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{word of the year}


I just spotted that my sweet friend Layla is having a word-of-the-year party, so I thought I would join in.  It actually fits nicely with what I was going to write about today, anyway.  I’ve had a few overwhelming moments this year already…and we’re only nine days in!  It’s all good stuff, but I’m realizing that when too many good things happen all at one time, it can be overwhelming.

Last year around this time, I wrote a post challenging you to not be afraid.  To follow God’s leading in your life and to do so with a spirit of courage.  A few days ago, I realized I wasn’t following my own advice.  I was afraid.  Not afraid of failure, but afraid of success.  Afraid of things getting out of control and beyond what I wanted.  Afraid of the expectation, responsibility and criticism that comes with success.  I started this business and blog because I love decorating and I wanted to make a little money to help out with the bills.  That was it.  I didn’t have any grand plans of writing a book or contributing to a magazine or any of the other wonderful things that have come out of this.

As I was talking about all of this with my husband, he stopped me and said, “And we have never really celebrated.”  Hmmm…wise man.  He’s so right.  God has blessed this blog and business in amazing ways, far beyond any expectation I had for it.  We would talk about celebrating. Sometimes we go out to a quick dinner to “celebrate”, but we haven’t really, REALLY celebrated.  I’m so busy moving onto the next thing that I put off celebrating.  Until when?  Until I’ve retired?  Until I’ve forgotten what we’re celebrating?  Until I have “the time”? It’s just silly.

This week is an exciting week for me.  I’m going to New York tomorrow for an amazing opportunity and I’ve been in a panic about what to wear.  I have this great opportunity…I’m taking a train to New York and I get to see Wicked from the second row and have a great dinner and walk through central park hand-in-hand with my man and stay in a nice hotel and I’m having anxiety about my shoes and wearing something that makes me look skinny.  I bought an outfit that looked cute, but the boots were uncomfortable, I could hardly breath and I knew I would turn bright pink with heat in a warm room.  This is stupid.  I’m returning most of those clothes and I’m wearing something that’s “me.”  Nice, but comfortable.  If I break a fashion rule, oh well.  If I look chubbier than I would like…well, that’s OK.  I’m not going to let this trip be hijacked by fear, insecurity and anxiety.  I’m going to celebrate and enjoy it.

Can you guess what the word is?


And I have a lot to celebrate.  A great husband, two healthy, fun little boys, material wealth beyond belief when compared to those without, a business I enjoy, and dream-come-true opportunities this year.  I refuse to be stressed out by good things.  I am going to CHOOSE to celebrate.  So, if it sounds like I’m stressing out, you have permission to remind me of my word.  Celebrate.

The word-of-the-year party is happening January 16 at The Lettered Cottage.

What’s your word?

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  1. I understand the whole fear thing. I’m at the other end, though. I’m battling the fear of stepping out into the unknown. The fear of taking on something bigger than what I think I can do. The fear of letting go of my comfort zone. My word for this year? Obedience! I’m going to walk in obedience to what I think the Lord is calling me into! I’m trusting celebration will be on the other end!

  2. I’m so inspired by your success and as a new blogger (as in 3 days in) you have become one of my ‘benchmarkers’ because I think you do it SO WELL! It’s so exciting to see someone doing what they love, doing it well, and still telling it like it is! You are truly blessed beyond belief, and after reading your blog for the past several weeks, I can see that those blessings are truly deserved. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  3. Celebrate, celebrate! Dance to the mu-u-sic! Even if you are the only one who can hear the music! Still pondering my word.

  4. I think my word of this year is going to be a tie between 2. Can I do that? :)
    Strength and happiness.
    I need to keep up my strength to be myself and not let anyone tell me differently and to first and foremost make myself happy.
    Love this post!

  5. Gigi Ewbank says:

    Love your blog.. love your new do…love your word “celebrate”
    Sounds like you have an amazing trip ahead of you get out there and CELEBRATE!
    As my husband always says “I’m too blessed to be stressed.”

  6. Wendy says:

    Those of us who are not stick skinny know exactly how you feel but in reality size doesn’t matter to those who love you most. Make that your mantra over the next few days and CELEBRATE your beauty, inside and out! There are no “do-overs” in life so enjoy EVERY moment of your trip with the love of your life!

  7. Meggan VanNess says:

    My word of the year is “DO”. I have found myself doing lots of dreaming and not enough doing.

  8. Dearest Marion,

    I HAD to write you after reading your newest post because it is evident your words “resonated”, “encouraged”, “touched” others… but for me it was truly the Lord speaking through you!

    I had (have) a garden blog. I often say I started it on a whim at my hubby’s suggestion, before he mentioned the word I had NEVER read a blog and to this day I only read yours. I am NOT a tech. girl but I did marry an I.T. guy and the Lord has knitted our lived so perfectly together including the use of our gifts. The real truth is though the Lord had put the idea in my heart and only after my hubby verbalized how to do it was I able to get started.My hope for the blog was that if only 5 people found it and read it and found it useful for themselves I would be ecstatic. By the second month I had a number of “followers” and by the half-year mark I was nominated for 5 different blog awards in my blog’s category. I even met several “famous” people in the industry. My Twitter followers grew daily and I LOVED chatting with so many different people and encouraging them. I was even blessed to meet many other bloggers at a gathering one summer That’s when it happened.

    What was a “fun” blogging adventure became a business opportunity. I was offered a book deal if I wanted it, I was in talks to start a new business and even had sponsors asking to be part of it. So guess what I did? Exactly what you wrote about..I freaked out a bit…ok A LOT.

    A business?! A BOOK?! I am a stay at home mom with four children and a hubby with a very full-time job. I am NOT an author and I am not a business person. I just thought I could maybe make a few $$ on ads or something. I started to wonder if I was ready and when I allowed myself to open the door of doubt just to take a tiny peek behind it…the doors crashed open and every fear, doubt and irrational though I could come up with came crashing in. So I walked away. Like the apostles, I forgot the blessings and wonders God had wrought in through the past months and went back to what I knew and where I was comfortable.

    Fast forward to today and the Lord has put an idea in my heart for a new project that I am excited, scared and every combination of emotions about…but I have a peace knowing now that if the Lord decides again to grow the gift of my little project into a great big blessing to others I will TRUST. I have only shared my idea with 3 people now and every time I have been told DO IT! So…thanks to the Lord for using a spunky and talented sister in Christ that I can see it in writing and know He has a plan for me. I don’t know where it will go, how big it will get or if it will do anything at all..but none of us do.

    God bless you Miss Mustard Seed…you are doing more than you may even know in the lives of people you may not meet until we are all gathered at the throne. :-) (BTW…I live in NY though I’m Upstate of the city.. Wear whatever you want! LOL!)

    The Lord bless you and keep you,

  9. My word is COMPLETE! Complete those things I have already started in 2011!!
    And you are so wise to find clothes that make you feel comfortable!! You will feel so much better!
    Enjoy…I have wanted to see Wicked for a year now,. Sigh!!

  10. Great post, and thanks for the reminder to take the time and celebrate . . . whether it’s big or little!!

  11. Sharon says:

    AMEN! Take the steps and enjoy the journey! We all need to follow the road that the Lord sets before us…and joyfully! Savor every moment!! We’re with you every step of the way!

  12. Karen Heath says:

    Great word Marion! Your post reminded me of a few things….
    1. I saw Wicked from the 2nd row a couple of years ago. Fabulous – you could see the spit spraying from the mouths of the performers when they sang! So be careful :)
    2. Several years ago I got to go to New York for a 2.5 precious days. Spent a good portion of that time in Central Park walking with my husband. It was late fall, the weather was beautiful and the views were superb. It remains one of my best memories.
    3. In regards to wardrobe – on that same trip to NY I had two pairs of merino wool slacks – one navy and one black. I was wearing a black wool vest and of course the black slacks. Except when we got to the train to go into the city, I realized I had on the navy slacks instead! Bummer! So I spent my 1st visit to Broadway in totally as a fashion disaster. However, I don’t remember that at all when I think about that trip.- just the other wonderful experiences we had that weekend.
    4. In regards to trying to look thin – Kudos for remembering what is most important about this trip. My life has been a roller coaster of weight. About half highs (relatively healthy weight) about half lows (some form of overweight). When I see pictures of myself or look in the mirror, I try to stay neutral about the weight issue. I say “This is what I look (looked) like. Hmmm. What kind of person am I going to offer the world today?” The main thing that helps me with this is that in 1989 I made a commitment to exercise – every day. Now it is 2012 and I can say that, barring injury and illness, I have exercised every day since 1989,. WOW! Have I been thin every day since then? NO! But 23 years of daily exercise does wonderful things for you – and pays off in ways you cannot imagine. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if I had not made this commitment. That is a scary thought.

  13. Brynne says:

    Have a really wonderful time.

  14. Sharon says:

    Have a wonderful time here in the (my) city. No one cares what you wear, as long as you’re not wearing a red hat like those groups of older ladies. Black and tasteful, and a nice coat, scarf and hat bc that’s all people will see.

    Do treat yourself to the beautiful John Derian shops at 6 2nd Street in the Bowery area in the Lower East Side (, and while you’re there have a lovely lunch at Peels and take a peek in the Bowery Hotel. All on the same block.


    Oh, and there are several other “one word” things going on, started by the gal at who now set up

    My word is “choose” and no, I was not copying her!


  15. Enjoy you trip to NYC – don’t worry about what to wear. One thing I learned about visiting NYC is to enjoy the diversity around you I loved to walk along arm in arm with my hubby listing to the different languages spoken around me the buildings and atmosphere. My word this year is BEGIN…

  16. Good for you! Have heard-and said-too many times “we’ll do _ _ _ _ _ later”. And guess what? Later never comes! You are an incredibly talented woman, and you should celebrate and be proud of what is happening in your life!

  17. karen says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I don’t know that I’ve ever really commented. But I wanted to tell you thank you for this post. The part the resonates with me the most is getting past the fear and embracing the opportunities. It definitely gives me pause and I will be pondering these things in my heart.

    Thanks again.

  18. Melesa says:

    I love your word “Celebrate” Hope you have a wonderful time in NY with your hubby. I bet your husband will think that you look beautiful in whatever you choose to wear and that’s what counts…If you are comfortable and are spending celebration time with the hubs 😉 God Bless!

  19. Oh my goodness, darlin’! I have been gathering my thoughts on my word of the year but haven’t posted yet. Mostly because I’ve gone back and forth between two: thanks (as in give thanks for all the little and big things) and celebrate (because it is just such a joy-filled word/action). I have been leaning more and more towards celebrate because it seems to encompass so much; and is an act of giving thanks in itself. Blessings to you this year, Marian.

  20. SO excited for you and am so glad you are taking the time to celebrate all the hard work you have done! Thanks for all you do for us fellow bloggers to be inspired!
    Take care

  21. A fabulous word choice, Marian. And SO perfect for you this year!!! Congrats on EVERYTHING! and thanks for always taking a few minutes of your time to chat with a “blog stalker” from across the country 😉

    I cant WAIT to hear all about NY. I have never been to the city, and its definitely on my “bucket list”!!

  22. Best of luck to you in New York; combining a little ‘pleasure’ with business is always nice! Don’t worry about how you look, your weight, or your clothes…your beautiful inside and it shines out whenever you speak.
    Have fun,

  23. Grace. That’s my word. My phrase this year is this…..” the will of God will never take you where the grace of God can’t keep you”. And while you ponder that with everything happening in your life….celebrate!!

  24. I just posted my word today— it’s Restore. God totally chose it for me!
    I love your word!!! Last year my word was “choice”— focusing on choosing joy each day, sort of similar! blessings to you in 2012 as you celebrate the goodness of our great big God!


  25. Too blessed to be stressed! You go girl! Celebrate what God has done and what He continues to do!

  26. My word for this year will be “perservere”… I can be a terrible procrastinator and this year I am going to have to persevere through those moments and not give in. I am very hopeful and excited for this year. As for NYC, I live in New York and I feel that there is no place that can energize and inspire you like NYC. You definitely don’t have to worry about the way you look, no one will judge you. In NYC, there are people all different sizes, shapes, color, rich, poor and it is all okay. Take it all in… Enjoy! Congratulations on all your success!

  27. You are such an inspiration! So blessed by what you share…Stepping out this year into new territory!
    Now unto Him who is able to MORE than we ask or even imagine, according to His work in us, to Him be the glory, forever and ever, AMEN!

  28. CELEBRATE!!! You deserve to celebrate all you have been given! : ) Your blog today brought tears to eyes. I just want you to know I stumbled across your blog about a year ago. I LOVE your sense of style and when I saw you giving thanks to God and speak about your relationship with him….Well! That was all it took for me to be taken in “hook, line, and sinker.” I read your blog daily. You are genuine and real. Thank you for that.

  29. I absolutely LOVE this post. I can feel anxiety over positive things as well and I have to step back and register the feeling and the cause and remind myself of the blessings and not the struggle of these great things. My word this year is Imagine. I am publishing my post on Monday, the same day as Layla’s party. It ties in perfectly to a little challenge a few fellow bloggers (all new-ish and small-ish, the blogs that is, not the people) :) and I introduced on Monday called Imagine the Impossibilities. If you were to tackle your most daunting task what would it be? If you have a sec, it would be awesome if you would check my intro post and it would be even more fantastic if you want to participate.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and thank you for considering it!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  30. You have really hit upon the main thing that keeps us from true happiness. Living in the past or in the future. Fear cannot live in the present moment. Thank you for the reminder.

  31. My word is WAIT. (and trust)

    HE is doing a deep work in my heart, and it’s one of those works that leaves me totally reliant on him.
    {and not myself}

  32. I would declare, several of this can be a lttle bit above our head, but all in all, my spouse and i liked reading via your posting.

  33. You have created it obvious and simple to follow along with


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