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Lucketts Eye Candy


On the way back from the Annie Sloan workshop yesterday, I stopped in at Lucketts to pay my rent and check out my space.  I really miss that place!  I was looking forward to getting my space filled again after working on the book, but then my gallbladder decided it wanted a divorce, so that upended those plans.  I’m hoping to get some pieces ready this week, so I can move back into my space next week.  I can’t thank Jennifer and Karen enough for keeping my space full and beautiful in my absence.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of some things that caught my eye…


I love these chairs and was pretty tempted at $98/each, but I know I can find ones like this on Craig’s List for a lot less and I have enough upholstery projects to keep me busy.

Hello legs…

I loved this little cubby desk, even with the writing surface missing.  This one was tempting as well…

Karen’s space was looking lovely as always…

And Jennifer is a brilliant designer.  She hung a cluster of antique Victrola bells from the ceiling.  Don’t they look amazing?  She’s sweet and clever.

I also LOVED this huge bead board door.  The color is fabulous.  It didn’t have a tag and there was no way I could fit it in my van, so I left it for someone else.

Sigh.  Have I mentioned how much I love Lucketts?

Speaking of, the May Antique Market is rapidly approaching!  If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to Lucketts, that is the right time to do it.  It’s May 19-20, 2012 in Leesburg, VA.  I think there were about 150 vendors last year, plus the main store, outdoor pavilions AND the Design House will be open.  If you want to do some serious shopping, come early on Saturday morning and be ready to make quick decisions.  If you want to enjoy the experience in more relaxed crowds, come Sunday afternoon.  I will be there, of course, with cake bites, some freebies and I’ll have a few a few contests before the event (like a $50 credit to the person traveling the furthest.)  Save the date, grab some girl friends, book a hotel and rent a truck.  It’s worth it!

The time is finally here!  My House Proud segment on the Nate Berkus Show airs tomorrow (April 2.)  In my area, it’s on NBC at 11:00 am.  It will most likely be available on their website as well, so I’ll link to that when it’s up.  I don’t *think* I did anything embarrassing, although my train of thought was derailed at one point, but my husband said I recovered nicely.  Tune in or set your DVR if you’d like to see it.

The winners of the $50 credit to Lisa Leonard’s online shop are…

Lisa Sommers


Dawn Beaver (mdbeaver)

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  1. I love Lucketts too! I want to see it all in person someday!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  2. I will make it to Lucketts someday, hopefully soon. In the meantime I love looking at the gorgeous pics. I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

  3. I’m still dreaming about the precious moment of meeting you and Annie… Thank you!! Perhaps someday I’ll get to stop by Lucketts and check out all the pretty things. Many blessings, Vanessa

  4. Your photos are amazing as always. I am just learning and you always inspire me!

  5. can’t wait to watch you tomorrow!!! I’ve been waaaiiiiting!! 😉
    I always love seeing how other people decorate their spaces where they sell. always inspiring. I’d love to see a link party just for that!

  6. Congratulations! If I recall correctly, that will make an early present. (I think we share the same b’day.)

  7. Janet Lawson says:

    Will watch you tomorrow on Nate Berkus and your photos are unbelievably beautiful..As usual..Have a great week..

  8. So glad you are feeling better. Congrats on your Nate segment. I’m sure you were great. Wish I could attend the Luckett’s event- from Alberta I’m sure I would at least be in the running for the furthest…

    Have a lovely week.

  9. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!
    I have my DVR set for your segment tomorrow. Congratulations!

  10. Wouldn’t miss you on Nate Berkus for anything…I love you and him too!

  11. Oooh, shoot! I’ll be at work tomorrow! I’ll miss the show :(
    Hopefully you are able to link it for meeee!

  12. YAY!! My DVR has been set for weeks recording every episode so I would not miss it! I am SO SO proud of you!!

  13. Thanks so much for letting us know that you will be on the Nate show tomorrow! Can’t wait to see it. I loved seeing the photos of Luckett’s that you shared with us today.

  14. I will be at Lucketts also! My benches and other repurposed furniture creations have been invited down to join Kelly from Stylish Patina that weekend. I am looking forward to this event and I hope to get the chance to say hello :-)

  15. sandra says:

    Hi Marion, going to miss the antique market but will be at Lucketts for the design house for the first weekend in May. Do you have anything to do with this? We are traveling from north of Toronto, Ontario Canada.Hope to see your booth.

    Stone House Studio Designs

  16. Lisa Sommers says:
  17. I so wish I lived close to Lucketts. So many beautiful things. Btw, just watched you on Nate and was like, “Oh, I love her blog!” Had to stop by and say congrats : ) YAY !!!!!
    Hugs ~

  18. Nicole says:

    I just watched your segment on Nate! Well, done!! :) I loved seeing your house as always, so beautiful!

  19. I CANNOT believe that chair is only $98! I love it! And here in CO it would be WAY more…even on craigslist. It makes me crazy. I live on the wrong side of the country :) ….I’ve felt like that since I was in middle school.

    I would’ve bought it! :)

  20. Thanks for showing this stuff it was all beautiful. I love that chair and the price unbelievable.

  21. silvia says:

    hi there!!! Saw you on Nate, you did soo good!!! Congratulations!!

  22. Yvonne at Stone Gable gave Lucketts a shout, and now you…I really need to pay it a visit!!..Looks like they have such wonderful things there, so it would be worth the 4 hour trip!!

  23. Debbie says:

    I just saw you on The Nate Show…you did a really great job! Your house looked great, and I’m inspired to try a sign for my kitchen that is “under renovation” right this minute. I can’t wait for your book!

  24. laura rutherford says:

    Just watched your Nate segment! Loved it! Love your blog…I like to be inspired by you.:)

  25. Kim P says:

    I just saw your segment on the Nate Berkus Show. Nice job!
    I wish Lucketts was closer to where I live (upstate NY). My wallet has a heart attack every time I look at pictures from there so maybe it’s a good thing I live over 6 hours away.

  26. I am SOooo Excited to have won..THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
    I keep looking at all of her items making a final selection.
    And funny thing….My Birthday is April 4th as well. Born 1962

  27. Just told my daughter visiting from Herndon, that I plan to visit her in No Va before the school year ends so we can check out Luckett’s without towing a 5 yr old! So thanks for giving me a date to buy my plane ticket.
    We watched your Nate Show appearance and you did a great job. Your home looked inviting, you were articulate and seemed poised. Did I see a shaky hand on the close up of you painting the sign? :-)
    Thanks for so much of what you willinging bless others with…have a special and Blessed Easter. Suzi Lapere [email protected]

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yes! I was shaking and I noticed that, too. I’m just glad I had enough moisture in my mouth to speak! I was fun, but definitely a test for the nerves.

  28. * You did great on Nate’s show,your nerves,YOU overcame and show’ed off what you are great at.
    * Showing your house was perfect,and inspiring.
    * Luckets has it going on,wish the shop I was in was just as cool.
    * Love those chairs and agree I am in the wrong spot,for finding some on craigs list.Austin is so close
    it drives up prices.
    * you have inspired me,I now have a blog and only dream of a lil of your success
    * Time to get to my own project, make another cake with vintage paper

  29. Jean Elliott says:

    OMG….I slept in today and when I turned on “NATE” he was saying something about “Marian” when the commercial was over – I knew it had to be you (I had not seen this post yet).. Great job – you looked darling!!! I don’t have a printer for my computer or a projector but I’m going to figure out a way to do that sign (maybe trace over graphite paper onto the wood) – I loved it!! I always save old pieces of wood and now I’m glad I diid!!
    Keep up the great work !

  30. Everything looks just beautiful as always!!!

  31. Loved the Nate piece, Marian– just saw it up on his website and it aired just a few hours ago!

    You came out so natural and endearing- job well done!
    Smiles, Suzanne & Kevin in NW Illinois

  32. You always inspire me with amazing creativity. Recently I made Resurrection Eggs for my children and one of the eggs was created in your honor. Stop by and take a peep, err peek. :)

  33. Rebecca says:

    I love your blog! I too, fell in love with the antiquity and simplicity of white ironstone, the more crazing the better! Everything you do is beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

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