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…all because of Black Friday


I shared a few days ago that we ripped out our fireplace, all because of a great Black Friday deal on a flat screen HDTV.  So, we were left with a few holes in the wall, some raw drywall and a patch of plywood on the floor.  The pressure was on to find something to put under the TV before the TV arrived, because you know that thing was going on the wall within 8 minutes of it crossing over our threshold.  When I was at Lucketts on Thursday, I had the thumb’s up from my husband to look for a piece that would work.  I kept passing a French provincial buffet, but it looked like it was going to be too big.  After looking around some more and not finding anything else, I went back to the buffet.  I loved the color, the shape, the wood top and the storage configuration was perfect to use as a TV console.

I decided it was worth getting out the tape measure to see if it would work.  I called my husband and we determined it would be perfect.  The dealer gave me an amazing deal on it and even agreed to rearrange her space, so I could take it with me that day.  When we got it home and set it in the space, we knew it was perfect.  Even better than I thought it would be.



We removed two of the top drawers to use the recesses as cubbies for the components.  I’m going to paint the insides of them once I know what color the vendor used on the piece.



It felt a little foreign for me to purchase a piece that was already painted, but it is so perfect as it is.


I’ve always wanted a piece with metal fretwork on it as well.  That was a little bonus in my mind.

I am starting to love my family room and kitchen as those spaces continue to develop…

…and I don’t miss that fireplace one little bit.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Who would’ave thought how gorgeous a buffet table would look there…???? Well, I guess you did, Marian! lol! Fabulous!!!!! I just adore it – and I’m a true fireplace kinda gal. But the buffet really truly looks better! I’m just loving your style and the way you pull colors and textures together, my friend! ♥ Oh….and I’ll definitely keep that husband tip in mind for future reference……. hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  2. That is a great find, and I was just thinking what a cool deal for you that you didn’t have to do all the work. I still can’t imagine that this is a room you all kick your feet up and relax in!

  3. Ohhhhh myyyy god, NOTHING could be more perfect than that … Only YOU could make a big ole flat screen tv look good. You don’t even see the tv, the eye is just completely drawn to the piece under it, that is completely amazing … Wow, i just learned something from you again…


  4. Marian, It is a beautiful piece and perfect for the space. Love it!

  5. Black Friday makes us do crazy things dont it?? HAHA looks absolutly amazing though!!

  6. The cabinet is perfect in every way. Size, shape and color!! PERFECT!!

  7. Roxanna says:

    It’s perfect…..I knew you would find the right piece for this space.

  8. MARY EGUIA says:

    PERFECTION!!!! As I knew it would be. Your a natural at decor. Have a blessed day.

  9. Ann Mc says:

    A remote will work through frosted glass or plexiglass….just a thought since I’m always trying to hide things. A grid to match the metal may look good in the frosted glass. But you, MIss M are the guru, I’m just a loyal follower. Love the furniture piece.

  10. Carebear3117 says:

    Your tv buffet is gorgeous! I wish I could find peices like that. I used an antique bow front buffet as my tv stand. Since I used the smaller top middile drawer that bowed out for our tv components I could not add hinges to the drawer front as I don’t think you can add hinges to a round area and expect it to work. In your case though it would work. As for hiding your components and still being able to use them through the doors I came across this handy system while looking for something to work with our cabinet. It lets you use the remote through closed doors and even from another room! This might be your solution!

  11. Marnie says:


  12. I’m so inspired. Just told my hubby recently that I sell all my unique pieces of furniture but I never keep any for myself. I have an area similar to your’s now where we are putting a large flat screen and I have nothing to ‘house’ my components. I’m ready for a piece of painted furniture with a unique touch. Love how your home keeps evolving. :)

  13. Maybee's Mom says:

    I have dressers under all 3 of my flat screens that hang on walls…..I took drawer fronts off used hinges on the inside and put fronts back on…..someday you may want to sell it…… not you…….it would be already done ….just a thought…..then you don’t have to worry about painting drawer hole…..

  14. Britt says:

    I love it!! I recently used a dresser for our entertainment center too. I decided against putting the drawer fronts with hinges on for the same reasons you did. First of all at our house they would always be open and second my lovely children would probably try to use them as steps to climb or sit on top of the dresser… not a good thing! Your piece is beautiful! And to move the fireplace?!! Holy Wow Batman!!

  15. That piece could not be more perfect for your home.Room by room your house is becoming more and more beautiful.I LOVE It all.And as far as your t.v. you are lucky you were able to replace your t.v. when you wanted to.Last February on Groundhog day our t.v. went out.That night before we had a major,MAJOR snow storm.I wish I had the time to pick out a new console for our t.v..Because it was thrown at us we had to go out and get a new tv and console pronto.I would rather have the set up you don instead of our cabinet.It is really LARGE.I am stuck with it for now as we had to get a new piece to fit the t.v. on.Oh well maybe someday we can hang our t.v. and get something a bit smaller.For now I can admire yours :-)

  16. Wow! You certainly did find the perfect piece Marian. It’s like it was made for your home!
    And I laughed when you said it was foreign for you to buy a piece that’s already painted. Isn’t that so true?

  17. Teresa says:

    Paint the inside of the drawers a green that ties in with the accessories in your room.

  18. Josie says:

    Looks great. Learn from our mistake and open the back up so the components can breath. I wouldn’t put the fronts on because they may block you from using your remote controls and any readouts for channels.

    And I’ve seen a few with the insides of the cubbies painted black so they appear invisible. I guess it depends on where you sit to know what you will see and what to paint.


  19. Angela says:

    Why don’t you put the drawer fronts back on to hide the components? That would make the piece more attractive and hide the uglies! I have all my components in the closet across from my TV – just ran wiring under the house!

  20. That is one gorgeous piece! ! t looks like you did it yourself and made it for that spot!

  21. Heather says:

    You might just get a chance to paint that exact buffet! I have it in my breakfast nook, untouched but minus the grate, waiting to be painted and I was going to ask you if you were still doing customer specific work :) Happy Holidays

  22. It’s perfect! We have a similar setup, although my husband will not let me mount our TV – it’s driving me nuts! I love the storage our console provides.

  23. I love that piece- would love to find something similar for our tv, but it would have to be a little smaller. Enjoy the fact that you get a teeny break from painting with this piece! :)

  24. Nicole says:

    Oh I think the inside of the drawers look amazing unpainted!

  25. Love it! Perfect for your space!

  26. Looks absolutely beautiful, i am so glad you didn’t pass it up and I love your chairs!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend~ Tara

  27. Annie says:

    Hi MMS. Just love that console, in fact, loved it so much I went on a search and guess what… I found the exact one. I’m just balking at the price. Do you think $250 is too much? It’s in such great condition I could use it immediately until I decide which colour I want to paint it. But $250… what do you think?

    • AnnieVee says:

      Well…. I didn’t get it…hubbie veto’d it… and now I’m kicking myself because we changed our living room around and it would have been perfect! ARggghhhh. Oh well…. there’ll be another. 😉

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