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What now?


This seems to happen every year.   I take down all of my Christmas stuff and I cannot remember what I had where.  It seems like all of the accessories have disappeared over the holidays and I’m left with bare tables.  I know things have wandered to other parts of the house, so I’m left looking at my living and dining rooms and I’m at a loss.  Does anyone else have this problem?

 So, I just grabbed a few things and put them out until I can really work on it.



Yawn.  I’m definitely not a minimalist, so this doesn’t work for me.



…and I have a big hole where the Christmas tree was in my living room.



Nice cords.  I moved the desk that was there previously into my family room and I love it there, so I need to find something new for the living room.  I almost feel like I want to rearrange everything.



Am I alone in this?

One last thing.  Lorene Halfmann is the winner of the Wuslu tray and Mary (merryhenke) is the winner of the Wuslu candle holder.  Congratulations, ladies!

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  1. I am totally with ya!! Everything that I try just looks cold and lifeless…I am so ready for spring! I have a million ideas for spring, wierd not Christmas not spring season…not so much. I am working on it.

  2. Elisa Havens says:

    Yes, I know what you mean.. when the christmas decor is gone. January is my time to do spring cleaning and start off the year fresh… so January in my home is a little plan, but its alittle refreshing. A bowl of fruit and fresh flowers are about it. Enjoy being creative.

  3. [email protected] Charm says:

    You are not alone…happens to me every year!!! Since I have been blogging and have some before pics of my home, I just look back at these pics and problem solved:) Hope this helps you. Congrats to the winners.


  4. LOL!! I just posted about this very subject Sunday!!! I am in the process of re-arranging/decorating my entire {well almost} entire house :) Have fun…start the new year off…fresh! Eh?

  5. I have been an rearranging maniac! I thought it was just me. I lOVE the dome you have in the first photo… is that from and old clock? I never see glass domes like that!

  6. I LOVE the after Christmas restaging and even wrote a blog about it! It’s such a nice time to rethink accessories and return the house to a calmer atmosphere after so much happy joy all holiday season. I am a bit of a minimalist so I am a bit calmer with fewer distractions. I only wish my vignettes looked as good as yours “just put together quickly”!!

  7. My blog is at if you are interested in after-holiday decorating, BTW!!

  8. I can totally relate! Every year I have this problem! But the good thing is that new ideas tend to follow, thanks to great bloggers like you! A great big thanks to you for all your encouragement and inspiration! Because of your part in the “Growing your blog” series, a computer illiterate has managed to launch a new website! THANKS!!! Kristie

  9. Christy says:

    Waving my hand, you are definitely not alone. I feel the same way & for that very reason my matnel is still bare & in transition from Christmas to what used to be. Especially daunting is the fact that in just a few weeks I am having a party for my husband & my house is tsill in limbo. I feel the need to start visiting my favorite junque shops to look for some new items.

  10. Michele says:

    You are not alone! Last year, I finally got the idea to take pictures before I decorated for Christmas and then took more pictures once all the decorations are up – thinking this would save me time. I think it would have worked had I not rearrnged so many rooms during the year 😉 Oh well….

  11. Marian,

    Totally off subject, but I have to ask you about your baseboard heaters and your drapes. Do you worry about the heat and the fabric? We have baseboard heaters in our bedrooms and I have always been worried about the drapes burning! Am I being paranoid? Of course, ours are old and have wire filaments in them that heat up. I don’t know how the newer ones work!

    P.S. Your home always looks beautiful because you have such beautiful things!


    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      It sounds like your heaters are electric and in that case, I would be concerned about fabric drapes resting on them. Mine are hot water cast iron heaters, so they don’t pose a fire hazzard.

  12. I feel the same way, currently. However, I’m rethinking everything with an eye on my son’s first birthday rapidly approaching. He’s going to be way more mobile soon and I need to get a few kid-friendly spaces in the works – in a 900 sq. ft. Baltimore row house. If you every need a case study for such a challenge, I’m raising my hand. I am confident of my style. Less confident the kid and my style can co-exist! Ha!

  13. You are not alone. I started taking a picture with my digital camera and download it to my computer of what I had where, then after the holidays are over, I just look at the picture and put everything back the way it was. Then I can change it afterwards if I want.

  14. Linda French says:

    You are not alone! Where did I hide all that stuff?? It would be lovely to have a “staging closet” as Martha does. My husband is the one who gets comfortable with the furniture I moved to accomodate the tree and wants it to stay that way! Still reading your old blogs and so enjoying them. God is so good and I am so proud of you (and HIM). Linda

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