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everyone starts somewhere


I’ve been asked on a few occasions to share pictures of the ornaments I painted when I first started my business three years ago. I always felt a little embarrassed to show them, so I haven’t.   They’re not really my style, but I decided to keep the ones I didn’t sell.  I knew they were a part of the history of my business and great reminders that often times success comes out of failures and things don’t always go as planned.  I also painted each one of these by hand at a time when I really needed a creative outlet.  I stayed up late into the night and painted these over my kitchen counter while the rest of my family slept.  I would sneak some time with them while my then 1 1/2 year old was playing and my four month old was at my ankles.  These are certainly not the best things I ever made, but they are maybe the most special.  There will always be memories tied to them.  Memories of how my family encouraged me to start my business and how my mom drove me from shop to shop to find someone who would sell them on consignment.  They also remind me how far I’ve come and how much God has blessed this little endeavor of mine that was started at a tough time in my life and has grown beyond any expectation I had for it.




They’re also perfect for my family at this season of life.  My boys are now 3 and 4 and they love these ornaments.  They are colorful and durable and I don’t mind if they pull an airplane off the tree to fly it around the family room.


So now, I’m not embarrassed to show them off.  It’s important to share where I started.

…because everyone has to start somewhere.

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  1. Hey Marian – the ornaments are lovely. I made a few ornaments many years ago and I wish I still had them (but I gave them to my kids and as gifts). I took my kids’ old sweaters and made tree and gingerbread ornaments out of them. The starting point never really matters – it’s “the start” that’s important. When I first started doing decorative painting in 2001, I just did my own house and I practiced on sample boards in my basement. It took awhile to get me out of my own house and into a paying customer’s house…but I took the plunge (even though it was a bit safer after having practiced at home!).

    I find now that I just “do” things and I feel confident that I will figure things out. I am doing home staging and some design work as well. I think that my success in the decorative painting world gave me a lot of confidence. But, again, I had to start somewhere…but at least I started.

    Just wanted to let you know that I finally am getting a SLR camera for Christmas. I can’t wait. And I am migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

    Thank for all your wonderful inspiration. You are a treasure! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  2. Well, I just think they are plum adorable! You really underestimate yourself, Marian!

    I just gave our youngest son the ornaments I painted many years ago my first Christmas as a new wife. They were wooden, and in a kit you punched out and painted with little pots of acrylic paint with a child’s plastic paint brush. It’s a wonder they turned out at all with that flimsy little brush, but they remain a memory of that first Christmas, and all the Christmases since.

    And while I’m here, I just want to say thank you for all the time you dedicate to blogging, teaching and inspiring us all. I so enjoy visiting with you each day.

    May the joy and peace of our Saviour’s birth hold you and your family close this Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Miss M.
    I love your ornaments, but the sentiment is even better. I have an orn. that my mom painted. She doesn’t have the muscle control to paint anymore. So it is really special. I wish that I had the “Home Sweet Home” sign that used to hang over her bedroom door.
    Happiest of Holidays to you!

  4. I love that you put these ornaments up there! They’re cute!

  5. You seem to have such great timing for me. Thank you for sharing how you have grown in your business. On those days when things do not come together perfectly it is so refreshing to see even MMS started somewhere as well. Cheers to you and your success and many blessings to you and yours in the year to come!

  6. This is so sweet! I am so happy you kept some of them, they are definitely a part of your history. So fun your boys can enjoy them too.

  7. Thank you so much for this. I have to admit- over the last year I have gone to several of the huge blogs (including you) and looked over the first year posts. It was encouraging to see the birth of amazing bloggers and that we all start somewhere and the growth that ensues. Inspired!

  8. Theresa says:

    They are wonderful! Love the train one the best…my son loves trains and would have love to have bought one of your ornaments for him…choo..choo 😉 BTW – Your home was worth the wait. Your Christmas decor is lovely!

  9. Love this post! I am in your shoes…but three years ago, I am currently working on getting my own shop open, up late making “crafts”, 2yr old going crazy and a very clingy 4mos on my hip. I love crafts, design, anything I can repurpose! I love you blog and this post has given me hope that I can do this and handle the challenges that go along with the venture! Have a blessed New Year!

  10. This is just what I was looking for this late night with too many ideas spinning in my head that I just can’t sleep. I have been wanting to do something on my own with a complete and utter fear of failure and at the same time an equal fear of success. I’ve been stuck with some amazing ideas and no idea how to get started. I need some focus, so seeing this, maybe I’ll pick one of those amazing ideas and go for it. With a “start”, maybe the others will follow:).

  11. God Bless you! thank you for your encouraging words. i am in that stage in life with precious little ones who need my time and attention in most every area of life….then night comes and though exhausted there is this little dream and passion to create so i stay up:) humble beginings and yes, we must start somewhere. good to hear your story!

  12. Encouraging words. I haven’t started a business yet, but I’m dreaming … And for the first time in life I take my dream seriously. It’s encouraging to read that even you started somewhere (though I like the ornaments).


  13. I have to say, I’ve not been able to sleep, with what seems like a million thoughts running around in my mind. I popped online at precisely 4:52 AM in hopes that I might tire, and fall back asleep. I’ll regret it in the morning I’m sure, but I just had too keep reading. Your words and your posts have hit home for me in such a huge way. At the end of the day, everyone starts somewhere. My beginning will no doubt be different than the next persons. My motivations however, are very much the same as yours. I’m raising 5 children, and while I love being a mommy, I so desperately needed something that was my own that gave me definition apart from being a mom. I really wanted something that provided me with a creative outlet and gave me an avenue to create a home….a haven really, that would be reflective of where we are in our lives at this very moment. The notion of a few extra bucks in our pockets was also pretty enticing :-). I’m sure you’ve heard it many times over, but please know it’s from my heart when I say, you’ve been such an inspiration to me. You’ve helped me realize that what is meant to be, will be and it will happen precisely when it’s supposed to. You’ve inspired me to take a leap of faith. The above website is underway and all because of a little mustard seed inspiration :-) Thank you a million times over. xo

  14. Thank you. I really needed this! I’ve been trying to find my “start” at “something” for a very long time now. I’m creative. Passionate. Motivated. But I lack confidence in my work and taste.

    These ornaments are very, very special! I hope you keep them forever.

  15. I am newer to your blog (but not new to your book and milk paint ). Somehow this post found me tonight and started a few years back at mydinning room table,late at night while everyone was sleeping. My much needed income and outlet. I never imagined where it would take lil ole me. But me 2 not my style at first but I grew into me. Now I am taking a leap of faith and going for that next chapter . Xoxo


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