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The Crafting Circle – Elmer’s Craft & Tell


This post is looooong overdue.  A few months ago, I received huge box of goodies from Elmer’s and X-acto as a part of the Elmer’s Craft & Tell campaign.  It was an awesome project to be a part of, because it was all about bringing people together to make something by hand.  It’s sort of the old idea of the quilting circle.  I gathered together some girls from our youth group to make Christmas cards (I told you this was long over due!)  Elmer’s and X-acto provided all of the markers, glue, cutting mats, scissors, glue spots, etc. and I brought paint, glitter, scrap book paper and other embellishments to make the cards pretty.


…and we crafted, made a big mess and had a great time.



(Most of the girls were camera shy, so I just have pictures of them working on their projects.)



Each of the girls got to go home with a big goodie bag of craft supplies, which I’m sure they’ll put to good use for school projects.

…and I kept some goodies for myself as well.  I especially love the X-acto cutting mat and the Elmer’s glue spots.

As I was snapping pictures, watching the girls giggle and create, I realized this is a bit of a lost form of fellowship.  I want to encourage all of you to gather a small group of friends together in a Crafting Circle.  Projects are easier and more fun when you have company!

I was not paid to write this post, but Elmer’s and X-acto furnished all of the crafting supplies.

See you tonight for FFF!

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  1. It looks loke lots of fun was had by all and plenty of cool cards as a result ! :-)

  2. wow that looks like a fun day of crafting. you’re so right, having girlfriends over for a day of creating is a blast and it is great fellowship. I have a friend who at one time rented a little yellow house in a near by town, it’s was dubbed “the little yellow house”. She and some other artists went in together on the rent, they moved all of their art supplies there and hosted painting parties. I can’t paint worth a flip ( walls and furniture that’s my limit) but I tried to get there whenever I could just for the fun of it. I miss those craft divas and the great fellowship we had together.

  3. Lucky you! I’ve always wanted one of those cutting mats too. I’m so glad you posted about this today. Creating together is something we should all do more of.

  4. How fun! You’re right, that is a lost form of getting together. Our local library has events like this weekly but how cool to do it with a youth group!

  5. As a military wife (retired) this was one of the great ways we ladies got to be together and bond. We rotated the types of projects from fabric arts, jewelry, scrapbooking, etc., took turns teaching something new and had so much fun! I miss those days. Just might have to resurrect them!

  6. Crafting is more fun with others! You can gain inspiration from each other!

  7. They really look they are having a lot of fun. Crafting can be a good time when doing it with other people.

  8. A few months ago a friend invited me to learn about her pottery making. We had a great time.

  9. Great project! I know you’re pretty busy right now, but if your youth group girls would like to do another such project — making Valentines for some young girls in Brazil (their Day of Love isn’t until June) — here’s a way for them to make a difference: I hope you’ll let them know. :-)

  10. Roz Graham says:

    Did you know that the plastic sheets from flouescent lights can be used for cutting mats? I use it with my circular cutter for sewing. Love your blog and am following your instructions for painters cloth slip covers.

  11. Great idea! Thanks for jogging my memory of sweet times crafting w/friends…am calling some tonight.

  12. Nancy says:

    I have never heard of an X-acto cutting mat and after checking out the X-acto website it looks like I can purchase one at my local Walmart. Off to do some shopping. Thanks for the tip!!

  13. Love doing stuff like that! We did a crafting nite for my church Circle meeting one night, we made cards and sent them to the sick in our church,great fun and rewarding as well!
    Carol in GA

  14. Marilyn says:

    Hi Marian, Looks like fun! Years ago, I used to go to a MOPS group (mothers of preschoolers) and we had a really fun time doing crafts together.

    But the real reason I wanted to comment was that I wanted to let you know that I saw your home on Houzz this week. It was great seeing it “all together,” rather than the bits and pieces you’re usually able to share in your blog. Beautiful!

  15. I love their Paper crafting glue, which I don’t see in your pile, but how cool that you were able to put this together and enjoy an evening of crafting & fellowship with all the young ladies!

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