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nest winner & customizing colors


The winner of the nest painting is Debbie Thompson, who said she would decorate her entire master bedroom around it (that’s what I did with mine!)  Enjoy the gorgeous painting.  Thanks so much to Laura for offering it up as a giveaway.  If you’d like to purchase a painting from Laura, you can contact her through her Etsy shop.

After my whirlwind trip to New York City, there is so much I want to share.  I started writing a post to share it all, but it just wasn’t coming out.  I think I’m still processing everything, but I will say that it was a defining couple of days for me.  It truly was a time to get away from my house and the projects and celebrate.  It was a time to soak in the unexpected blessings of the road God has led me down.  This trip wasn’t about the magazines or or the book or Lucketts or any of those other surreal things going on in my life, but at the same time, it was.  It felt like a punctuation and a beginning.  It was amazing and I’ll tell you all about it when I’m ready and able.

How’s that for being cryptic?  So mean.

Anyway, since I’m not ready to post what I really want to talk about, I’ll share a DIY tidbit with you.

I’ve mentioned in a few recent posts how I use paints at 25%, 50% or 75% strength and this has become one of my favorite “tricks.”  I’ve grown to love soft, subtle colors on the wall, but I’m not quite ready to go all white.  I grew up in military housing where all white was the only option, so I want some color.  I also love the way bright white trim pops off a soft color.

So, I find a color I like and then ask the guys/girls behind the paint counter to mix the paint for me at 25%, 50% or 75% strength, depending on how light I want to go.  I painted my office with Halo by Benjamin Moore at 50% strength…

…and my office is Polar Ice mixed at 25% strength.

It’s a great way to take a color you like and soften it up a bit, so you have neutral background for your furniture, accessories and fabrics.  And, in case you’re wondering, it’s not the same as going one or two steps down on the paint deck.  Sometimes paint chips right next to each other have totally different formulas, so having the color custom mixed is a better option.

I will be posting a FFF party shortly and I have a couple of great giveaways coming up Friday and Saturday, including a ticket to the Haven conference!

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  1. Janet Lawson says:

    Thanks for the painting tip..I will be sure to use it next time I am at the paint counter..

  2. Great tip! Can’t wait to hear your news!

  3. I would not have thought about asking to have the paint mixed at a lesser %.
    I want to add color to our walls but the antique white has always been a safe choice for me. I have tried a few colors 2 I’ve kept the rest were too overbearing even though they were mild colors. I’ll have to give this a try, tks!

    And when you are ready to spill, I will be ready for your news.

  4. [email protected] Charm says:

    Congrats to Debbie…I’m sure that her new room will be STUNNING!


  5. When I saw Debbie, I had to catch my breath and then I saw it was another lucky Debbie, Congratulations Debbie!

  6. i have enjoyed dreaming loads about how to get the right colors. it never occurred to me to do what i wanted, but in a different strength. thank you… that tip will make my world work just so much better from now on. everyone who knows me understands my utter resistance to change. now i can change by percentages and get what i really want.
    what an eye opener!!!
    NYC, a totally defining experience if ever there was one. surely you are entitled to keep a few secrets to yourself … for as long as you need to. as you may have heard, i do not do well with change… lol.
    but am steeling myself for it.
    thanks for that stupendous tip. xow.

  7. You are so mean!!! Now I can’t wait to hear!! Sigh!

  8. Smacking my forehead and wondering, ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ I’ve always gone down a color on the paint deck and then been disappointed so many times I can’t count. Positively brilliant idea!

  9. Nicole says:

    I’ve used this paint trick to do ceilings at half strength from the wall colours. It gives the room a nice, airy feel, not so cut up.

    I know what you mean about New York City. It has that effect on you. It’s such a vibrant city, so inspiring.

  10. Wonderful tip:) I like that idea very very much!

  11. Lynn Van Zyle says:

    Excellent idea–gonna try this.

  12. Alice R. says:

    That’s a great tip!!! I always have trouble picking paint colors, and can usually find what I want in the dark or medium colors, but when I try to get the same thing lighter it never turns out. I can’t wait to try this out.

  13. Shellie says:

    Love the paint trick and love, love, love those lamps!! If you don’t mind sharing, where did you pick those up? I’m from Pa. but have lived in Fl. practically my whole life. Sometimes it’s hard to find that “look” down here.

  14. Love the paint tip-I have a question about it. I found a color I like for our bedroom but it’s a bit too dark/too much color. I asked them to add 50% more white–is that the same as saying “50% strength”? When I tried the “50% more white” version on our walls it looks too bright now-like it needs more grey instead of white.

    Would love your thoughts!

  15. Actually, it’s not the same. In a can of paint is a base, which for lighter colors is simply white. Then tints are added to the paint to make it a color. If a paint is mixed at half strength, they only added half the tint and the color is actually at about 25% of the value of the paint chip. (That’s what I was told, anyway!)

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