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my favorite dressers from 2011


We’re getting towards the end of the year and, since I don’t have any Christmas decor to share yet, I thought I would start sharing some of my favorites from 2011.  To start with, here are my favorite dressers from last year…


…the Swiss Miss herself…


…the Union Jack dresser…



…the gray milk paint dresser with the bone knobs…



…the super distressed aubusson and cream dresser…



…the cherry blossom dresser…



…the sea green milk paint dresser…


…I didn’t get a great picture of this one, because I was in a mad rush getting ready for Lucketts at the time, but I love this graphite dresser with glass knobs…



…the slate gray dresser…


…and it may surprise you to know this was one of my favorites.  This Greek Blue dresser almost ended up in the trash, but I put a lot of work into it and I love how it turned out.   I think it’s the one I wish I had kept…

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  1. All of them beautiful but the dark blue one is my favorite…

  2. I like the curves of the slate gray dresser and all the detail of the greek blue. It’s so hard to choose! I think your Union Jack dresser is going to win the popularity contest though.

    Hope you are doing well!


  3. My faves as well. Especially the super distressed one. So bold!

  4. Marian this kind of round up proves you are truly amazing and a highly productive person! You should be so proud, thanks for the line up, it’s so nice to see all the color choices next to each other for comparison.

  5. I love them all as well, but the one you like the most is also the one I like the most. The handles are just gorgeous against the paint. Just perfect! Lori L

  6. Michelle M says:

    They are all beautiful! If I had to pick one it would be…I couldn’t do it. I love them all. : )

  7. Marion they are all beautiful!! Your work and talent is amazing!! My favorite would have to be the cherry blossom…I love the whimsy you added and it’s a statement piece! Have a great night friend! :)


  8. Tardevil says:

    My favorites are the aubusson and the sea green milk paint one. Good luck and congrats on the book deal!

  9. I don’t know how you refrain from keeping ALL of them!! Room or no room, it would be a tough thing to do for me! There are some really lucky owners out there though that you’ve made really happy! 😀

  10. I love them all and would have a difficult time choosing! I do love the Greek blue too! It’s an amazing piece!

  11. i love seeing them all in a row. all beautiful!

  12. Great post! I like the cherry blossom :)

  13. Janet Lawson says:

    They are all beautiful but I love the grey milk dresser the best..

  14. They are all seriously amazing. I really love the sea green milk paint color and need to get some to try it out! Nice work!!!

  15. Sharon in Chicago says:

    And I know all of them would have loved to have stayed with you too!

  16. What a great display of talent. And what a year it’s been. Such growth for you! Here’s hoping you get some relaxation over Christmas and I’m looking forward to watching all that you create in 2012. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration, Marian. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog in 2011.
    Cheers fiona

  17. They are all lovely, but I am very partial to the Union Jack dresser and the slate gray dresser! You do such amazing work all the time, every one of them turned out so nicely.



  18. Fabulous!!! Each and every one of them!!
    Love them’

  19. With each one I look at I think ‘oh that’s my favorite’. If you asked me to choose, I couldn’t do it. How do you let these beauties go?!?

  20. LOVE the empire lines of the slate gray–BUT I am borrowing your idea and doing a Canadian flag on my next one. I may end up keeping it, and not putting it in the shop!

  21. So many gorgeous dressers. My favorite is the Cherry blossom dresser. Simply gorgeous.


  22. Mekala says:

    Oh I just love them all!! I’m the worst about taking pictures! I should start since I’ve redone about 15 dressers this year!!! My favorites are the Greek Blue and Union Jack Dressers.. *PERFECTION* :-)

  23. As a very (make that VERY) amateur DIY-er, you have been one of my inspirations for giving DIY a go in my house. Thank you. My dresser, complete with mistakes:

  24. wish the gray milk paint one lived at my house

  25. Emily says:

    My favorite dresser that you have done is this one:

    That dresser actually inspired me to drive to Lucketts when I was in Charlottesville, VA for a wedding this past September. To this day I wish I drove up from NC and bought it while it was there :( The Union Jack dresser is a great one too!

    You do a wonderful job finishing furniture!

  26. Catherine in NJ says:

    Love your dressers, and their paint colors!!! You always tell the paint colors you use, which is sooo nice! I was thinking I wish I could go to Lucketts, but then I saw an outside picture and I realised I have been there. My sisters live in Lovingston Va, (half way between Lynchburg and Charlottesville) . We met at a Antique and Flea Market that we read about in Southern Living, which was Luckett’s!! Loved it! Well, worth my trip from NJ to Va. Of course the big Sis’s were worth seeing too! lol I definately will be returning this year now that I know that’s where your shop is.On another note- you gave the best tutorial on Drop Cloth slipcovers ever! I even think I could tackle it. Though it took me a year to make a halter top in home ec. back in the 70’s!

  27. Diana says:

    I absolutely love all of them! I need to do this with the bedroom furniture I have. It is 70s style mediterranean/french provincial and is in need of a facelift for sure. I need the fruniture so I want to keep it but I really want to do something with it that I love.
    Do you have classes by any chance?

  28. The Union Jack and the grey milk paint are my favourites. But of course they all look great!

  29. This really doesn’t fit in with today’s blog-even though I love the gray milk-paint dresser-but I’m trying to find your post about the sheet music wreaths. I’d like to show it to a friend…help!

  30. Debbie says:


    Thanks for showing each one like this. Every single one is distinct, so beautiful and so creative. I have seen other painted furniture that just looks like painted furniture, however, your skill and eye just see right where the distress looks the best. What an artisian you are. Thank you.

  31. All are so beautiful and I love how they are so different. Love your union jack one. I’m aspiring to do one similar for my son’s room. My husband is English and our kids are both American and English so it would be perfect for his room. Also, love the slate grey. Love the handles on it.

  32. kelly starr says:

    They are all awesome… but…what about the striped dresser… he’s my favorite!!!!

  33. Each piece is beautiful and has its own unique qualities. It would be difficult to pick just one…I can see them all in different spaces. You have such an eye and talent for bringing out the best in them! I so wish you were closer. :-)

  34. hummm, i didn’t see the striped one :) that got my vote for the most exotic and unusual. This was one of my favorite posts…I ooood and ahhhhhd and drooled a good bit. I love picture posts!

    • I love the graphite with glass knobs one. So “soft” looking :) I also love both of the flag ones :)

      • Chris Kenner says:

        Marian – I had a question on this one, too … is it graphite? it looks ASCP olive to me… Just wondered… sometimes the lighting can change things… Graphite is so much darker…. Beautiful, either way!

  35. Yes, the striped dresser was #1! Union Jack, is my #2! Not hat you were asking for a rating!

  36. The slate gray is my FAV! I can so picture it in my bedroom:-)

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  37. I love all the dressers too, but the Union Jack is my favorite.

  38. The one that has stuck in my memory the most is the Greek blue dresser! I still would love to try that blue on the right project! Fun to see the history.

  39. Anna Catherine Hoover says:

    Is the grey dresser with the bone knobs painted with Annie slogans milk paint? If so did you use the clear wax or dark or both? I love the dresser and want to paint mine that color! I love all of your stuff!!

  40. Claudine says:

    I was in Luckett’s months ago and fell in LOVE, with the Union Jack dresser. I didn’t buy it, but went back a week later and it was gone. Today I was at Lucketts looking for a dresser to paint the Union Jack myself. I was thrilled to find a cute, perfect size dresser, it just had a Swiss flag. I bought it to paint into the British flag and found this website. I bought YOUR Swiss dresser. How funny. I was thrilled.

  41. I need help!! I love the slate grey one. What color exactly is it? Is it an ASCP? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dresser with the chalk board gold leafed frame! It should be on the cover of a magazine!I have a dresser that I would die to have that color! Please, let me in on the secret!

  42. shirley saduk says:

    I am doing a dresser over for under my TV in the family room so my Grand Kids can keep all there X Box games and controllers in the drawer I think it will work but don’t know what color to do it my walls are a silver chain gray,
    can any one help with a color to go with the light walls?

    Thanks so much

    Shirley Saduk

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  44. Hello, I just started a business of “reFABED” furniture and other unusual pieces and am redoing a table that my mom had “antiqued” in the 70’s. I love the dresser you have here, the gray milk with bone knobs. I have started to paint my piece a olive green and have been experimenting with top coats. I would love to know your process on this dresser or any suggestions you have for mine. I am afraid whatever i do now to it will look like camo! ha ha. thanks, Karen


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