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{the last days of fall}


I’ve enjoyed looking over all of the Christmas link parties, but it’s still fall in the Mustard Seed household. Our Christmas decor will be up from late December through early February. That’s just how it is in this business.  I’m happy to say, though, that I only have two more freelance writing projects to finish for fall and then I am done.  I can pitch the pumpkins and bring out the evergreens.  Here’s a peak at a couple of the projects that I did for for fall of 2012…




…and I took a few shots of these cute little pumpkins and some glitter leaves.  One of my readers sent these brass leaves to me and they look gorgeous glittered.   (Thanks Perry family!)



I’m going to use them for Christmas as well.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a photo shoot for the Spring.  HA!  Wish me luck trying to get pictures that evoke Spring in Pennsylvania in December.  This business is nuts.

One last thing…the winner of the Leslie Janson Etsy shop giveaway is…  Melanie from Pelican Pieces.  Congratulations!

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  1. Love them! And I leave up my Christmas decs. as long into January as feels good=)
    Happy Decorating!!

  2. Oh my goodness I have the hardest time thinking ahead !! It drives me nuts that Hobby Lobby puts out Christmas in the summer !! I kind of rebel against it sometimes ~

  3. That’s so funny..spring in December…

  4. Spring in December… best of luck!! I;m sure you will find the magic to make it work!!

  5. Janet Lawson says:

    WOW..It is a crazy business..Good luck with the rest of your photo shoot..

  6. That’s funny, ‘cos we are just finishing Spring and heading into a lovely Summer down this part of the world :). I’m loving all the pics of Wintery Christmas on all the blogs, but it’s definitely Santa in swimming togs over here!

  7. How do you know what to get in the mood for at the right time? I’d be all messed up! LOL!!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yes, it does mess with me a bit. I was working on Christmas stuff in September, now Halloween in December and we’ll do Christmas again in January. My poor kids.

  8. Plein de bonnes choses pour vous…
    Gros bisous

  9. Coreen @ 58 Vintage Faire says:

    Marian: I actually think that little pumpkins go well with my poinsettia! It’s hard to get rid of them when they are in such great condition. Several of your blogs have mentioned german glass glitter and I was wondering if it’s the same featured on the Meyer Imports ad on your blog…Thanks Corey of 58 Vintage Faire

  10. I love the glittery leaves, they will definitely transition well from fall to winter :) and that black framed mirror is gorgeous. How did you create the ‘sooty’ look? Was it for Halloween?

  11. Spring in winter huh? Ha! It is crazy but fun I am sure!
    Love those leaves…so cool!

  12. Oh my goodness how crazy is that ! Spring stuff now and xmas in September! Maybe you can have certain rooms in your house dedicated to each season ! :) Thanks for giving a sneak peak of your projects :)

  13. Maybee's Mom says:

    I have a basket full of silver pumkins I keep on my front porch mixed with winter greenery….I love that look….on my tablescape I have a cluster of mercury glass and pinecones…..I love the two together…..My tree is a simple one ..only holly berries and pinecones…..and lights of course…as children have moved on to there own homes…..I have given them there ornaments and let them take the ones they loved as children…..I like the simplicity now…..whatever works for you and your….Happy Holidays

  14. Kathie says:

    Hee hee I just put my pumpkins out to pasture this morning :) All four of them are still in great shape!

  15. lol…no worries, I think you’ll be in good company. I rarely get my Christmas decor put away before February. I just enjoy the tree and the lighting too much to take it down. Besides, this year it’s taken my 4 weeks to get it all up and out due to decoration around our den redo.

  16. Linda S. in NE says:

    Hang on for that Spring photo shoot to be done in December. Here in Nebraska, we have just experienced two days of heavy rain and mild temps. Between the two, it has melted the small 4″ snowfall that was on the ground, and lo and behold, there is green grass on everyone’s lawns. I actually said to myself, “It looks more like Spring outside, than Christmas time.” You might just get the perfect outdoor shoot in just a couple of days. At least I assume our weather becomes your weather. Good Luck, Linda S. in NE

  17. Marian!!! I’m sooooooo sorry!!! I’m like 9 days late and a million dollars short! I love what you did to the leaves! They look absolutely beautiful! I knew you’d beautify them!

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