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trim & a tree skirt


The project that won’t ever end (I seem to have a lot of those, don’t I?), is finally coming close to an end. This past week, I put in the trim around the baseboards and bead board. If you’ve ever put trim in an old house, you understand my pain. The floor is not level, the walls aren’t plum and it’s a nightmare to get things looking like they’re at least kind of straight. The floors are almost an inch off from left to right and from front to back, so putting in a squared off piece of bead board was tough. I ended up with a sizable gap where the bead board is supposed to fit snugly against the baseboard. Instead of trying to cut the piece at the exact angle, I decided to leave the gap and put some trim over it. Trim, caulk and paint can make almost anything look good.

Notice the gap at the bottom of this picture? Those pink plastic tiles peeking through? I’m pretty gifted with caulk, but that is beyond my skill.

A piece of pine trim and some caulk covered it perfectly. A piece of pre-primed quarter round also hid the edge of the tile and frames it out nicely.



I’m super proud because I did it all by myself. The measuring, cutting, mitre-ing and nailing…



…yep, I used this bad boy. After some caulk and paint, it looks like this…



Nice, right? You’d never know there was a huge gap and the trim was an afterthought. Now we need to finish the radiator cover/shelf and install the sink. Almost there!



Since we’re getting a tree next week, I wanted to find a new tree skirt. Of course, I’m using my ruffled linen tree skirt (that I’m seeing everywhere on blogs, Pinterest and I’ve even seen them for sale on Etsy), but that is going on the tree in the living room. The one I used in the family room is cute, but it’s a bright red and I really don’t want to have bright red in my decor this year.


So I perused Etsy yesterday and fell in love with this one and bought it.  (I purchased it from Seams Clever.)


I debated whether a green skirt would be too much green with a green tree, but I figured it would be broken up with the gifts and would always work with any future color scheme I use. The flowers are amazing and I know the green will look good with the olive pillows and mossy velvet chairs in my family room. It should arrive in a few days, just in time to wrap around a new tree this weekend.

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  1. Now Marion are you going to share your Etsy find site? It looks beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see it in your room. Happy Holidays, Di

  2. oh my goodness…what a fun & festive , cute & classy too, tree skirt!!!

  3. I love that color you chose for the tree skirt! It’s very pretty and so were her stockings and the pillows!!

  4. Oops! I was so distracted by the pretty tree skirt that I forgot to mention that I’m really happy to see and hear the bathroom remodel is coming along so well!!

  5. I am dealing with the same uneven floor problem in my kitchen of my 1907-built house. The area by the sink drops an inch!

  6. Tell us more about the nailer than runs on a battery rather than an air compressor!

    • Yes, I was wanting that too!
      Love your trim job, Marian. Our house is also old and nothing is plumb. Nightmare.
      And that tree skirt is divine! Looking forward to seeing it on your tree.
      Cheers Fiona

    • Please model details this is so going on my Christmas list! Would love to have the details so I get the correct one! Love that you took care of the trim!

  7. You did a great job on the trim.

    I can sure sympathize with you . My mother-and father-in-law built the house we are in and boy it is not level of square. Any time we start to do a project my hubby gets so frustrated. Not one square corner in the house.

    When we did the bathroom we had to use floor leverler and do a base for the shower to sit on in order to do it right. That was to be a week end project and we ended up a three week project with all the repair and fixing of walls, plumbing , unlevel floors. What fun.

    I love the new tree skirt. Very elegant I think.


  8. Old houses are not plum, but they DO have charm that makes it all worth the headaches of tweaking things. I think your trim job is great! It may look even better than if you hadn’t needed it. :)
    Can’t wait to see the next post, and the finished result! I love your choices in tile and bead board.

  9. Paula says:

    You did a great job with your beadboard and moulding. Moulding or chalk covers everything. I saw the clock in the background at 2. Do you work in the middle of the night? I used to when my girls were young, only time I didn’t get interrupted, but my husband always came looking for me.
    I love the tree skirt, and the color is awesome. I have the material to make your muslin and linen tree skirt, but alas, still another unfinished project. lol Merry Christmas

  10. beverlee says:

    I am one wao made your tree skirt…as soon as I saw it…and I love it…even my husband loves it…wouldn’t trade it for anything. I made it bigger, and it’s really too big, but I love it anyway! Thank you for instructions on how. It took me about one day, working on it off and on.
    Our home is newer..and the walls are still not straight, nor was our other one!
    I love how you are improvising….and I love what you are doing!

  11. Love the extra piece of 1/4 round as the trip, looks great and that new tree skirt is to die for. Thanks for sharing.

  12. So so beautiful! Wonderful find…and the trip looks gorgeous!

  13. Wow, I am super picky about tree skirts (I don’t even have one, that’s how picky I am) and this is absolutely beautiful!

  14. Love your tree skirt, very unique.
    The ruffle one that you made is just


  15. That is a beautiful skirt. This year I threw a tablecloth around mine, just because it is one of those years. Less if more and I am starting to be ok with that.

  16. Perfect solution for the baseboard, Marian. Gorgeous tree skirt, and I have that little Big Ben clock! It works…when I remember to wind it. :)

  17. andrea says:

    HUGE shout out to you – i made the tree skirt last week (lots of hot glue burns to prove it!) and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! hosted a baby shower this weekend and it got rave reviews! i give ALL props to you! thanks so much for the inspiration and the treat tutorial! merry christmas!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yep, that tree skirt is tedious to make, which is why I never made them to sell. I made one and one was enough. :) I love mine as well and I’m so glad so many people have made them and love them.

      • LOL, I’ve got some burns to prove that I made it this past week as well!! We had friends over last night and they noticed it right away and thought it was beautiful. They couldn’t believe that it was just a drop cloth some fabric and a glue gun!! The ruffles go perfectly with the stockings I made this year too, although they involved some sewing machine action! 😉

        Thank you for your awesome blog and the tree skirt tutorial!! :)

  18. Janet Lawson says:

    The room is really coming along..You did a fabulous job and that tree skirt is to die for..

  19. I have now made 27 (!!) ruffle tree skirts and I am DONE! Had to shut down the workshop for the year. My finger has a permanent indention from the glue gun. Thankfully, I made mine first…otherwise…my tree wouldn’t be wearing a skirt this year!

  20. sandi says:

    You do suh beautiful; such a great eye!

  21. sandi says:

    OK, fingers aren’t working! That should be “such” beautiful work, great eye.

  22. That is one bad boy! Lol – it looks perfect, really. And I love your choice of the green tree skirt. :-)

  23. Ooooo! I love the tree skirt you purchased. It is beautiful!

  24. I made the tree skirt too. I have a skinny tree and trimmed 5 inches off the circle before I started gluing (thank goodness). I am having back problems so I ended with just 4 rows of ruffles, but it looks OK. My dachshund loves it; he was laying on it almost before I got it around the tree.

    I can’t imagine anyone making that fully ruffled tree skirt to sell. I would charge thousands after all that work!

    I used fabric glue since I am a doofus and am tired of 2nd degree glue burns. I love the skirt even though it has only the 4 rows of ruffles.

  25. Lynnette says:

    I seriously almost bought that green tree skirt the other night…I am delighted you found it. Just simply sumptuous!

  26. Is there a nail gun you’d recommend for a first-timer? Something good for a variety of projects? Or are they pretty individualized depending on what you’re doing? I know I need one, but haven’t gone there yet… :)

  27. P.S. love the tree skirts!

  28. Love the woodwork. Love the tree skirt.


  29. I am so in love with your linen tree skirt and have been wanting to make one so bad, but finding the time is so hard right now! I need to step it up and pull a Marian and just do it! :) Bathroom looks great!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      I know it! I made mine each over about a week, just stealing time when I could.

  30. Mekala says:

    I sure hope that the people who are selling your ideas got your permission first…(or maybe that’s just the way I would do things)

    Anyway…as always, your work and ideas for decorating are pure perfection!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      That was a tutorial I made for, so it’s meant for people to be able to make their own. If they want to sell it, good for them. I figure when I put a tutorial out there, I need to expect that people are going to make it, possibly sell it and may never give me credit for it and I’m ok with that. That tree skirt tutorial may be the thing that makes it possible for them to pay bills or get Christmas presents for their kids.

  31. It looks great! I also have a historic home so I kwym! Last time I cut bead board we actually had a slight earthquake here in michigan. I couldn’t for the life of me figure how I got such a crooked cut. Well, now our wall will always remind me of our tiny earthquake. Lol!

  32. I am so glad I’m not the only one with way too many unfinished projects! Maybe we should start club! Thanks for the motivation!! hugs!

  33. Linda S. in NE says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I am also proud of your “take charge, and get it done by myself ” projects. You are right, that nail gun is looking like a “bad boy”! Keep up the good work. Linda S. in NE

  34. I love buying handmade, and the one you bought is beautiful! You appreciate something more when you know how much time and effort goes into something (and you didn’t have to do it!) Sometimes it is worth it to spend the extra money. I want to learn how to use the big boy tools…you did a fantastic job on hiding the problem areas. But…why do you have a clock on the bathroom on the floor? lol I saw the TP, which makes sense, but still trying to figure out the clock :)

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      LOL…there’s going to be a shelf built there, so I have been gathering some things I want to put in there. The clock will go on the top ledge.

  35. What is the attachment you have on your dewalt? Does it mitre too?

  36. love your new tree skirt!
    it’s absolutely, positively beautiful.

  37. Old homes are wonderful except when you are trying to work with something that needs to be square. Our home has almost an inch difference, too. We had a wonderful time trying to tile our kitchen.
    I love the tree skirt. It’s gorgeous.


  38. I think the tree skirt you made for the turtorial is just about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. So creative and festive. I didn’t have the gumption to try and make it this year – maybe next year. I hope the tutorial is still around by then. I just had to tell you how fabulous it is and thank you for sharing with people like me.

  39. Oh, the wonders of wood trim! Good save! And the new tree skirt is beautiful! I love Etsy! Could spend a day there!

  40. What a cute tree skirt. I am using a table cloth of my grandmothers….LOL. It’s not my style and has little red balls haning around the edge. It’s round and perfect for a tree skirt but now I wish it was green!!


  41. ADORE the green skirt! I too cannot wait to see it in your home!

  42. I love that tree skirt!! I think I may have a new favorite shop on Etsy :)

  43. I LOVE QUARTER ROUND AND CAULK I too have an old house and nothing is straight in the house. I glued baseboard on my ceramic tile I painted also love glue. You really need to think outside the box with an old house to make projects work without demolition which I really would like People but People cost money and with an old house there isn’t any of that left ….LOL

  44. Love the green tree skirt! Very cute 😉 I used your ruffled tree skirt tutorial and made a skirt for my tree this year! I LOVE it…. although it’s not quite as pretty as yours.

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