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my pie-in-the-sky-dream-come-true


A few weeks ago, I shared a list of my dreams for the future in a post here on my blog.  I was thinking in terms of things that would probably happen a few years out, but here we are three weeks later…and one of my dreams is coming true.

I am getting my own line of milk paint!  Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint!!

I hardly even know how to express my excitement.  It’s too big for typed words on a screen.  I’ve been giddy and planning and swimming through my thoughts about colors and packaging and a display and all of those things.  I’ve never done any of this before, so it’ll be quite an adventure!

So, how did this happen?  I was contacted by a milk paint company in Canada called Homestead House a few months ago.  They sent me some of their paint to test and pitched the idea of working together at some point.  With everything else going on, the paint just sat in my workshop.  Recently, I started working with it and I love it!  I thought, “This could be it – the opportunity to have my own line of milk paints.”  A couple of exciting phone calls later and we have the ball rolling.  We are hoping to launch the line in June!

I’m working on developing the line of 12 colors right now.  It’s been fun selecting colors I like to use on my furniture and picking names for them.  I’m stuck on naming a couple of the colors, so I’ll probably have a “name that color” contest soon to get some help.  I’m also working with Reni and Laura on the labels and packaging for the paint, which has been such a great process so far. The paint will be sold in my space at Lucketts and also online.  It’s in a powder form, so it’s easy and inexpensive to ship.  I’ll be setting up an online shop soon, to sell the paint, t-shirts and some of my finds and creations.  My parents are moving here in a couple of months and my dad is going to help me with managing the online shop and all of the shipping.  I’ll also have short video tutorials on my blog, showing how to use the milk paint.  I’ll hold your hand through everything from mixing the paint, using washing techniques, distressing, creating custom colors, and more.    Crazy exciting, right?!?

I am so thankful to Homestead House Paint Company for giving me this opportunity.  I am beyond thrilled!

Pinch me.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Congrats! I’m in Canada, so I know this paint well. I have used it to paint an armoire and a bench. You can mix the powders together and create your own paint colours. Can’t wait to see your line!

  2. wow! I have never tried milk paint, I checked Homestead’s site and then seeing the piece you did above makes me wonder if I should use this on some of the cherry cabinets in my kitchen. Trying to do an “unfitted” kitchen and finishing some in Chalk paint and the sink section done in milk paint? hmmm.

    congratulations on the paint line……will be so fun to see the colors you come out with.


  3. Dream Big and Hope Always! I am holding on to these words and after following you for sometime now it’s exciting to see good thing do happen and dreams do come true! Congratulations on your new adventure!

  4. Wow! Very exciting.
    Hopefully a shade of yellow will be available. I absolutely love yellow.

  5. Oh wow!!!! That is so incredible!!!! Exciting to watch you attain your dreams!

  6. Congratulations! What exciting news!!! :) I can’t wait to learn more about milk paint as you have gotten me completely hooked on ASCP!!!! You go girl!

  7. Gennie says:

    Congratulations!! That is awesome!!! God bless you in this new venture in your business! I am excited to see the new product.

  8. I’m just getting caught up on some of my favorite blogs and just got to this super exciting news! Congratulations on another dream come true! I think you are getting a return on all the giving you’ve done in the past. Your blog is always so helpful and full of information. You always encourage us all to go after our dreams. I can’t wait to see the colors and the tutorials. It’s so great that it comes in a powder too, since shipping paint is so expensive. I can’t wait to give it a try!!!

  9. Congrats!!!!! Can’t wait to try it….

  10. Question – I just read your post about milk paint dresser and explored the milk paint site. Can you tell me, did you use the milk paint bond first or was the objective to paint directly onto painted surface to achieve a chipped effect? Help! Debra

  11. Very exciting! Congratulations — cant wait to try it

  12. Congrats! Such exciting news! Love seeing blog dreams come true!

  13. I am so happy for your, Marian! I can’t wait to try milk paint. You’ve turned so many of us on to chalk paint–if it’s got your name on it, it’s gotta be good! Hugs–how wonderful your family will be closer for you.

  14. angelak says:

    Oh how exciting! It makes me want to paint something and I’ve never painted a piece of furniture in my life. :)

  15. Fantastic Marion! You deserve every success. I look forward to hearing more! Blessings, Shirley xxxx

  16. Diane says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on the great news!!!! Can’t wait to try your Milk Paint and see what other wonderful things you have coming around the corner.

  17. More than crazy … amazing, fantastic, unbelievable!! You should be so proud of yourself – what an incredible adventure!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product! I will be a customer! Missi

  18. Way to Go, I am very excited to try this new product!!

  19. WOWZERS!!! That is awesome Marian! I am so excited for you!!! I’ve always wanted to try it, I’ll be a first customer :) Also…I am in total agreement with the reader who said “run your business, don’t let it run you.” Learning how to use the word “no” is a really hard thing to do, especially for me being a major people pleaser and one who hates conflict. Keep it manageable to keep it fun!
    Really wish I could be at Lucketts this year, but I am looking forward to being able to hang out with you a little bit at Haven. Have a great week friend!
    Oh…and AWESOME your parents are moving there! What a blessing!!

  20. Marleen Maguire says:

    I read many many many of your comments~i don’t even have the words to describe how pumped i know you are~i see this as a testimony,,,that you MUST BE LIVING RIGHT!!! I will certianly be your customer once released…i’ve used milk paint years ago and liked it then so i’m SURE i will LOVE your line. BE BLESSED…as you are a BLESSING to all of US!……

  21. Yea! I am so glad that your dreams have taken off. Congratulations!

  22. Wow! I am so excited for you, what an amazing opportunity. Just goes to show you that it truly does pay to dream big! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  23. What a hugh blessing. I am so happy for you and can’t wait to get a hold of a can. LOL! Have a great weekend.

  24. I can’t remember if I commented on this and there are so many comments I don’t have time to look through ! Ha. Congratulations !I’ve never used milk paint so now will be a good time to try with you :)

  25. Sooooooo excitinf-I’ve never used milk paint so I’ll be excited to try it out-Congrats on this exciting accomplishment- so thrilled for you!

  26. Maureen says:

    Congratulations! As you can see from all the comments you have a lot of support and love out here in cyberspace. I am always happy to see someone achieve a goal or a dream and I am pleased as punch for you. Good luck with the paint, we will all be eagerly awaiting it!

  27. I don’t know how I missed this post but how exciting for you!!! Marcy

  28. I have to admit I’ve “stalked” you for oh so long but I’ve never, and I mean never left a comment… but I was so excited for you about this that I just couldn’t pass up congratulating you! I am so excited and can hardly wait!! Once again congratulations!!

  29. I can’t believe I’m just seeing this!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I would be flipping out crazy excited too! I’m super excited to see what colors you pick and “finally” try my hand at chalk paint! :-) Ahhhh!!!!!

  30. Can’t wait to try it! Happy for you and best wishes!!

    Love the Shutter Gray by the way….

  31. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to try your New Line!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  32. Valerie Teeling says:

    I am loving all the colours that you have been naming……I can’t wait to be able to order it…..!

  33. Congratulations!!! It’s so wonderful when dreams come true and I’m excited to see your entire line! Wish you great success. From one dreamer to another ~ Judy

  34. Ursula Winters says:

    Marian, I am over the moon for you on your new success, hard work does pay !! Enjoy and savour every moment of your wonderful adventure. Don’t forget to add Ireland to your ”international ship to” list for your new paint. Can’t wait to try it. Best wishes Ursula xxx

  35. Wow, Congratulations!! That is an amazing accomplishment. I’m so happy for you!! And I’m so happy I read your post because I’ve been wondering where I could find milk paint in my province…and thanks to you I now know! They supply a retailer about 1/2 an hour from me. I’ll have to check it out!
    Congrats again and can’t wait to see your custom colours!!

  36. Thank you, I have just been searching for info approximately this subject for a while and yours is the
    best I have discovered till now. However, what in regards to
    the bottom line? Are you sure in regards to the supply?

  37. hi

    do you know if/when you’ll be coming out with an Orange? CeCe Caldwell’s milk paint has a gorgeous one, but I much prefer to buy yours…i love your are so inspiring!


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