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I know it’s junk, but…


There are times when I find something and I know it’s junk.  I know I might not be able to salvage it, but I think it’s worth a shot.  This chair is one of those pieces.  I found it at Lucketts, marked down to $25 from $70.  I knew immediately why it was discounted.  It had a fabulous shape, was painted a great green, but…


…well, you can see the problem in this blurry iPhone picture.  It had a wonky leg.  Two wonky legs, actually, but one was really bad.


This chair really needs to be taken apart and entirely rebuilt, but, me being an impatient person and knowing this chair wasn’t worth major surgery, I worked on it to get it sured up.  That involved undoing previous repairs, gluing the joints and then putting in some strategically placed screws.



 I then reupholstered it in an antique grain sack.  Now, I wouldn’t tap dance on this chair or anything, but it’s pretty sturdy.  I did many “victory sits” on it to test it out.




 There may come a time when we have to perform major surgery on it, but for now…



…it’s perfect.

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  1. Wow victory…..and worth the save….looks perfect where you put it and love the grain sack redo!

  2. It looks wonderful – especially with that pretty pillow you have sitting on it along with the great grain sack cover!

  3. Great rescue! Don’t you just love taking a castoff and making it into something you can show off? You have such a great eye and amazing amount of energy to give a sad, old, broken piece a new life. Love the green and blue combination in the room.

  4. I’m so glad you “saved” it! It’s a sweet little chair and the perfect green for your space!

  5. It looks great! I am currently working on a chair and I pray it comes out as good as yours.

  6. Fits perfectly in your home.Great job on your chair rescue.I hate to see things thrown out that can be salvaged.

  7. Hello Marian,

    Really love the blue and green together…one of my favorite color combos. Your chair looks lovely sitting at the desk.
    Enjoy the day my friend.

    janet xox

  8. Bethanie says:

    Love it!! Had to laugh at “wonky”…my daughter said the other day that Im the only person she knows who can use “wonky” or “cattywompus” at least once a day!! I grew up in PA…maybe it’s a northern thing!! (Like they dont have some crazy words here in GA!)

  9. Good job!! I love it!! The color is great!!

  10. Love it and the shade. Your living room is so pretty!

  11. One of my favorite (and most-used) chair had two wonky front legs when I bought it for “nothing” almost TWENTY years ago. I hope you enjoy yours pretty new chair — for a long time! :-)

  12. Further proof that a little TLC can change a lot! Love the after!

  13. It’s an awesome chair and it looks right at home in your beautiful room! Good for you for saving it!

  14. Love the green! I love to rescue the stragglers and wounded chairs, too!

  15. Allie says:

    Looks great! And you know, victory sits count as squats, great for the booty haha! Sounds like a win win to me!

  16. And it is just perfect for that place in that room! Good score….

  17. The chair is fabulous. I love it. A great find.

  18. I love the green chair. It looks great in your room! by the way who won the tickets for the blog meeting this summer?

  19. [email protected] says:

    I think this chair wanted to be saved! Looks great…and happy too!

  20. Jennifer says:

    It really is perfect! See, just trust your instincts..because yours are spot on”

  21. Wow, congratulations, you belongs to the same club I belong the “the recycling club”, love it. From BsAs Argentina , Julia C.

  22. Yes, it is. Perfect, I mean. :) I love your combination of green and blue.

  23. noreen ryan says:

    Hi love the job done on this lucky saved chair would love to know the color of it i’m living in ireland so this green is my thing!!…thanks…

  24. It’s so pretty!

  25. Nicole Reilly says:

    Sweet pea! LOVE that you took the time to LOVE this chair. It shows!

  26. haha-“victory sit.” Good for you for seeing its potential, and then knowing what to do about it! :)

  27. indeed it is very perfect! wow…what a perfect match in your decor! humm…almost too perfect, I wonder if that particular vendor reads MMS blog and knew all along that you would fall in love with this chair. Now that would be some creative marketing…talk about knowing ones customers :)

    • duh! I totally forgot to tell you how much I loved the chair, and…the cane back. Now correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t your sofa in the photo also have a cane back? or once did. I thought I saw that at one time on one of your posts.

  28. Jackie says:

    Looks great~! I love the colors!

  29. Diane says:

    Oh I’m loving it and love that you saved it!
    I think even if you sometime have to sit it somewhere just for show and not really for using it was worth the $ you pd for it :)
    Nicely done!

  30. Hadley says:

    I love the fabric you used for your curtains! Do you know the name or brand?

  31. Great save. Nice pop of green for that corner.

  32. I loved this story… and now look at her, she’s precious in all her beautiful green… with the special little grain sack on her, being all pretty and special in front of the desk… and just look at her pretty little ankles! She’s perfectly charming now, and i think this little chair knows that and is quite delighted with herself!


  33. Linda says:

    What a lyrical shape. Love the chair and color. I love the wall color even more. Would you share what color blue that is? My family basement needs just that shade.

  34. My favorite pieces were once someone’s “junk”.:) I love that the chair was already that amazing shade of green. Well done.

  35. what a transformation. love this new chair!

  36. Hi Marian. Love the green color. Would you mind sharing with us which paint color you used for your adorable chair?

  37. Great job! And I LOVE that color green!


  38. Regina says:

    Lucketts? Near Leesburg? That is an outstanding find. I love to roam around there. Lucketts stuff is amazing.

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