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Jack’s Home


Most of the time I take my furniture to Lucketts or a fair, it sells and I don’t ever see it again. It’s always nice when I “hear from one.”  (Especially when it ends up in the home of a professional photographer who sends me photographic proof that it found a good home.)


This dresser started out as a typical Craig’s List find, but there was something about the quality of it, the lines, the masculinity with turned legs…I just knew it was a special piece.  As a bonus, the amazing original hardware was in a plastic bag in one of the drawers.



I refinished it for a Cottages & Bungalows article last January…


…and then put it up for sale during the Lucketts Ground Hog Day Sale.

Jodi spotted it on the Lucketts website and, after consulting with her designer, she purchased it over the phone for her son’s room.   Jodi was going for a loosely themed vintage camp feel and, while the union jack doesn’t scream “vintage camp feel”, it really works in the space.



I love how everything just works..  It’s not matchy-matchy or something Ben, the room’s occupant, will grow out of quickly…or ever, maybe.





Jack looks happy, don’t you think?  It’s funny, while I never pictured this dresser in this room specifically, I always pictured it a room just like this…


…and for a boy just like Ben.

This room was designed with the help of Marya Kalton .  I love her work.  Her rooms are sophisticated, but very real and practical.  That’s a delicate balance and she hits the nail on the head.

All photographs, unless marked as my own, were used with permission from Jodi M. Photography.  You can check out Jodi’s photography portfolio here.  She’s amazing…in fact, she’s doing the pictures of me for my book.

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  1. That Union Jack chest of drawers is one of my favourite pieces that I’ve seen you do. Being English, I’m thoroughly biased, I know, but the Union Jack always sings to me whenever I see it!!

    I think I’d like a little Union Jack shrine in every room – luckily my husband stops me!!


  2. How lovely to know some of the story from its next phase of life.
    I once sold a piece and delivered it to the buyers house. It was a beautiful home and I was so excited when I recognised it in a magazine a few months later. Sadly the photo shoot was from before the owner purchased my piece so it wasn’t in the mag though it was nice none the less.

  3. Morning Marian,

    Well how special is that! I loved Jack from the start and so glad he found an appreciative home.

    Janet xox

  4. Looks wonderful in it’s new home!!

  5. Jack looks fantastic in that room and I just checked out Jodi’s portfolio and can’t get over how gorgeous her work is. What a perfect pair!


  6. I always loved that dresser even though it just doesn’t go with anything in my house, I may still attempt to create one of my own. ;^) It sure does look good in Jack’s room!

  7. That’s so awesome that you got to see where Jack will be residing. So cool that it’s in a little boy’s room.

  8. The dresser is perfect for the little boy’s room!! I would love to do a small piece for my husband’s game room. The theme is vintage in the Houston Texan’s red, white and blue. I had not thought of that before until this post. So cute!!

  9. How totally wonderful and exciting for you! Congratulations! That dresser redo is totally awesome – you deserve the recognition for it – so fun that it was bought by someone who was consulting with a designer:)

  10. I love that dresser! It does look just right in its new home.

  11. Congrats and what a fabulous piece!!! Great photos as well. Janell

  12. That is indeed a perfect fit for that room.Looks fantastic!

  13. Wow that is so cool!!! I pretty much adore the pictures!!

  14. Wow Marian…what a great story. Isn’t it amazing how this woman finds “Jack” which is so perfect in her son’s room – and now she is doing work for you in your book. This connected world is so wonderful, isn’t it? I always believe that we are creating things and we get money for them – but what we are really exchanging is energy. We never keep the money we get – it just gets exchanged for someone else’s energy.

    Great story!


  15. This is awesome! I love that dresser!

  16. colleen says:

    great post . omgosh soooo glad you are uncrashed 😉

  17. Diana says:

    It is starting a story for him…beautiful.

  18. I think it’s awesome when you can see your work in the real world. It works so beautifully in Ben’s room. He is one lucky little guy. It is the kind of piece he could always have. Congrats!

  19. Your blog is opening through Facebook on my phone. The pics are very cute here with the little guy and his book.

  20. Brenda says:

    A beautiful piece… both the story and furniture. :)

  21. I like this piece…and I think it is fascinating how one piece of furniture can bring so many people together.
    And now she is doing your photos for your book…don’t you find that interesting about the work you do? and they say Cotton is the fabric of our lives…
    I think it’s furniture…it’s what weaves us together (well, around blog land anyway)

    take care, Pat

  22. Talk about a perfect match! Great work to both of you. ♥ed the whole thing.

  23. Hi Marion….amazing to see a piece you have created end up in such a special place….then again, your work is amazing and all your pieces end up in special places. Every room needs a WOW piece and this is it….your right, she hit the nail on the head! Love it!!! :)

  24. The dresser looks great. It definitely will not be something he will out grow. This is something he could use right through college.
    p.s. Marion is my moms name, you don’t hear that name much.

  25. Love this dresser! So rock n’ roll! Could you let us know what kind of paint you used for all the different colors on this dresser?

  26. I think I remember seeing this at Lucketts with a sold tag on it…and was immediately crestfallen that someone else had beat me to the punch. It looks great in Jack’s room and clearly the dresser found its way to the right home. :-)

  27. Too stinkin cute! I’ve been searching for a dresser that will be the perfect Jack….but have settled for doing an “under the stairs clubhouse” for now. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll let you know when the reveal is coming…Would love for you to stop by and see it!

  28. Jodi really is talented! Our mothers have worked together forever at a shop in Old Town. Her sister has a really cool shop in Arlington too. I’m so happy that she’s taking pictures for your book!

  29. Oh wow….I LOVE this room! It’s wonderful! Can you share what the name/brand of that lovely green paint on the walls is?? Thank you kindly in advance!


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