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happiness is a row of hooks


At the end of the musical “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, there is a song called “Happiness.” It’s about finding happiness in simple things. Charlie Brown is elated to discover a pencil that “the red-headed girl” had chewed on. The fact she gnawed on her pencil made her “human” in his mind and that thought made him happy.  For me today, happiness was found in a row of hooks finally mounted on my office built-ins.


I rolled out of bed this morning and painted the trim, cabinets and bench in my pajamas.  I didn’t even take the time to put in my contact lenses (I was wearing my glasses.)  I fed my boys and went right for the brush and roller.  As soon as the paint was dry, the hardware and hooks went in.

I spent the rest of the day working on small tasks that would give me an excuse to wander in the office to oogle over the glorious built-ins.



I know this must sound totally ridiculous and I know in the grand scheme of things, the built-ins in my home office are thoroughly insignificant, but I envisioned these the second I walked into my house five years ago.  It’s been a long wait and I’m excited that they are almost done.


As the song says, “Happiness is anyone or anything at all that’s loved by you.”

I love these built-ins and the guy who built them for me, so it’s a happy day.

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  1. Oh-kay. I will now be hearing it in my head for the rest of the night. Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band. (I was ‘Sally’ my sophomore year in college. Now thinking about setting “You’re a Good Man” in a nursing home so that we old geezes can perform again!) But you’re right about “seeing” it in your mind and then finally REALLY seeing it!

  2. This post made me smile. My husband grew up listening to this musical. He and his brothers and sisters can quote it and sing the songs. Many family jokes are centered around it. Anyway after we were married I too learned some of it. I can totally hear it in my mind and I am glad that your hooks have made you happy.

  3. Sometimes the smallest things make us the happiest ! Love your new hooks! Happy New Year!

  4. Simple pleasures Marian…they are the best kind.

  5. I love your happiness! A row of hooks or indeed anything that makes us smile! Just little slices of happy! What a treasure!

    Happy New Year!


  6. Donna says:

    You find yourself happy a lot more often when you find happiness in the little things of life! Like hooks!

  7. Kristine Price says:

    ohmigosh I’m glad I’m not the only one who rolls out of bed and starts painting in my jammies! One has to save time where one can!! I totally can relate. Glad to see your hooks!

  8. youre hooks are fabulous :) so happy things are coming together in your office for you!!! Im looking forward to lots of that feeling this year in my own house.

  9. They look wonderful and even better that it makes you so happy. Hooks are just so practical and, I think, pretty.

  10. I love it when those little visions are finally realised! I love those hooks.

  11. I agree with you! If there’s one thing I am learning it is happiness lies in the little things!!

  12. simply thing, but how cool is that last shot? It takes a talented photographer with a good eye to make something so basic look so artsy:) Our house is 100 years old so we don’t have the big ole’ mud room… Living in Michigan, hooks have become my best friend. You can find the coolest hooks at Hobby Lobby for dirt cheap. I ran some neat ones up my staircase which serve the purpose for us year round. If we’re having people over, I grab all our coats and toss them in the basement – spic and span, lol!! That’s bout how I clean these days:)

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who openly admits to hooks making her happy! LOVE the built ins!

  14. True happiness is found in the “small things” and life is made up of small things. So, be happy about small things and you can be a happy camper! I love living life by this philosophy! I love when I see it in others too. You inspire me in many ways. Keep up the good work, Marion!

  15. Those look so beautiful! Congrats on a long-awaited project!!

  16. If you can be happy with small things, you are happier more often than someone who has to have something big to be happy about!

    very pretty

  17. I want hooks like that in my front entry! I don’t have room for the bench, but I love the look of hooks and beadboard together!

  18. Coreen @ 58 Vintage Faire says:

    As a Trauma Nurse I see so many people on one of the worst days of their lives…It’s important to marvel and the small things that make life grand!…Thank you for sharing this “happiness”…Coreen @ 58 Vintage Faire

  19. Not ridiculous at all. You had a vision for that space and now it is both functional and fabulous.

    When we find happiness in the little things, we gain enormous personal contentment in all areas of our lives. (our grandbabes dimples do this for me).

  20. I must say that looks wonderful!….very inspiring, I am going to have my guy (paid carpenter dude!) make this happen for me! thanks for inspiring!

  21. It is a happy day and I love your built ins!! Beautiful!

  22. Yay! They are beautiful and full of ‘happiness’! Wishing you much happiness in 2012!

  23. Jessica Brim says:

    seating at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading your post – my eyes drift to a vacant wall – AHA! the solution to a clutter problem is solved, yet again by MMS. thanks for the joy you bring in simple things.

  24. One of “the little things” for me this year was being able to read your blog every morning with my coffee. Thank you for sharing projects that have inspired me to try my own projects. Thank you for sharing your experiences with business ownership. Thank you for sharing so much of your TIME.

  25. LOVE the dark hooks against the white, and the sign is completely perfect! Wonderful!

  26. Love these built ins! Will you be providing us a tutorial on how to build the bench with the hinged lid? I’d love to know!!

  27. The built ins and hooks are wonderful. Now, about the tote hanging on the hook…is it the real deal or did someone make it to look as if it were an antique grain sack? I absolutely LOVE it! I’m sure I could figure out how to make one.

  28. It is a wonderful thing when happiness can be found right inside your own home.

  29. I often paint in my pajamas – on Saturday mornings! :) Your hooks and your built ins look great! I’m looking forward to the big reveal of the whole thing!

  30. I so get what you’re saying!
    I’ve been known to peek in a room for the hundredth time and when caught by hubby I have to sheepishly admit I’m just *peeking* at the new shelf {or whatever}. He’ll chuckle and tell me it’s still there.
    Enjoy your hooks and built-ins!
    Actullay, you’re the one who inspired me to paint and distress a new shelf for our spare bedroom. :)
    I’m gonna have to take another peek at it when I get home tonight. 😉

  31. Tiffany says:

    I love it! Especially the bag…where did you find it! I have got to have one!

  32. Sometimes the finer things are the smallest and simplest of things. It seems like we have a ton of “little things” that need to be done around here. I can just imagine the thrill of seeing this finished. It’s like a late Christmas present to yourself!

  33. They look beautiful! I know what you mean, though. I’m crazy for hooks! I have them all over my house (some even have numbers on top … just numbers that have no relevance … just there because they make me smile!).

  34. Heather Lucas says:

    We have been working on our house for 7 years, I totally get it :)

  35. Nancy says:

    It’s people like you that brighten my day – thanks for the lovely post. I agree, happiness is often in the world we create for ourselves. Abe Lincoln said most folks are as happy as they choose to be. I love that you create things that make you smile! Happy New Year – keep on doing what you do, we all love every bit of it!

  36. I love your heart of contentment, God must smile when He sees it. :)

  37. Well I’m just glad you finally have some hooks. I’m getting weary of piling my coats and sweaters on the old high chair in the corner or on the floor with the Hess truck fleet. Nice work Jeff. Love, Dad

  38. breida says:

    Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhh!

  39. Love it!! Simple clean and organized!! Where did you get the hooks?? Love them…

  40. Aw. Sweet post, Marian. Loved the last line and the fact that you appreciate the simple things. Your built-ins & those hooks are awesome. I’ve had a few things on the 5-year plan too. :) Right now, happiness to me would be replacing two pieces of missing baseboard on either side of my fireplace. Sadly, that isn’t nearly as complicated as a dang built-in! :) Happiest 2012 to you & your family, sweet friend. Thank you for all of your support & encouragement in 2011.


    P.S. Happy New Year, Mom Mustard Seed! (Just in case you’re reading!)

  41. OOO, I do love your built-ins and the fabulous hooks and I’m glad that you love them, too.
    Mostly, tho…..I am glad that you love the fella that built them for you. :)))

  42. Love these! nice work :-)

  43. I love the built-ins! I played Lucy in Grace College’s musical ‘You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” many many many years ago! I loved playing her! I got to boss everyone around (on stage) and well, could act like a diva! Your post, aside from the built-ins (which are beautiful), brought back a beautiful memory. Thank you!


  44. Hi! Love your blog! Just one question…where is your tote from? I love it!

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