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Living Room Decorations


I spent most of the day yesterday working on the decorations in my living room and it was so fun how it all came together.  I’m using mostly things I bought last year, found in my yard and craft room or had leftover from my retail space.  There’s something in the process of repurposing items that I find enjoyable.  It’s that ah-ha moment…”Oh, I can use this ribbon I’ve had for years and put it over this sheet music and tuck in a feather from my friend’s farm and a piece of greenery snipped from my yard!  That will look great!”  I had a lot of those moments as I pulled out sheet music banners Mini and I had made to use at Lucketts and when I ripped apart an old artificial wreath to give it a new look with fresh greens, rolled sheet music, feathers and glittered leaves.  It’s all a part of that glorious creative process.  Anyway, here’s how it looks…




(Am I the only one who finds photographing Christmas trees to be a nightmare?  Here’s a picture without the lights…)







I even tucked some pine cones and greenery in my ironstone collection.   It’s so simple and beautiful.  Ironstone doesn’t need a lot of help to look good.   Neither does nature for that matter.



I’ll share more details on all of the decor in another post, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

I still have lots more to do, but tomorrow I’m going to take a decorating break and watch my son play Joseph in his school play, then pick up my parents from the airport.  Oh, that’s the good stuff…


 Christmas is always a time of great mail…cards, packages, gifts, fruitcake.  No, I didn’t really get any fruitcake, but I got my secret Santa gift a few days ago.  Here it is…


It’s a yummy smelling candle and my “Santa” says it’s her favorite.  Any guesses who it might be?  I have no idea.  It could be any one of these ladies…



 And lastly, the winners of the pair of wax brushes from Lady Butterbug  are…

Catherine from Freddy & Petunia

Jessica from Non-working Mother

Lane from The Urban Orchard

Patti from Blue Bird Art

Annette (from

Wendy from The Lazy Peacock

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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  1. Very pretty! Merry Christmas and Besy Wishes in the New Year!

  2. Wow you don’t mess around when you decoraye! Everything looks lovely!

  3. Hello!

    I just wanted to let you know that your space is being featured as part of the “Creating Nests” Series over at Houzz! Congrats!!


  4. Hello. this is my first time stopping by to visit! I found your from another blog, The primitive Skate. I don’t know if you know Sandie but she was my pal in the Christmas swap on Bumble Bee Lane blog! OMG, she spoilt me rotten. She is an amazing primitive style artist! Please stop by to visit.
    Just wanted to say I love your white on white decor! It is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your home with me. Can you please tell me how to make the little folds of paper from pages of old books? I have seen this style on your blog , other blogs, and in crafting magazines this season. But, I can’t seem to get mine to look decent. Any tips would be appreciated.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Carol Adams says:
  6. I wanted to thank you for the inspiration that I have had once I finally found your blog this year. you and your hosting of the furniture feature friday has been an endless source of inspiration for me. I admire you and wanted to thank you for your time doing all that you do and sharing with others. Have a very Merry Christmas with your family and a wonderful 2012. Thanks again. Sherry

  7. Diane J./Ohio says:

    Marian – your home looks beautiful as always! I have to agree, photographing Christmas trees is really tricky. I found your blog almost a year ago & you really have been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. Looking forward to more inspiration in 2012. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & your family!!

  8. I love the pennant garland on the tree. Wonderful idea! And the common thread of the music paper is lovely all around the room.

  9. Gorgeous, but I’d expect no less on anything you do. Thank you for a year inspiration and entertainment! Merry Christmas!

  10. I was hoping you could tell me how to photograph Christmas trees! lol My answer to Carol A.’s question is to hang the wreath on the nail on the wall and loop it up and over to the front of the mirror or put a second nail just hidden by the top of the mirror and hang it from there.

  11. Carrie says:

    Love everything about it. . . . especially the wreath!! Merry Christmas!

  12. Your Christmas Decor is just beautiful. Love your giftwrap and coffee table scape. You are so creative.

  13. Beautiful decor! I love the colors. Enjoy your holiday!


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