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Spring in December


There may have been frost on the ground when I woke up this morning, but it was spring for a couple of hours at Lucketts this morning.  Even though it was chilly, I actually had the perfect weather for a photo shoot.  It was overcast, so there were no harsh shadows and the temperature climbed just enough so I didn’t have to wear a coat.  I stopped at Wegmans and, can I just say…oh my gosh.  I hadn’t set foot in a Wegmans in years and I was overwhelmed.  I was buying kumquats and flocked branches and boxwood garlands and a banana strawberry smoothie.  I was totally distracted, but I did settle down and found some beautiful flowers and artichokes for the shoot.  Here are some peeks…





If the folks at Lucketts didn’t think I was “off” already, anyone who saw me certainly thinks that now.  I was scooting furniture around outside, hauling around potted plants, flowers and a laundry basket full of Spring-looking props.  I kept stopping to tromp back through the mud to my van and get something I forgot as I’m checking the shots needed and taken off a list.  I just sucked it up and did what I needed to do.  It was a quiet day at Lucketts, so I don’t think anyone noticed my craziness.

Once the photo shoot was done, I restocked my glitter letters and did a little shopping.  I found this awesome column base and a green, caned back chair.  I also visited with Karen and finally met a blogger I’ve “known” online for a while, Janet from The Empty Nest.  It was a good time.

To give you a book update, I think I have finished the first chapter.  I still need to look over it a few more times and then submit it to my editor for more notes, but I feel pretty solid on it.  I was terrified when I first sat down in front of my laptop to write, but I’m feeling more confident as the outline and concepts are taking shape.  It’s a very exciting process and I appreciate all of the encouragement I’ve received through all of your lovely comments.  You are a sweet bunch of ladies.

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  1. Yayyy Congratulations on your first chapter being done! That has to feel amazing!!
    Your spring pictures are gorgeous !!
    Spring is my very favorite time of year so I am dreaming right now through
    your pictures ~

  2. debbie says:

    I want to thank you for the wonderful year of all of your ideas. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and look forward to another year of reading you blog.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! I bet you were a silly sight to watch ;0)

  4. I can’t wait for your book! I love reading your blog.

  5. Sharon in Chicago says:

    I remember the feeling of getting my first chapter done. Wait till you’re at the point of seeing the galley proofs — you’ll be giddy for days!

  6. Your photos are lovely! Congratulations on your first chapter!

  7. Congratulations on your first chapter! beautiful spring photos. It’s amazing that you could make a spring shoot at this time of the year. You’re too good!

  8. Good Evening Marian,

    Yes….it was great finally meeting you also! I had no idea you were going to be there, so I was very surprised. I enjoyed talking and visiting with you and Karen. I too came home with a few cool treasures.

    You weren’t kidding about your ‘Springtime’ shoot…you would never know it was done in December.
    Well done!

    Congrats on your first chapter and Merry Christmas to you and your family

    Janet xox

    PS..thank you for the mention and’s very appreciated ;->
    I’ve already had a few sweet visitors from here.

  9. Well it looks like spring to me!

  10. The pics are just lovely but you talking about Wegman’s is what we really got me. My hubby and I lived in PA for one year just after we were married about five years ago and oh how we loved Wegman’s! I miss it so very much!!!! We have our own great version here in MN called Byerly’s but we still live a couple of hours from the closest one!

  11. Anne Boykin says:

    MMS, Can’t wait to see the new things you bought. You have such great taste and your book will be wonderful. Happy Holidays! Hugs, Anne

  12. The first chapter is always the toughest! And Wegmans? Well, I’m weeping. I used to live about a mile from their TWO-STORY flagship store in Rochester, NY. Now I’m stuck here in NC (not that I don’t like it) and all I have is a Harris Teeter. I miss my Wegmans. *sniff*

  13. I enjoyed your spring shots! Very cool! I think I would be so confused! Ha!!

  14. I can’t believe you have a Wegmans near you and you hardly ever go!! I’m so jealous! We had one in NJ and I absolutely love that store and miss it so much. sigh. Congrats on the first chapter of the book! How exciting!!!

  15. MARY EGUIA says:

    Wish you much success with your book,I’m sure the good Lord will guide your thoughts with each chapter. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Ha! I’m starting realize it’s totally O.K. if people think I’m crazy! Because being crazy has it’s advantages, right? It can be SO much fun…

    Those green apples and artichokes are knockin’ my socks off! They are gorgeous..and those daisies…and that vase… and those blueberries…are those BLUEBERRIES??? How fun!

  17. Colleen Lang says:

    You gotta love Wegmans!

    It all looks beautiful. Can’t wait for the book!

  18. Hollie says:

    Wegmans is the best, no? I live in Upstate NY iand am surrounded by them 😉

  19. I live in the land of Wegmans and we’re there every other day it seems like. it’s fantastic! When they recruit corporate big shots to jobs here, they take their wives to Wegmans to woo them to the city. And it works!

    Lovely photos, I hope you enjoy the Christmas season, since you’re doing fall, Halloween and spring all at once!

  20. I admire that you are balancing a little bit of everything you love. I have always wanted to write a book, in fact when I first left my job a year ago that was what I intended to tackle first. Needless to say, it is in the not quite yet pile. I will get to it, eventually. I have always loved to write, but I have to admit…my skills are a little rusty. Thank you for sharing the process with us. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book.


  21. wegmans is really the only place i food shop here, their stores are wonderful. now if we could just get a trader joe’s! lovely photos! congrats on the first chapter! susan

  22. What a refreshing breath of spring! You are definitely a hard worker and I can’t think of a nicer person to be blessed and overflowing!

  23. Just beautiful!
    I have a Spring photo shoot I have to do this week, and you have totally inspired me with your own brilliant styling…thank you!


  24. Oh how I miss my Wegmans. When we moved here to Chicagoland one of the first things our new neighbors said to us was that I would be sad b/c there are no Wegmans here. And I really am. We have Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods but they are just not the same as Wegmans.

  25. Paula says:

    I love your pictures. AND I am so happy you are doing so well with your writing. I’ll tell you, from your blog, it seems like you haven’t skipped a beat with writing your book and blogging. Merry Christmas

  26. Sounds like a tiring day, but what a great feeling when you accomplish what you set out to do. So happy your book is going well. Blessings to you this Christmas! :)

  27. Alice says:

    Love all you do! So glad you got past the initial fright of writing your book…..keep up the good work…..I know I’m one of the many who can’t wait to own one…Merry Christmas to you and your family…

  28. gabbie says:


  29. Carol says:

    I agree-Wegman’s is totally awesome. My SIL took me there when they lived in Oakton, VA but they moved to NC and she has to shop at Walmart. What culture shock. She still goes to Wegman’s when she visits VA. Love your website and all your pretty ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Wow….the pops of green on the greys, stunning! I bet it feels good to get that first chapter finished! Congrats! :)

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