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Office Makeover – Answers to FAQs


Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments about my home office makeover.  I really love the space as well and it’s amazing to look through my kitchen into that room and see it finished.  I was asked quite a few questions about it, so I thought I would answer some of the FAQs in a post.

First of all, the wall color is Grey Owl in matte and the trim and cabinetry is Waterborne Impervo, satin finish, in White.  Both are by Benjamin Moore.  I think the ceiling is Dove White by Sherwin Williams, but I painted it about five years ago, so I’m not 100% sure on that one.  All of the building materials were purchased from Lowe’s or Home Depot, except the plywood, which was purchased from a cabinet shop that was going out of business.  We were able to buy 10 sheets at $25/sheet, which is about half of what it would cost at a hardware store.  The hooks were purchased at Hobby Lobby and the cabinet hardware is from True Value.  You can find the knobs here and the pulls here.



The counters are made out of solid oak boards that my husband joined with a pocket hole jig and I stained in dark walnut and finished with a coat of clear Briwax.


I’ve also been asked if there will be any tutorials on how to make this.  Well, yes and no.  We basically made this up as we went along, so we didn’t take pictures or make videos along the way.  We (and I say we meaning my husband and I) do have some plans, though, to bring more wood working posts your way.  I’ll let you know more about that once things are firmed up a bit more, but I’m really excited about getting him more involved in my weird little world and he has a lot of knowledge to offer.


Lastly, I know some of you are confused about the layout of my house and I’m sure I’ll give a full tour some day, but until then, I wanted to clarify that I have TWO offices in my house.  The one pictured is our home office, which is the room in between our dining room and kitchen.  The second one is off of the small downstairs hallway and that one is my Mustard Seed office.

I hope that answers some questions!

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  1. You both did such a marvelous job!!! I can’t wait to see more of your projects!! This office would be most wonderful to work out of!! :)

  2. it’s gorgeous!!! congrats on a job well done! you guys work good together! my hubby and I would have probably killed each other before the job was done.


  3. How about a tool supply list for now? :) I’m interested to know what kind of table saw he has (ours needs to be replaced) and what kind of installation gadgets he used to make sure everything was square and plum. Did he route the edges of the wood? And if you’re using plywood, how does that make a clean/pretty edge? I have dreams of built-ins in my house…several. I know I probably could do them myself but I would get limited to no help from my husband and if he did help it would be with HUGE amounts of complaining. So I’m trying to determine if I should deal with the complaining or find out how much it would cost to hire the same cabinet people who did the drawers in my girls closets.

    I was curious if you plan on making a seat cushion for the bench? But I noticed that may make the drawer non-functioning.

    Thanks for all your help!!! I LOVE your office!

  4. Joyce says:

    I’m loving the Gray Owl paint color more and more and especially when paired with white. Does it have a slight blue cast to it, or is it more gray? I’m sure it plays off different kinds of light. Love those black hooks!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Love this room–you and Mr. Mustard did a great job and I know the joy of a much needed space finally being complete–ahhhhhhh. Now, will you give us a glimpse of your new hair-do? I for one am dying to see it. I can’t imagine you being anymore adorable but try me :)

  6. Gorgeous! I love your everything about your home! I’d be happy paying bills in this office….. :)

  7. I got the hubby a pocket hole jig for Christmas (he specifically asked for one) Im excited for the projects we have coming up this year!!!

    SO jealous of your office. Its just gorgeous :)

  8. I think it’s a brilliant use of what could have been an awkward little room. That’s one thing I love about old houses…the quirky things that demand a creative solution.

  9. Such an amazing space that office is to die for ..
    Have a great day :)
    Mantha xx

  10. I love your home office it turned out perfect ….great job to you and your hubby! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  11. loving the gray owl. we have it in our half bath and had it in our last home too! can’t go wrong! the office looks fabulous! love the black hooks against the white trim!

    ashley over @

  12. I am drooling over your office! I wish I could say I’m not committing the sin of covetousness, but I most definitely am. You and your husband did such an awesome job! It looks fresh and clean…just lovely. I’m excited about some wood working posts in the future!

  13. junkstufftreasures says:

    What a great workspace- so much natural light to work with. Enjoy your new space!

  14. Kristen says:


    This is soooo beautiful! It’s clean and classic and certainly reflects all your hard work. Isn’t it the best when that big project you pick away at is finally done?!

    I’m loving your master bedroom too. It’s so peaceful and I seriously want one of those nest paintings!


  15. beverlee says:

    You are so generous! Thank you. Everything is beautiful, functional and doable….I love it all! Thanks again!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I want to do this! It looks so great! I have so many questions….what is the stain on the floor, is it the same dark walnut? You have probably already posted that, but I don’t remember. Also, how did you do the drawers, we’re they stock drawers? Sorry for all the questions, we have a room off of our garage that we turning into an office and I just love what you’ve done.

  17. Can I also ask what are your floors? I love the color and wood grain. We are trying to pick out hardwood for some our floors in our house. I love your room.

  18. beautiful work, it looks so airy and bright, lucky you have a handy hubby!

  19. I SO wish my studio could look like that! Very clean looking and rich all at the same time.

    Hey, I have been trying to figure out which blog carried a little series on styling…was that you? If not does it ring a bell? I have a little shop that I recently opened and I need all the help I can get!

  20. This is the look I am going for in our kitchen. Love the white cabinets and wood counters. I am going to pin your picture for reference. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Debbie Gilbert says:

    First of all, Marian – Love the doo!!! Much softer and more natural and I like the darker roots (that is the new “in” thing when coloring)….I can’t do it very well because I use the box. However, next time I see my hairdresser I am going to ask for that! Secondly, the office would be a dream come true in my house. What a wonderful space, right near the kitchen!! Perfect! I have been looking at that sign that says “Tourist” scratching my head and only just got it a couple days ago. How that touched my heart. I want one of those. Lord knows, we are just stopping by!!

    Take care,


  22. WOW!!! The whole space is fabulous. You just made me want to DIY my own barnwood (my kitchen) counter tops even more!

  23. Ooh. I have an afterthought….while you all are in NY, why don’t you just swing by my place and get that done for me? I’m only 4 hours from the city. Ha!

  24. Hi!!!
    I was wondering if you would share with me where the adorable hooks came from that are in the office. The ones mounted on the wall. I’m searching for some and would love your input.

  25. Angela says:

    Another amazing job! You’re such as inspiration. I enjoy reading about your projects as it motivates me to do the same. I’d LOVE to see a house tour/floor plan of your house. Until then thank you for sharing your creative passion :0)

  26. You are amazing!!!!! I look forward to your daily email each day. I am new to blogging but I love it. I would love any tips. I love Shabby Chic

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