inspire us.

  20. LOVE it! and how fun to be able to name your own colors. I never even considered that, that you would have to personalize all of the paints. I love your thought process, of choosing things that are near and dear to you. You sure can find some pretty pieces. I laughed when you said it was pretty but “orange.” I have a few orange pieces I can’t wait to paint myself.

  21. Chelsea says:

    Do you use a wax protective finish or something else? Love the color by the way :)

  22. Love it! That looks very close to the color I painted my master bath, and I really like it, even though I don’t really like grey. Go figure. That chest has beautiful lines and took the paint very well.

  23. It is gorgeous! I love how the paint flakes of and cracks with milk paint and the color is divine! Can’t wait to see your other colors.

  24. I’m so bummed. I was really hoping it would be Confederate Cavalry Gray!

  25. The flakes and chips are fabulous! I can’t wait to see the rest of the colors..

  26. Love the color,I wish more would use this shade…as it pairs up with so many other colors well. very calm like whites,but a lil more personality. I love it and curious to see what shade of black you will go with,I want to do a graphite look next on a piece. best of luck with all your sales…but you will need to tell us if anything is left,I think you will sell every piece.

  27. Looking goooood!

  28. HI Marian: A wonderful piece. Thanks for always teaching as you do your art. How can we buy your new paint? I just figured out that your developing the new line so it might be early but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

  29. Denise says:

    Like this color . Can’t wait to see other colors. What a Gorgeous dresser!

  30. FABULOUS!! Love the name! The color is also so serene and beautiful. Awesome!

  31. This is stunning!!! I’ll be able to get to Luckett’s this year! How much better is the selection on Sat. vs. Sunday?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      If you want to do some serious shopping, you need to come early on Saturday. I was practically sold out by 2:00 on Saturday afternoon. If you want to do some relaxed shopping, it’s less crowded on Sunday, but the booths will definitely be picked over.

  32. Please say you’re going to have a BLACK color in your milk paint line! ASCP doesn’t carry one and I had to go back to latex to do a dresser for a customer, who also wanted it distressed. So much harder to work with than the chalk paint! I’ve never used milk paint before; but am looking forward to trying it when your line comes out.

  33. Fantastic!! This really looks super! Love the name, too. Old shutters are so full of character.

  34. Love the name of your first paint and I think its a great idea to name them after your decorating favorites. This piece is beautiful, what a transformation, lucky person who purchases it at the sale. Can’t wait to see the additional colors soon. Thanks for sharing.

  35. MARY EGUIA says:

    Furniture line here you come.I’m thinking Ethan Allen. Well that’s my thought anyway.Amazing.Have a wonderful day.

  36. Marnie says:


  37. Gorgeous color! Good luck with Lucketts and your new line of milk paints! So happy for your success.

  38. I hope there will be a nice soft sage natural green. I’ve yet to see it in chalk or milk paint.

  39. congrats!!! i have been a long time follower. i a lot behind on my reading. oops i used milk paint on a project a few years ago and loved it. can’t wait to use your line. keep me in mind should the day come when you need a retailer in new jersey.

  40. Great color–love how it turned out!

  41. What a great start to your milk paint line! I can’t wait to try it out for myself – you were the first to get me hooked on ASCP and I have no doubt the milk paint will be just as exceptional. Do you have a deadline to get your colors into retail?

  42. Beautiful color, Marian!
    I loooove bluish grays!!!
    Have fun a the Fair!
    I am reading your series on running a business and loving it
    Thank you so much for giving us so much information!
    And Happy Mother’s Day!

  43. Gorgeous Marian!! I love the color and love how it distressed on the piece. Beautiful piece!

  44. Can’t wait to try your paint. You are my Guru of farm friendly, vintage design.

  45. Hi Marian…I love all the colors you have developed so far. Really beautiful and usable. When will they be available and will you be selling the bonding agent as well for the slicker surfaces?

    Thanks – congrats again on this new venture. I have a great project coming up (doing a coffee table and a console for a client). Would love to use your Mustardseed Yellow and the Shutter Gray as well.


  46. Kerry says:

    I love this gray! But what is the lighter color that you used with it?

  47. Love the color and a great match up with the name Redposie retailer for Miss Mustrad Seed Milk Paint line has preorders for this color in almost every order placed.


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