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Say hello to “French Enamel”


Here’s the next color in my line of Milk Paint!   I’d like to introduce you to “French Enamel.”


Here’s the dresser before…

(You can take a moment to revive the wood lover next to you who just passed out at the sight of this beautiful wood being painted.)  I know it was beautiful, but it wasn’t in great condition and needed to be fully refinished or painted.  So, I painted.  I do love and appreciate beautiful wood, so I did refinish the top.   I stripped it and wiped it down with two coats of Hemp Oil (an all natural product that will be carried in my line.)


The colors in my line are going to be named after things I love (like Shutter Gray) and this color is named after the French enamel pitchers that have always caught my eye.  I own one, but was only able to afford it because the bottom is entirely rusted out.






Don’t worry.  There will be colors in my line that aren’t blue!  Up next….”Tricycle Red.”

Reni and I almost have the design for the paint labels nailed down and I’m so excited about the look.  Things are starting to come together and I hope the line will be available in retailers and online by the end of June or sometime in July.  There’s still a lot to do though.  I’m having to put the paint line on the back burner for a few days while I’m making a final push to get ready for the Lucketts Antique Market.  My mom and I went shopping today and found tons of cool things.  There is still lots of pricing, sewing, upholstering, painting and refinishing to do, but we’re getting there.  My hope is to have almost everything done by Thursday, so I can work on little things on Friday and get some rest before the event.  We’ll see how that works out!

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  1. I am excited about your colors! You seriously need to look into a “mercury glass” paint!!! How cool would that be?????

  2. I wanted you to know I mentioned you on my blog today at
    Love this chest!

  3. Paint! what paint? where is it?

    You have a line of paint? where do we go to buy?

  4. wow, beautifully done. The color is so beautiful…I love the contrasting top! Can’t wait to see it in person..

  5. Janice says:

    I have a feeling you are going to sell out quickly. Are you going to offer pre orders??

    I’m doing the happy dance for you… and me because I get to buy cool paint.. woot woot!

  6. Jessica Franklin says:

    So beautiful! Can you tell me the name of this piece of furniture-they are SO expensive in antique stores but I have trouble muddling through Craigslist.

  7. Emily says:

    still have not recovered from the paint over that breathtaking grain. you be breaking my heart. i know its your furniture and your choice, but one day in the distant future, when the art of making beautiful wooden furniture with using and matching grainwork is lost (well i kinda think that day is here now), one person will find the astonishing grainwork under your paint and just moan with discovery and the pleasure of the magic of seeing the beauty of the grain on wood. you are just killing me. If only i had found that piece before you! LOL (sort of). Sadly, I see a lot of people painting over a whole lot of beautiful grain on a lot of blogs these days, so my heart kinda gets broken a lot.

    that said, i came to your website after searching for milk paint, chalk paint, something i could paint a manufactured piece of furniture i found for 5.00 at a local thrift. Your paint colors are very nice.

  8. You can take a moment to revive the wood lover next to you who just passed out at the sight of this beautiful wood being painted.)

    lol, I hadn’t scrolled down far enought to read that yet… and was in the process of hyperventilating. It turned out beautifully though!

  9. Love this piece, did you just use one coat on this? I like how the color came through a bit :)

  10. WOW! I love everything about this! As a Home Stager I am always looking for ideas! I love your blog and am now subscribed!

  11. Eleanor says:

    Hi Marian,

    I must be honest, I ordered French Enamel because of the examples I saw on the internet but when I applied the milk paint, it was WAY too dark than I expected and I hate to think I’ve got to repaint the set of drawers for my daughter.

    This was my first time using milk paint and I assumed from the pictures that was what I was going to get. I admit, I love milk paint and will continue to use it.

    I can send you a picture of how the paint looks, if you want.


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