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The Nate Berkus Show


I shared back in January that I had the opportunity to go up to New York City to be a guest on The Nate Berkus Show. Well, the wait is finally over and the show aired (or airs, depending on where you live) today.   Here’s the video in case you missed it…

I’ve been sitting on (not literally) all of my behind-the-scenes pictures and I am finally able to share them!

It really was a great experience.  I was extremely nervous, but my word of the year is celebrate and I was determined that this trip and opportunity was going to be a celebration, not a bundle of nerves.  I was not going to let self-doubt and fear and anxiety rob me of the joy.  With my mind made up about those things, I had some butterflies, but I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself.

The morning of the taping, I woke up super early, so I had plenty of time to get ready and gather my thoughts.  A car came and picked us up at the hotel, which certainly made us feel important!


We arrived at the studio and I noticed the line starting to form outside of the “Nate” awning.  Of course, I had to take a picture.



And we went into the studio (and I had to take a picture)…



…and I had my name on a dressing room (and I also had to take a picture).



I had a few minutes to sit and then they whisked me away to hair and makeup.  I think that is more about boosting your confidence than making sure you hair is smooth.  The girls were so sweet and complimentary and it immediately made me relax.  The hair and makeup were just an added bonus.  I then went back to my dressing room and practiced the script with one of Nate’s staff.  She started to rattle off what I needed to say and my head started to tingle and panic set in.  It was an entire paragraph!  How was I going to remember that?  Would I have to read a teleprompter?  I’ve never done that!  This isn’t what I signed up for!  Is it too late to back out?  After rehearsing a bit more, she assured me that I didn’t have to memorize anything.  Whew!  OK.  She just wanted to make sure I had an idea what I was going to say and was comfortable talking.    After about three minutes she said, “OK.  I think you’re going to do great.  Obviously you’re a good talker.”  That cracked me up.  Yes, I’m a motor-mouth.

They then took me downstairs to the studio for a walk-through.  My husband, being the great husband-of-a-blogger that he is, took lots of pictures of the rehearsal with his iPhone.

The swarm of people around my projector was almost comical.

It took quite a bit of adjusting and playing with the lighting for them to make it work, but they did and it showed up really well on camera.  I then walked through the segment with a Nate stand-in.  Darn-it.  I should’ve written down names.  I think her name was Celeste…?  Well, she was awesome to work with and certainly deserves me remembering her name.

The art department worked with me to make sure I had all of the paints and brushes I needed.  The entire production company worked like a machine.

I get super chatty when I’m nervous, so I just yapped away while Celeste (?) nodded.   I was really scared of dead air and I had to keep reminding myself that Nate is a pro at TV and will make sure that doesn’t happen.  I could relax.

After the rehearsal, I had some time in my dressing room.  I prayed.  I took deep breaths.  I thought through the main points I wanted to say.  I tried to focus on celebrating.  Then it was time.  They ushered me downstairs to get my microphone on.  My scarf was in the way, so I had to pull it down and wear it funny, so it didn’t mess with the mic.  All of the moisture was evaporating from my mouth.  “Can I have some water?”  They were right on it and even gave me a straw, so I wouldn’t mess up my lipstick.  Deep breaths, Marian. Celebrate, Marian. One of Nate’s staff came over and informed me that Nate wasn’t going to ask me about the wall in my guest room.  He was just going to ask about my business.  AHH!  We didn’t practice that!  What should I say?  What can I say?  Can I plug my blog?  I didn’t have much time to think of it before I was being led on stage.

Nate was already standing at the station where we were going to work on the sign.  The crew was setting up my projector and my “House Proud” segment was starting to play.  I shook Nate’s hand and he started chatting with me about my house.  Should I talk to Nate or watch my segment or look at the camera?  I chose to talk to Nate, but then one of the crew started counting down to when the camera would be on us.  No time to talk, Nate.  I need to take deep breaths.  The camera went live and Nate asked about my business.  I had really hoped I could engage the audience a bit more, but there was a wall of people and cameras between us and the audience.  As someone with a theatre background, I am used to drawing energy from the crowd.  For some reason, that would always give me more confidence.  The wall of cameras and people was a little unsettling to me, so I took a different approach.  I pretended that the audience was filled with all of my wonderful blog readers.  I imagined you were all there, rooting for me to do well.  I tried to ignore the cameras and everything else and just have a conversation with you.  I was still a little nervous, but it did help.  You can see my hand shaking when I’m writing with the chalk and painting, but that’s OK.

Once the segment was over, I shook Nate’s hand and my husband and I were able to leave to catch our train.  That was it.  The surreal short-lived guest-star-experience-on-a-TV-show was over and we had to haul our own luggage and catch a cab to get to Penn Station.

It was an amazing opportunity and a very fun experience.  The trip to New York felt like such a defining time.  It’s sort of hard to explain, but it was like a celebration of all of the work I had done up to that point.  It was a time to get away from the day-to-day norms of my life and business and reflect about the past and dream about the future.

Check out my post His Ways are Higher to read more about my New York trip.

This taping also brought me five minutes of local fame.  I ended up as the lead story in our paper…

It’s so funny.  I’ve always had my blog life as Miss Mustard Seed and my real life as Marian and now the two worlds have collided.  We had some kids from our youth group over to play x-box the day my article was in the paper.  One of the youth boys asked another why I was in the newspaper and he replied, “I don’t know.  Some decorating junk.”  I guess my real life helps me keep my three minute appearance on national TV in proper perspective.  Just where it should be.

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  1. Teresa Raines says:

    I happened to be watching Nate yesterday and saw that you were a guest. I turned to my mom and said “Marion is on Nate,” just like I know you personally and it’s an everyday thing! Congrats! You were great.

  2. Jane H says:

    Thanks for posting the segment, as I missed it yesterday. You were great! It was nice to see you “in person” and you appeared very confident and natural.


  3. Deanna Lyon says:

    I saw the segment. You did a great job. What a wonderful opportunity!

  4. I saw you, but just didn’t know it was you that I was looking at. Wonderful segment!

  5. I loved it! great job!
    d e n i s e

  6. I think it was very nice for this Nate boy to have Marian on his show. I’m sure she’ll have him on her show as soon as all that gets worked out.

  7. Marian, I don’t watch the Nate Berkus show, but if you were on there everyday, I would. You seriously need to give yourself more credit, you carried yourself really well, and I think you appeared like a seasoned veteran. Excellent excellent job! Those HGTV execs need to be thinking about a Marian Parsons show, sooner than later. I think your show would be AWESOME!!! Congrats on all your success, and best wishes for more!

  8. Sharron Rudnik says:

    You did great on Nate’s show…enjoyed watching you!

  9. You did great! And I so want to try this. Awesome job. 😉

  10. Marion,
    Congratulations.Thank you for posting this snippet on your blog.I would have missed it.You are a natural girl.If you were nervous it sure did not show at all.You should have your own decorating show.You could do it!!!! I am so happy for you.Thank you for staying sweet.

  11. WOW…thanks for letting us all live vicariously thru your NATE experience!! I loved your detailed description…felt like we were all there…I just felt butterflies as “we” went on the air. Thanks for being such a REAL person…calling out all the nervous moments and excitements of that perfect day!! Now I need to read your post on the word of the year…CELEBRATE! Your home is just so lovely…great rug idea in the cottage bedroom and YES! you painted your kitchen cupboards bright white…your a gutsy gal and it turned out fabulously. LOL on the boy conversation re: your newpaper article “some decorating junk” pure sacrilege!!! :)

  12. Louise says:

    You didn’t seem nervous at all, I noticed NO hand shaking, you just seemed very confident and collected while maintaining oooodles of warmth! You are GOOD!

  13. I caught you on Nate! They introduced you and I looked and said, “Is that…? Is it…? Yes, that’s Miss Mustard Seed!” You did great!

  14. Marian, you were wonderful! Such an exciting thing to see “our” Miss Mustard Seed on tv! I don’t watch Nate Berkus since I’m at work in the daytime and have not had an opportunity to get hooked, but I loved how the work tables you were using on the show looked very Mustard Seed too. Maybe that’s his normal set, but it totally has your vibe. He seems so nice! I love the new hair color and think it was such a good choice for you. Just so happy for you!

  15. Brynn says:

    You did a great job! You didn’t look or sound nervous at all. I loved seeing the video of your home and seeing how it all flows. It’s beautiful. I’m glad your talent reached an even wider audience. Way to go!

  16. Monica says:

    I just saw your clip of the Nate show. You were wonderful! You appeared so composed, friendly, knowledgeable, with a great sense of humour. Great project too! Congratulations.

  17. COLLEEN says:

    oh gosh Marian this almost brought me to tears! you are such a natural on tv. and so many of us have been here to watch you blossam ;). as I have said before your humbleness is the most amazing thing.I am so glad to know you even tho its blogland 😉

  18. Marian, I love segment and your play by play on every moment was super fun!! All the behind the scenes details made me feel like I was there. Thank you for sharing and continuing to inspire! Oh what a blessing you are!!!

  19. Holly says:

    First, have to say, you were great on Nate!!!!!!!! Clever and calm!! Nice!! I have a decorating question to ask you . Could you shot me a email? Thanks Holly

  20. Lara Gleckler says:

    You were awesome! How exciting to be a part of a TV show and to, as you say, celebrate where you have come and where you are going. I have come upon your website as I was doing a slipcover for the first time. Your video tutorial was invaluable to me and I consulted it many times during the project. My first attempt was for a wingback chair. Not too smart I know, but call me an overachiever. Ha. It looks great and I learned a lot. Thanks for all the tips. I have told many friends about you and will continue to follow you. One of the things I like most about you is your realistic approach to things. We are not all perfect and our creations do not have to be either. That takes a lot of the fear out of things and allows you to just dive in and try it. Thank you for your help with my satisfying slipcover! –Lara Gleckler

  21. Debbi says:

    How exciting! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Thanks also for sharing your word! My word this year is “trust”. My oldest son is getting married next week and with that comes a lot of emotions! I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to borrow your word this week, I think it is gonna help me manage some of my emotions and help me focus on the celebration, there is a lot to celebrate:) Thanks again for sharing!

  22. I finally got over here to read and see the video! Oh my goodness how awesome! Just simply so cool! Congratulations, so very happy for you :) You sounded so good on your video and TV. A natural. I’m sure it was weird to hear yourself but to me, you sounded like a pro. Nicely done :)

  23. Never mind what I wrote to you on the furniture feature. I thought you might have beat me to the punch and already did a post on your Nate show experience and I found it. As much as I too would love to be on there and show some of my work, I really don’t think I could. You were lovely and it all turned out so nice. Thanks so much for sharing the behind the scenes.

  24. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have actually been on a social media break, but a friend of mine told me that you were on the Nate show and I had to pop in and say congrats! You totally deserve it! You’re one of my favorite bloggers and it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come. Just so you know, you inspire me tremendously!

  25. Aleshia says:

    I saw you on the Nate Berkus show and I wanted to tell you what a great job you did! Even though I don’t know you, I felt so proud of you as I have been a long time reader of your blog and it is so fun to see all of your progress and how you inspire so many. Thanks for sharing all that you are and all that you do! I always look forward to what is next.

  26. Debbi says:

    I happen to be watching Nate and thought to myself…Hey I recognize that girl…and yep sure enough it was miss Mustard Seed…You did an AWESOME job…Congrats.

  27. You did a FANTASTIC job, friend!!!! I’m so proud of you and for you–and I love your signs forever and always. :-)

    Catching up on your blog after my traveling week–hope you’re feeling better, too!!

  28. I thought you did great! I was so impressed I had to google you as ” Marion from Pennsylvania on the Nate Show” and your site popped right up. Love what I saw and can’t wait to devour your site. Congrats!

  29. Pamela Fife says:

    I’m so proud of you! I know you were giddy,,I’ would be giddy too..

  30. Hi Marian, I just watched the video and you did great!! Congrats on all your well deserved success.
    xo, Sherry

  31. Hi Marion!!! I was welling up with tears when you said you had imagined everyone in the audience being your blog readers and how you were shaking when you were writing with the chalk. You have inspired me for a long time…pretty much since you started and I’ve quietly watched in the background. I am so proud of you and so happy for you…even though we’ve never met, I feel like I know you…haha!!! I recently started my own business refinishing furniture & also became an Annie Sloan stockist (of course, you were the 1st one to introduce me to this fabulous & amazing paint!!!). I left my corporate job a year ago and took a big leap of faith to get started in the design field. Reading your blog & others like you had given me the courage to do it…I knew that if other ladies could do it, then why couldn’t I? I look up to you sooo very much and your courage and strength gives me the same everyday. Thank you so much for doing what you do!!! I am soooo happy for your appearance on the Nate show and all your other successes…I’m right behind ya girl!! Seeing how far you’ve come in such a short period of time gives me hope. Thank you so very much…keep up the amazing & talented work….and Congrats!!!!
    Amanda P.

  32. And on my first comment to you I spell your name wrong…geesh…forgive me Marian!!!!

  33. Rebekah says:

    ~CeLeBRaTE~, sweet girl! GREAT segment!

  34. Zee Thomas says:

    I am so proude of you! I cry a litter when I saw The video of the show. I have being reading your blog from back in 08 you inspired me.


  35. I loved your clip!!! You were great… your nerves didn’t show AT ALL! Honestly. I was looking for your hand to shake because you mentioned it in the post, but I didn’t even see that. Very impressive! And, bonus! Now I know how to make those cool signs!!! =)

  36. Hi again, Marian!
    Just watched you on Nate’s Show (somehow my PVR did not record it :( so I got tired of waiting and watched her eon your site)!
    Just wanted to say you looked great, really natural!!!!
    I have not done any signs, but already wrote on a table.
    It was a great tutorial, as usual!

  37. Marian, great show and so sweet to get to “see” and “hear” you! I do have a question. What projector do you use for your signs? I have a project that is turning into a small business for me. Using a projector would be so much easier than using word, my printer, and staples to get the doc the right size for each piece. I have looked but not sure which is the right one. Can you help?

    Thanks!! Cherie :)

  38. Hi Marian,
    I just had a chance to view this episode! I am so impressed. You did such an amazing job! I loved your home and the project that you showed the viewers. You are an inspiration to crafters, designers and DIYers everywhere. Congrats again!!

  39. Carol says:

    Hi MMS- I’ve been wanting an antique sign for a blank wall, and had kind of thought about making one… Then I saw you on Nate and decided to go for it. I’m having trouble settling on a font that looks right – do you have any favorites for signs?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      I don’t have any specific fonts I use. it really depends on the sign and the style I want for it. What I do, though, is open a blank Word document, then type out what I want to have on the sign. I’ll go through fonts that I think would work until I find the one I like the best. It gives me a nice visual to pick from. I hope that helps you decide what would work best on your sign.

  40. I SO ENJOYED watching the clip! You are a natural behind the camera!
    It was wonderful to see your lovely home, too. I had to laugh about
    having to paint your kitchen cabinets. So many times I have told my hubby
    that when he goes away for a week, be prepared to come home to white cabinets!
    (I lost out on my white kitchen..he had to have cherry wood….)

    Thanks for teaching us about making a sign! I am going to have to find a projector now.
    Maybe at an estate sale…

    :) Becky

  41. Menesia Keister says:

    Hi Nate

    I am a downsize mum of 3 kids and I would like to know more about the making money from home the an insert which was on your show once i hope you can help me.


  42. Just saw the Nate episode and was frantically trying to find your information to find your blog. Fianally, I typed in “Marion from Pennsylvania Nate Berkus” and up this site popped. I thought you looked familiar in the segment but was still surprised that you were Miss Musterseed! I have reading your blog and have you in my ‘favorites’ for some time. It was a great segment, very easy to follow your instructions and you looked great on camera. Maybe you should move from blogging to a d.i.y. show of your own.

  43. way misspelled Miss Mustardseed!


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