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simple spring project from Matthew Mead


You know from my post a few days ago that I am not big on holiday decor. I like it when it’s simple, no fuss and classy. Today, I have Matthew Mead here to share a Spring/Easter project that fits into all of those categories.  Here’s Matthew…


I love simplicity and when it comes to celebrating Easter I found that the most simple touches make me happy and keep the décor streamlined. This year we created these easy to make rabbit silhouettes to dress up dining tables, windowsills, mantles and more. All you need is the template, some paper, scissors and white mini carnations from the supermarket.

Download the template HERE. (I also found some cute rabbit vector images on Shutter Stock HERE.)  Large for table and mantle focal points or small for place cards.

  • Double sided matte brochure paper
  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch
  • White carnations cut to the base of the bloom.
  • Milk glass vases or clear drinking glasses
  • Zots (glue dots)

Print the template on the brochure paper and cut out using sharp scissors. Punch a hole in the tail part of the cut out with a hole punch. Thread the carnation through the hole. Display cutouts by leaning up against a milk glass vase or a clear glass tumbler filled with white carnations. Use a zot to hold the cut out in place.

You can also use the rabbits to dot the center of your dining table as a centerpiece or use them for more practical purposes. Add names and a menu to the download in a photo program and then print or use rub on decal letters or even a calligraphy pen for a beautiful handmade touch.

I love the place card with the mini rose cotton tail.  So cute!  Thanks for sharing this simple project, Matthew.   Speaking of Matthew, if you’d like to see a preview of his latest Flea Market Finds book-a-zine, you can watch a video preview HERE.  I had the pleasure of being a small part of this project by showing off one of my favorite finds.

I am starting to get back into my groove. I have had a crazy few months.  It’s been good busy…well, not having my gall bladder removed, but the rest was good busy.  Now that a lot of big projects and opportunities are behind me, I feel like I have an open road in front of me.  It’s pretty exciting, actually.  It’s sort of like driving around in a city, enjoying the sites and the hustle and bustle, but then you get out on the open road and you can roll down the windows and crank up the music.  You know?  So, I’ve been back in my element painting some furniture the past few days and I even went shopping today!  I had to just stand around while other people loaded and unloaded my finds for me, but I suppose I should just enjoy that instead of allowing it to drive me nuts.

And here’s a new dresser I just bought off

I love these Empire style pieces.  I can’t wait to give this old girl a new look.  I’ll show you some of my other finds in a couple of days.

Lastly, I know I dropped the ball on announcing a Wuslu winner!  I’ll pick the winners tomorrow.  So sorry for dragging my feet on this one.  I start painting and shopping and everything else goes out the window!

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  1. I absolutely love Matthew’s idea. So simple, but yet some impactful. If I can find the time, I’m going to make little menus for our Easter meal. Now, if only my Silhouette Cameo wasn’t broken. Waiting anxiously on a replacement…

    • Amy, if I can help (till your silhouette is repaired) let me know. I don’t have silhouette but I do have a circuit and cuts from my computer.

  2. Tori Rowland says:

    Got some great finds on Craigslist today too! Can’t wait to get started on them and hopefully make each a piece someone can’t live without! : )

  3. Thanks for sharing this simple, yet festive decoration. I like simple decorations for holidays. Special items that welcome the holiday but not overwhelm my home.
    I’m so glad to hear you are back in the saddle.

  4. Janet Lawson says:

    The rabbits are great..
    I ordered his book from Amazon and have looked thru it a dozen times already..

  5. Really lovely and simply elegant Easter Decor!!

    I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!You will love it!

    Art by Karena

  6. love the dresser,curious to see what you do. I might do a mix of paint and strip and stain

  7. What a great find on CL. Here in Montana CL is a bust. Very disappointing.

  8. This is adorable, thanks! I was wanting to do something for Easter, but simple, this fits perfectly.

    Cindy Sue

  9. Simple yet cute, great idea!

    Just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello. Now back to looking around at your place :)

  10. I totally just sent the Easter bunny menu idea to my mom! SUPER CUTE!!!

  11. I am so glad that your are feeling so well. And good for you letting others do the heavy lifting and such. Love that dresser and those bunnies are oh so cute

  12. MARY EGUIA says:

    Oh I love that dresser! Happy to hear you are getting back to yourself, and doing the things you love.Because that means we all can enjoy what you do best!!!!

  13. what cute bunnies! super simple too. yay!

  14. I bought the Matthew Mead magazine that featured you! My sister and I were so excited to see somewone we ‘knew’ in it!

  15. I don’t really decorate for most holidays either, but will set some things out that are seasonal. The tablecloth and dessert plates are about as festive as I get for Easter! LOL!

  16. I couldn’t agree with you more on the holiday decorating. It feels like just “one more thing” that has to be put up and taken down in such a specific time frame – I can’t deal! So, I especially liked Matthew’s idea to today – super simple, classy and still festive. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Love the bunny silouettes They are great and the menu on them is clever. I decorate really and I mean really big for Christmas but classy. I do small things for the other times of the year.

  18. Oh my…they are the cutest….I love them because they are simplistically appealing to any decor..

    The menu on the bunny is a wonderful idea!

    Happy Easter!!

  19. Denise says:

    Oh, rabbits out of white paper or whatever it is. I do not know if I am strange to say this. I love anything handmade out of “white” paper. Am I? Ohhh. Love this dresser too. Will check out on your space next week. Still going to Lucketts though.

  20. That dresser is going to be a stunner! I love the lines!

  21. Marnie says:

    These are charming. I love the simplicity!

  22. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I love the dresser, I just bought two off craigslist last week. Do you have any idea on how to determine its age or when it was made? Have a Happy Easter Weekend. God Bless

  23. SO cute!! I’m not normally a carnation fan but I will definitely make an exception for these! Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Jenn :)

  24. So cute. I love my Easter decorations. I have a bin that I love opening and selecting a few things to put out every year. I think Christmas is the holiday that might be over done with decorating and traditions.

  25. Jennifer says:

    LOVE these bunny silhouettes! They will be perfect on my Easter table! I just found your blog and am SO excited to find that you sell some of your finds and creations at the Old Lucketts Store in Virginia. My husband and I got married in Lucketts in 1999 in a tiny little country church. We are now in Roanoke, VA and haven’t been to Lucketts in quite a long time. I will now be planning a trip there for the May 19-20th antique event. I cannot wait! Looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful items!

  26. I must be doing something wrong. I cannot get the bunnies to download. It takes me to Pinterest and that’s about it. Can you offer any help?


  27. april says:

    I am wanting to make the cute bunny placecards, I am wondering if when I print them will they be a black template? That’s what I am seeing. Thank you I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  28. funny, this is from last year I see, but I’m glad it’s there. I think I’m going to incorporate it… with a twist into my Easter table for tomorrow… which I’ll post next Easter! Ha ha that’s spreading the times huh. Little Bit


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