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It’s finally Christmas

After cramming fall and spring into one week, I’m finally getting ready for Christmas.  We put our “family” tree up today and I started decking out the dining room and entry hall.  The “pretty” tree is in it’s place, but I still need to put the lights on and decorate it.  I know the blog world has been showing off their Christmas decor for weeks, now, so I’m a little late.  I hope you’re not too sick of Christmas at this point!  If you’re not, here’s what I’ve done so far…













 I can’t wait to get more of it done.  I’m really getting into the spirit, now!


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  1. I just finished today decking the halls and shelves and walls myself. I didn’t put out nearly as much as I have stuff to, but the house still seems very “decked.” I think I’m becoming a less is more kind of person. :) Love what you’ve done. Merry Christmas!

  2. you may be all over the map with your seasons, but this holiday greenery plus is a sweet reminder of where i ought to be heading right now.

  3. Kathy Porowski says:

    As always beautiful and inspirational!! I love what you did with the old door behind the table. I found an old door like that with rusted hardware on it from 1918 or something. Sitting outside without a clue what to do with it!! Now I know!!! Thanks so much….Now my husband won’t get an opportunity to throw it away when I’m not looking!

  4. Both your photos and Christmas decor are beautiful Marian. I adore large pinecones and use them in our home, so I am very interested in the way you have them displayed under glass. Lovely! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. It looks great Marian. See you saved the best for last. I love the more natural look you do – I am trying slowly to get there but the kids still cling to their bright tree with all the brightly colored ornaments.
    It is ok as it is about them anyway. I can do all white the rest of the year.

  6. beverlee says:

    very much a statement of ‘less is more’, and unlike my normal self, that’s what I did, Very elegant, and this would be impossible to be tired of. Thank you for sharing. Great ideas!

  7. love the greenery. so different to an australian christmas. looks very fresh. I’ve got pinecones in my cloches also. love the look.
    enjoy the lead up to christmas. it must be a very special time for your family with your husband being in the church.
    cheers Fiona

  8. It looks gorgeous! Well worth the wait =)

  9. I have been dying to see your Christmas decor Marian, you didn’t disappoint, so far it is beyond gorgeous. I love the buffet vignette and the dough bowl full of ornaments is beautiful too, as is the table scape. Looking forward to more,I never tire of what you share.

  10. The greenery is beautiful! I am allergic and can’t have any in my home so I love seeing others use it! The wrapped packages with the burlap ribbon are quite lovely.

  11. I love what you’ve done! I always enjoy seeing how you uniquely decorate for different holidays.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. So very pretty!! It looks so Pottery Barn-ish which I just love!

  13. So elegant!! It looks so inviting, makes me wish I could just come over and stay awile.

  14. Beautiful! I love the little tufts of cedar everywhere.

  15. sonny says:

    It all looks beautiful. I know the smell of cedar adds to the holiday spirit..

  16. kathy says:

    Looks fabulous and classy!

  17. I love your vignette with the pine cones! It looks beautiful.

  18. Wow it’s beautiful….everything you touch turns to beauty! have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Just beautiful! And it’s never too late. I’m constantly doing something up until Christmas Eve. I love it! Merry Christmas and enjoy the process ;0)

  20. maggie says:

    Your photos and decor are lovely. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  21. Looks beautiful Marian! I love the little wrapping paper and the cute little bird :)

  22. MaryC says:

    Lovely! is that green print on the boxes wallpaper? It looks great with the neutrals.

  23. Beautiful, with the mix of real greens, the pinecones and just enough sparkle. Very elegant, well done! Happy Holidays to you and yours! :)

  24. You knocked the socks right off my feet! Again. Everything is gorgeous!

  25. Janet Lawson says:

    So glad ya got your tree up..Everything looks beautiful..

  26. junkstufftreasures says:

    As usual, your pictures are lovely! Today, I put the decorations on the “big” tree- it’s been sitting undecorated for a week. Most of the other decorating is complete, it’s almost time to enjoy the season!

  27. Looks GORGEOUS. And who gets sick of Christmas?? :-)

  28. Oh that is really really pretty! I love the color scheme and especially love the feathers tucked in! Beautiful!

  29. I am so glad I’m not the only one who is still pulling everything together! I love what you have done, as usual. I made your glittered letters this year and had a lot of fun doing it.

  30. So pretty Marian…I especially like the buffet top with the chalkboard and all the natural greens. Lovely!

  31. Jenn A says:

    Gorgeous! I love the mix of natural elements and silvery stuff! I’m inspired to start collecting some silver stuff myself.

  32. SO PRETTY! Thanks for sharing, I love your vignettes. Merry Christmas!

  33. Beautiful!
    I think the packages stacked on the tables make pretty decorations. Who says all the presents have to be under the tree?
    Your wreaths are the prettiest ever! and I love the chalk board with the ‘hanging of the green’…

    I can’t help but wonder …Do you think your children pay attention to the seasons flying by so quickly? LOL… the season change so fast at your house!


  34. I can never be sick of Looking at too much Christmas!! I love how you’ve decorated everything – you are the diva of decorating!! May your Christmas be sparkly and magical.


  35. I don’t know if you have heard this lately or not, but, lady, you are just FANTASTIC!! You have this decorating thing just incredibly!!! I don’t know where you get your inspiration from, but, WOW, I really need some!! I feel like I like what I did to my house this year, and then I see your talents and feel SHABBY…and I don’t mean shabby in the way it’s used today with Chic. But I LOVE coming and seeing your stuff because I do feel like I’m learning some. :) I think you are just incredibly gifted!!!

  36. You may have started late but your Christmas decor is nothing short of a dream. I really appreciate your use of naturals and neutrals. Your photos are an inspiration.

  37. Tardevil says:

    Since you’re on ‘magazine time’, I hope you will keep it up until February! Love that green/white paper! The table is pretty, too.

  38. Kathryn Cain says:

    You have inspired me with many item you show in your blog world.Yes I made the no sew ruffled tree skirt in taffetta silk,several music wreaths,a few book wreaths using some christmas story books,several garlands using music books,a large star wreath, and recently a old mannequine decopaged with music sheets and decked out to represent dancer. Yes all this is for sale where I have a shop located in a small Texas Town…But I have sold several of my items. So thank you for the inspiration and maybe I will gain the confidence to do a Blog myself. Merry Christmas to you and family

  39. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous vignettes!! I love your style.

  40. Oh Marian… no one has seen “Christmas” until they’ve seen Miss Mustard Seeds house 😉 BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE those big pine cones, your fresh garland, and your beautiful dough bowl with your ornaments in it! LOVELY….. I really really need to buy a dough bowl 😉

  41. What beautiful vignettes! So elegant!
    PS I never get tired of seeing Christmas decor…never!!

  42. Years ago when my girls were ballerinas in the Nutcracker we were so consumed that decorating didn’t get done until somewhere around Dec. 20th. I have always preferred decorating later. It puts way more meaning into the season. Usually that whole week was spent shopping, cooking, and finishing the decorating. It was all about Christmas as we prepared for Christmas. What a novel idea!

  43. I look back at pics of the first decorating commissions I did and cringe! As you say, you have to start somewhere. Several of those first clients have retained my services for a decade, so not such a bad start as I think. Those little ornaments are precious as the seeds that grew into your fabulous style, that was one of the blogs I read and got me hooked on them!

  44. How pretty, Marian, I never get tired of looking at your creations.

  45. Don’t feel bad about just now getting started. I only started this past week and just today put out my little Christmas village for my daughter. I still haven’t done the entry banister either.

    I love the paper you used for the pkgs & the green looks so pretty with your whole arrangement against the rustic wood in the background. Just lovely!

  46. GORGEOUS!! Love the beautiful vignette on your sideboard! Merry Christmas! Martina

  47. Love it, all of it! The presents, the chalkboard quotes, the pine cones – all of it is gorgeous!! Merry Christmas :) -Dani

  48. I have looked all over to find that very ribbon you’ve used on your packages, but I haven’t had any success. It ticked me to death though to see that I chose the same green Christmas wrap as you and even though that burlap ribbon has eluded me, the presents in my mind’s eye are very similar to yours. I love that because your style is fabulous! Would love to know where you found it. Oh, what a joy it must be to live in the midst of such loveliness. You are so blessed. Merry Christmas!!

  49. Carol H says:

    I love the wood bowl in the bottom picture, is it an antique or can it still be had?


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