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the story behind the picture


I shared a couple of days ago that I had the privilege of being a small part of Matthew Mead’s Flea Market Finds book-a-zine.   In order to do that, I had to submit a picture of myself with one of my favorite finds.  I wanted to pose with my hobby horse, but after a few pictures holding it, it just wasn’t working.  A scale is much more representative of pieces I look for as a whole.  My peanut scale was too heavy, so I went with the deli scale.  This is actually a piece that found me more than I found it.  One of my pickers found it, knew I would love it and she was right.

My parents were here for Christmas, so the day after all of the presents and festivities, my mom and I started on the shoot.  Obviously I couldn’t work the camera, since I needed to be in the picture, so I got it all set for my mom, got dolled up and started posing.  The shadows inside were terrible and I didn’t have the appropriate lighting to do a portrait shot inside on a cloudy day, so we went outside.  The problem?  It was raining.

Well, I did my hair, so the picture was happening today.  So, I hauled up a bead board door from the basement and set it in front of my storm door to use as a back drop.  I stood on the small porch on the front of my house and my mom stood out in the rain with my dad holding an umbrella over her to keep the camera (oh, and my mom) dry.  My mom snapped away and I had to keep setting down the scale, running over to the camera to check the pictures, running back to the porch, picking up the scale again, turning my hips, posing and smiling.  Repeat.




My neighbors already think I’m crazy, I’m sure.  This little escapade was just the latest in a string of antics.

You just never know the lengths people will go to in order to get a picture.


I don’t miss that hair color at all.


I should’ve put on some lipstick.

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  1. Now that is family support. All of the pictures came out great! Hope you are healing well.

  2. Ok… are a cutie…but that scale steals the photo shoot !!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  3. Very cute pictures! They were worth the effort. Are you doing a photo shoot for your book? I was doing a setting up a table in the front yard the other day to try to photography objects on it with the last rays of natural light that day and assorted passing by neighbors kept asking if I was having a party out by the mailbox. I’m the crazy neighbor too.

  4. I would love to be your neighbor!! You look great!

  5. Reminds me of the scale that got away… Seriously wanted a large scale with the most perfect
    huge cow on the front… It was a lovely shade of blue and would have stolen the show in my
    kitchen… Even at Auction it went way up there – out of my comfort zone.. Bummer… Love
    your scales and that horse you didn’t take photos with.

    Glad your healing well and got to rest up a few days.


  6. I love the visual of your mom in the rain with your father holding the umbrella. Now that whole scene would have made for an awesome picture! I adore the scale too!

  7. Oh so funny! Love these pictures and the story. I know my nosy neighbors think I’m crazy when I’m outside taking pictures of the garden or the house. We finished an exterior remodel in the fall so I was out there a lot, even with my tripod, I know that blew some of their minds.

  8. How funny! I just bought my copy of Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead today!! So fun to see you picture and say ‘I ‘know’ her’!!!!

  9. Ha! that is the funniest thing… I just pictured all your neighbors on the phone to each other peaking through their blinds… wondering what in the world is so great about that scale, that your MOM and Dad must have the perfect picture !

    Don’t feel bad… I have to turn my hips and tilt my head to get my good side! I look like a contortionist! lol…

    hope you’re feeling better this week.

  10. Barbara says:

    I think all those pictures of you are adorable. And how great it is that you have such caring supportive parents. You’d never know it was pouring looking at the pictures!

  11. You crack me up! You are the real deal, girl. Set up the camera, create a backdrop, “turn my hips”! All the good that comes to you will not cause you to lose yourself when you can keep making statements like that without the slightest self-consciousness.
    Hope you are strongest each day.

  12. I meant stronger, but strongest is not a bad way to be either!

  13. I think I am in love with your mom and dad!! You look fabulous girl!!
    Love the pics

  14. I love your sweet pictures and what a fabulous scale!!! Rusty crusty things are the best!

  15. Love it!

    I had to take my own photo myself – I ran back and forth to set the timer. Im sure it looked quite hilarious if anyone had been watching.

  16. Love that! That inspires me… great ideas for a photo shoot, perhaps I’ll have to copycat and use it the idea on my little bloggy. :) Hope your recovery is going well. Blessings, Vanessa

  17. Your arms must have been killing you.Those scale are heavy! Your Mom sounds awesome!

  18. You look FABULOUS DAHLING!! I like #3 the best!! Can’t wait to see the book too! I saw the Matthew Mead book…I was just too cheap to buy it…looked through for free at B&N…..bad girl me……

  19. beverlee says:

    Your Mommy and Daddy love you! But everyone knew that! That third photo down is precious…you look like a teenager! And the scale is what did the trick….I am so happy for all the wonders coming your way!

  20. I recently discovered your blog and love it! And this is a great story, thanks for sharing. It’s always fun to hear about “behind the scenes” type stuff! Way to go mom and dad for gettin’ it done!

    -Erin Spain

  21. Eileen says:

    You look adorable and I want your scale. Oh, that scale part just slipped out!!! I have two scales, but a girl can always use more. Kudos to your folks.

  22. Very cute pictures of you. I’m sure you can photoshop a little lipstick on, if that is what you want. But, I think you look pretty just like this. Hope the book is a great success.

  23. you’re so funny. I too would have loved to see the image of your mom & dad in the rain. now that is a classic vision with caption; “what parents will do for their children”! I love it! and the scale is dreamy.

  24. You really, really, really should’ve turned the tables around and taken a photo of your mom and dad and umbrella and camera and rain and all…. :)

  25. Lovely lady! you are beautiful – inside and out! thank you for sharing your life with us…
    hey, question! I purchased a goooorrrgeee large old silver bowl from you at Christmas – any ideas on what to fill it with for spring?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yes, I remember! I saw someone put a group of orchids in a large silver punch bowl and it looked lovely. You could also glue some moss onto styrophone balls (or even dead tennis balls) and fill the bowl with those.

  26. Very cute picture! Hope you are feeling better.

  27. All your photos turned out great! Bless your mom & dad for such sweet support. Love it!

  28. I HATE having my picture taken. At least you look comfortable having your picture taken. I will say I am glad I live in the woods where no one can see me, unless they pull in my long drive way (but trust me, I’ve been busted being out in my yard in my jammy pants before by meter readers) but for the most part, I’m secluded.

    I think it’s great that your parents are so helpful! They sounds adorable!

  29. Gorgeous photos!..Congrats on your feature!!..well deserved!

  30. I would love to be your neighbour, and not just so I could wonder and watch your antics 😉 I often wonder what my neighbours think of me standing on step stools in my kitchen, taking photos of my porch etc. Also, if I didn’t think your parents were totally cool and supportive before this, now I know they totally rock! YOU look great, lipstick or not, and the photos are lovely.

  31. I love a scale that I don’t have to stand on. They’re the best kind ; )
    In regards to your former hair and lip color, compared to your coloring in your new professional photos;
    it’s like seeing a 17 year old you, and a 25 year old “you”. Love your new color!
    Hope you’re feeling better than ever.

  32. great pictures! oh the things we do trying to get a perfect pic :) great story!


  34. Kim Wagner says:

    Remember this was December in PA and it was COLD! Note Marian’s outfit – I had a coat on :). I actually purchased the Flea Market Finds magazine today. My only purchase at Winn Dixie – looked high and low for it and finally found it there. The checkout guy said – “Wow that is a lot for a magazine” – I said – “My daughter is in it” and then being Marian’s Mom and also a bit weird – I opened up the page with her photo and showed him. He thought that was pretty cool.

    Today we closed on our house – so Gettysburg here we come. We have to wait for our house to be built so we’ll stay in FL until July -but we are moving. Her Dad and I are really excited. It is a bit scary – but we have His perfect peace. It has been so fun to be part of this – and we can be even more a part if we are there. And “oh” did we mention the grandboys :) – can’t wait to be more of a regular part of their life.

    MMS’s Mom

  35. I was just going to say it looks like a summer day. I would have never guessed it was December and raining! You look like a spring day, so fresh:) I liked the natural lips. Yeah, yeah, the scale is nice too:)

  36. I like those photos! I like how natural and healthy and unaffected you look with the white linen and jeans, and i think i prefer your look without the dark lipstick. You look really pretty! These photos with the scale are cute as anything…! The third photo is my favorite… just adorable


  37. you look great! my kids think i am crazy when i take 40 snapshots of a flower bud! LOL!

  38. You look great.. The beadboard in the background is perfect. Your Mom did a great job.

  39. Debbie Panton says:

    Hi! I’m a newer follower of your blog. Just loved this story. The pics look great… always so fun to hear what goes into getting ” the shot”. I love the scale too… I have one… but there’s no way I could hold as long as you did to your pictures… I think mine’s close to 40lbs. I also wanted to say… I think you were quite brave holding a rusty scale so close to your lovely white top… Is the mag available in Canada… I’ll have to look for it.

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  41. I don’t know how I missed it the first time, but this post is a “related post” to the one I was reading today (9/29/12). I know you may not see this, but I just had to write. I loved your Mom’s comment above – it is so totally something I would do if my daughter was in a magazine and I could see some of my Mama’s traits in your Mama’s comments.

    I guess my point is that your so strong and motivated and successful and your parents are so supportive and loving, I’ve got to think {actually I know} there’s a big connection. Thanks for sharing the photo session and thanks to your Mom for sharing, too.

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