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Say hello to “Mustard Seed”

Come on…what else could I name the yellow in my milk paint line?  Yep.  It’s “Mustard Seed” yellow.

It’s sort of a warm honey, muted mustard color.  I started out with a stronger yellow, but it looked more like school bus than mustard seed, so I had to go back to the drawing (mixing) board and I’m happy with where I landed.  I think it’s a perfect yellow for a piece of furniture.  Strong, but not too in-your-face-hello-yellow.


Since yellow can be in-your-face, I chose to break it up with some decorative painting and a refinished dark wood top.



Oh my…the legs on this piece.  Wowee.  Can I get an amen?




Once Lucketts is over, I’m going to write a long post explaining a bit more about my milk paint line and where you’ll be able to buy it and when and all of that good stuff.  I’ve been so busy getting ready for the fair that I just haven’t had time.  Just so you know, though, milk paint doesn’t always have to look chippy like it does on this piece.  It’s just one of my favorite things about milk paint, so I let it happen.  Anyway, I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I’ll tell you all about it later.

Tomorrow…last minute shopping, pricing, making topiaries, getting change, getting some cream of crab soup with my mom and going to bed early.

Sorry I am so late on this.  The winner of the $100 Antique Farmhouse Giveaway is Kelly from The Essence of Home.  (Sorry, I couldn’t find the URL to link to you, Kelly.)  Congrats!

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  1. Love the color! Will your mom be with you at Luckett’s? We work for the same folks. I’m in Lancaster now.

  2. Each piece is better than the last one and I have loved them all. Yellow is not one of my favorite colors but this one I can see in my home. Can’t wait for the line to be sold I have three pieces of furniture that I want to paint. Good luck with the sale, you are going to do great. Then get ome rest. Thanks for sharing, this is one of my favorite sites.

  3. I totally love your Mustard Seed color. What a fun franchise the little Mustard Seed has grown into. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. (Maybe stencils?!) Hugs, Kim

  4. Ingrid says:

    What a beautiful job you did on the decorative painting Marian! Love your Mustard Seed Yellow! :)

  5. LOVE that dresser! if that’s going to be at luckett’s this weekend, i’m definitely showing up!

  6. love that mustard seed … and the vintage print too

  7. Josie says:

    My favorite color yet! Love the warm yellow! Best of luck with the new line.

  8. Kristie says:

    You got it. AMEN! Love it…Can’t wait to get me some of this paint.

  9. Sherill says:

    O.k. I’m in love with the “mustard seed” yellow!!! Can’t wait to hear all about where to buy the paints and hopefully some more tutorials on how you got the look on this piece! I feel like when I distress something it just distresses me…and the piece looks like I tried:( Good luck at Lucketts and sell, sell, sell!!! (I know you won’t have any problems moving your things!)

  10. Kimberly Moody says:

    My entire house is grey, cream, blues, pinks and greens–I think now I must add your Mustard Seed color. That is one of the most beautiful pieces you have done, though I love each and every one. You are an amazing person with an exceptionally amazing talent! Have the best sale ever this week-end and above all–ENJOY!! Wish I was closer, I know I could spend all my cash right in your booth!

  11. Sara Rodewald says:

    Love love! I will be at the Luckett’s Fair on Saturday! I’m looking forward to introducing myself to you :)
    Good luck and I hope to see some of these milk painted pieces there!

  12. What a gorgeous piece! This’ll sell in no time flat! Good luck at Luckett’s!

  13. Susan says:

    I love all the new colors. The names are great. The piece looks wonderful. I can’t wait to try them out for myself.

  14. Keep the colors coming ~ I like all of them I’ve seen so far! I am fairly knew to decor painting and was wondering if you have to prime a piece before using the milk paint or does it work the same as the ASCP?

  15. Perfect shade of yellow for furniture! That color yellow would go with so many things… I love the darlin little design on the front too…


  16. Great color, perfect name! Congratulations… looks like you’ve got a winning lineup.

  17. Carolyn says:

    That shade of yellow is amazing … so warm and not all all “yellowy.” I love it!!!

  18. Carolina says:

    Beautiful work… and love the color!

    Take care


  19. Jessica says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! You should be very proud of yourself and this new venture. I wish I were brave enough to follow my dreams as you have. By the way…I think the tag line for your milk paint line should be “It does your furniture good” as a take on “milk does a body good” :). Best of luck this weekend and get some rest!!!

  20. Denise says:

    This color of yellow is so perfect ! So far, this is my first favorite color , tricycle is second. I can’t wait to see all the colors. Love this dresser – love the combination of distressed, yellow with scrollwork.

  21. You got an AMEN from me sista…that piece is gorgeous!!!! Love the color, love the pattern love the whole dang thing! Congrats on your new paint line!!
    Have a super weekend!

  22. Hello! Yellow!

    yes, my favorite kind of “legs” on the dresser!

    best wishes to you this weekend…..

  23. Yellow is my favorite color next to green…so I love this new color! Beautiful! :) Have a great weekend, Marion. Have fun at Lucketts!

  24. Oops, meant Marian. I can’t spell. :)

  25. Victoria Ramos says:


  26. Betsy C. says:

    Yellow is my favorite color because it’s the essence of happiness. Love your Mustard Seed shade. Joy :)

  27. Beeyouteeful!!! I’m a yellow girl….and yellow is my happy color!
    Looking forward to all the juicy details about the milk paint.
    Happy Lucky Lucketts weekend!

  28. Thereasa Gargano says:

    How about “Honey Mustard”? love the design, great as always

  29. Kathy says:

    love love love, and i love the hand painting also, i am going to try it. You are always an inspiration to me Marion! God luck this weekend, you will probably sell every last thing.

  30. Karen [email protected] says:

    I just thought ‘tricycle’ was my favorite… ‘mustard seed’ is the perfect shade of yellow!! Love it, Marian!! I can’t wait to get this product in my shop!! :-)

  31. Great color and a perfect name for it!

  32. Kristen says:

    I honestly don’t comment often but I LOVE your blog one I have to look before all the others. And I love this yellow it’s beautiful. Just the right balance of warm and bright and cheery!

  33. This is soooo beautiful! I love everything about it. The color and the distressing and the decorative painting and the knobs – all perfect!! Very inspiring!

  34. LOVE IT!!!! I can’t wait to get that color!!!

  35. Love this color, and apparently, so do others!
    I pinned it two hours ago and it has already been repinned 108 times!

    Looking forward to the promised post with more details about your milk paint line.
    Congratulations and good luck tomorrow.

  36. Andrea says:

    wow! Your blog has been a bit of a revelation for me. You’ll probably laugh, but I just never considered painting over wood before. I just had it stuck in my head that it would be sacrilege to do anything other than restore to the original. Love love love this colour (and all the rest) too -but now I’m wondering -will you ship this wonderous mik paint overseas????? Please???? I am in New Zealand.

  37. Terrie from Atlanta, Ga says:

    Okay, sweetie ~ after reading the list of everything you & the “seeds” have accomplished over the past few days, we are all thankful for the simple fact that you only have ONE GALLBLADDER (or was it appendix?) to get in the way of Mighty Mustard, Herself! Please, please, remember that you are still recovering
    from surgery…have a little pop-up camp chair
    with you so that you can sit down occasionally; delegate, delegate, & pack a cooler rather than
    eating hot dogs & funnel cakes all weekend. We
    want you with us for many long & happy years!

  38. Kathleen says:

    Amen! I want this piece of furniture…love the color and the decorative painting on it is the icing on the cake.

  39. What a great color… and brilliant name of course..Good luck on all the colors you
    are creating for your paint line.
    This honey golden ( mustard seed ) and the red (tricycle) color are great- I don’t know as
    much about milk paints as the chalk paints, but willing to learn and I DO love the way they
    flake off !
    Great cabinet and paint design is charming.


  40. I love this color, and cant wait to find out how to purchase it!

    I’ve followed your blog for sometime now, and just love you, your work and your blog.

    Thanks so much.

    Take care,

  41. Just got back from a getaway with my hubby and I’m catching up on your blog. Love this yellow. It is so beautiful as is the dresser. Can’t wait to try out your milk paint when it is available.

  42. Beth O says:

    Just wondering when and where we will be able to purchase your Milk Paint?
    I have a piece that would look perfect in the Mustard Seed yellow! Also can’t wait to see what red shade you have to offer~~ Thank you!

  43. Elaine says:

    I love antique farmhouse – liked them on fb!

  44. Elaine says:

    Id so love the “one cow” canvas from antique farmhouse. Wonderful site.

  45. Penny says:

    Love this dresser!! Can you tell me where you got the stencil design? Thanks!!

    • Thank you! It’s actually hand painted.

      • Wow! Well, it’s beautiful! :)

      • Nikki Pom says:

        Hi , your furniture is beautiful . Please could you give me some idea of how to hand paint like you have on your lovely mustard seed chest . I live in the uk and have never seen anything like this before , you are very clever and I would love to learn how to do it . Thank you so much

  46. Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work due to no backup. Do you have any solutions to prevent hackers? 760885

  47. So excited! I was walking by a house a couple of days ago, and noticed they had put a ‘free’ sign up around what looked like the remnants of a garage sale… so I poked and prodded, and brought home, among other things, a few cans of paint…
    and a sample size package of Mustard Seed Milk Paint!
    So excited to try it! I can’t belive I got it for free… I didn’t actually know it was your line until today, when I was browsing your blog and saw the name. Yellow is one of my favorite colours, so I’m having trouble deciding what piece to put this on…
    I’ll let you know how it works for me!

  48. MaryHelen says:

    Fabulous piece. Did you use a stencil or is it free hand?


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