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normalcy in view


After a few days spent mostly in bed, I’m starting to see normalcy in view.  The recovery from my surgery (gallbladder removal) has been a little slower than I expected and it looks like it will be another few days before I’m up and about more than I’m down and out.  I imagined I would be so productive with my down time.  That I would write a bunch of blog posts and get caught up on my e-mail and some administrative things, but I just wasn’t feeling well enough.  My brain felt fuzzy and I wasn’t expecting it to be so hard to get comfortable sitting upright.  Most of my time has been spent sleeping and watching Netflix.  I am feeling sharper today, though, so I hope to get more done even if I’m not active.  Since I’ve been a loaf, I don’t have too much to share, but hopefully that will change in the next day or two.

I nudged a chair back into place and picked up a few toys this morning and my mother-in-law said, “Well, she’s rearranging.  She must be feeling better!”  Speaking of my MIL, she brought me these beautiful tulips…



I realized that I had written a few weeks ago that I needed a day of watching movies to recover from all of the work I’ve been doing…well, the Lord knew I needed more than a day and is giving me a week or two.  It’s sort of funny how things like that work out.

Check out my hospital room makeover, if you missed it, and the ASCP prize package giveaway runs through tonight at midnight, so there’s still time to enter.

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  1. So glad you are on the mend!

  2. I hope you feeling all better. I had that surgery a while back, so I can relate. I love your blog.

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