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fun with film holders


Here’s my little project with the antique film holders I bought last week…

As soon as I saw them, I envisioned making them into mini chalkboards.



So, I taped off the frame and spayed the film directly with two coats of chalkboard paint.  Very simple and very cute (in my opinion.)



(And I decided to keep this little alarm clock and I’m selling a different one that I’ve had in my house.)




I’ve been very busy the last few days with milk paint stuff (so crazy exciting) and book writing stuff (crazy exciting, too) and getting things ready for Lucketts.  I finally got out my paint sprayer to paint the 100+ letters I found at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago.  I was considering painting them by hand, but that was a silly thought.  I was able to get them all sprayed in about 15 minutes.  Work smarter not harder, right?

…and goodness knows I’m working hard!

(By the way, I am going to work with retailers to carry Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, so send me an e-mail if you’re interested in selling it out of your shop or space!)

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  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. The chalkboards are adorable!

  2. beverlee says:

    Just too cute! What fun you are having!

  3. I LOVE the film holders turned mini chalkboards! SOOO clever!

  4. [email protected] Charm says:

    Cute cute chalkboards!!! I am all about working smarter and not harder these days! Just so much to do and so little time. I am off to the Atlanta Mart for the first time…wish me luck, because this ole gay needs it:)


  5. this is a really cute idea. You seem to find the coolest items.

  6. Those really do look like they should be little chalkboards. I always love the little designs you do on all your chalkboards. Your new alarm clock is just so friendly looking too. Love it!

  7. You DO seem to find the coolest things…super creative use of them…the alarm clock looks just about perfect where it is!

  8. You definitely have the “eye” to look at things with a twist. My husband would say you look at things in a bent way. It’s absolutely a compliment ! Good job you!

  9. Love the little chalk boards and clock. Very sweet!

  10. Denise says:

    Love these little chalk boards . Always admire how they can be recycled , used for something else. Always amazing with your creative ideas. There is recycling “police” in my family , it is always good to learn something new from a young family member.

  11. YES!!!!! I have a box of these just WAITING for a treatment for my portrait studio! THANK YOU!!!

  12. I have some that belonged to my father and I’ve been trying to find an inspiring idea for them. Thank you so much, Marian. I love your creativity.

  13. I really don’t know how you do it All!!! I am so impressed with your creativity and that you are still able to inspire us with your blog. I am learning how time consuming blogging can be and I soooo admire your work ethic!

  14. Janet Lawson says:

    So cute on the chalkboards and lovin that clock..

  15. I have an affinity for all things photographic, so I’m very drawn to this. It would be hard for me to put paint to one of those but if someone else did it, I would want it. Go figure. So cute and I love how you have your books on the shelf turned around for a classic look. You ARE working hard. I hope it all pays off!

  16. How cute! Can I buy one for a photographer friend of mine? Or do you not want to mess with shipping?

  17. that is so cute, but wow…those would be great as frames for a photo series on a gallery wall..i gotta track some down

  18. I love these! What a great idea!

  19. Love them and also never thought to look for spray chalkboard paint. I have a trunk that is a mess so to make it useful and fun again I am going to do Chalkboard paint on outside,but I do want to green tape the metal and keep that intack. Where did you get your spray paint and what kind of coverage does it have ….smarter not harder could be a Bloggers byline. Thanks for todays inspiration

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      You can get chalkboard spray paint from hardware stores and craft stores. It has great coverage. If your traunk is a darker color, I’d do two light coats.

  20. Bethany B. says:

    I love the little Baby Ben clock!!! My uncle found one for us that looks just like yours only a little chippier and gave it to us shortly after my son (Ben) was born. It is one of my favorite possessions :) I am glad to hear you are keeping yours!

  21. Sue Pagels says:

    I love you and your ideas! I adore alarm clocks and have about 15 of them – “never enough time”!

  22. Belinda says:

    Is there anyway you would sell me one? I live in oklahoma and there is no way I could come to the fair! I LOVE THESE!! I’ve been doing photography for 12 years and started in film so this would be super special! Please email me info if you would be willing to!

  23. Love these. And I love chalkboard spray paint. It works so much better for me than regular chalkboard paint! I’m thinking of making the trek to Luckett’s. Would I be crazy to bring my husband and 5-year-old son with me? We were thinking of hitting the Smithsonian to see the dinosaurs earlier in the week, then coming to Luckett’s on Saturday.

    Is there anything for kids to do/enjoy there? Hey, even kettle corn would be enough! Or should I leave them at home and recreate my single gal roadtrippin’ days?

  24. Film holders. omg. I would die for those.

  25. Very clever chalkboards. Smart girl! I can not believe you painted all those letters in 15 min. I am anxious to see them.

  26. Hi,
    Love your film holders ~ wish I could find half the stuff you do! I’d love to sell your paint in my shop – how do I get on your list? I’ve been hoarding the 2 cans of milk paint that I bought a couple of years ago – can’t find it easily. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  27. Love the film holders,…so cute!
    Your very own paint line? How cool is that

  28. i love the mini chalk boards – i’m trying not to cross the “crazy” line with the chalk board paint. . . i just keep seeing more and more things i could paint with it!!

  29. My cousin and I started our business (just cuz creations) about a year ago, and we have two spaces in an antique collective in Healdsburg, Ca. We use ASCP faithfully, but would love to try your milk paint and carry it in our space! Hope to hear from you – our favorite blogger!!

  30. Not that I’ve ever seen any of these, but I will be sure to keep my eye out for them now and hopefully be able to snag them up reasonably priced. I’ve even seen the chalkboard spray & brush on paint in Walmart.

    Good luck getting all your projects done by their deadlines!

  31. I have a space in Qcumberz in Phoenix, Arizona and would love to carry your milk paint. ASCP is not available in Arizona so all of us try to create our own using plaster of paris- so not the same. Can’t wait to hear from you.

  32. Nancy Lindblom says:

    I have a 10 x 25 space in Merchant Square Antique Marketplace in Chandler AZ. I would love to carry your Milk Paint Line in my Space. Please let me know terms and conditions for this. I will use it to paint many of my furniture and accessory items so it will sell well. I am so excited for you. I also will put it on my Facebook page: Sweet ShabbySale Booth 104, and I love what you do and the way your so unselfishly share. I will teach classes on how to use your paint as well.

    Thank you, Nancy

  33. Melanie Smith says:

    Just wondered if you might share what type of paint sprayer you use?

  34. LOVE this idea.And your chalk art looks great on this too.

  35. I am sobbing right now. That alarm clock. How cruel it is that you find all these treasures…so cruel. :)

  36. I have a shop in Traverse City, Michigan and would love more information about carrying the line of milk paint in my store!

  37. I love the chalkboards. What color did you paint the letters? And do you ship?

  38. I am opening a shop and would love to carry your new paint line. Please email me your terms. I tried to email you, however the “mail” button on your site would not let me.

  39. I know this is an old post, but yhese are so precious! How is it that I have never heard of them before?? I have a collection of antique cameras that they would play so well with….now I just have to hunt some down.
    You are too clever!!


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