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a trophy, progress & pomegranate salad


I hope you’re all having a great weekend.  I don’t have anything specific to share today, so I’m just going to share a few random bits.

I’ve loved old trophies for years and have been fortunate enough to find some in my grandparent’s attic and a few small ones at yard sales, antiques shops and flea markets.  The big ones, though, have always eluded me.  Well, affordable ones, anyway.  My friends at Wuslu hooked me up with some wonderful reproductions.  I wanted two large trophies to plant my mini cypress bushes in and these were perfect.


I’m not normally into faux-tiques, but these are pretty darn convincing and certainly more affordable.




 We were going to finally get our Christmas tree today, but decided we weren’t really in the mood, so I spent much of the day cleaning and hanging with the boys and my husband worked on the office built-ins.  It is so exciting to see these things take shape and to know they’ll be finished in a couple of weeks.  I’ve been waiting for these for five years.


I should be able to prime and paint the cabinets next week.

And the last random thing I’ll share today is this salad that sounds totally gross, but it’s yummy-as-all-get-out.  It’s made of cooked barley (about four servings, cooled), the seeds from two pomegranates, 1/2 lb of walnuts and 1/2 bag of mini chocolate chips.  Mix it together and pop it in the fridge.  You can eat it plain, which is my preference, or with maple syrup on it.  Some friends gave us a container full last Christmas and I thought I would end up pitching it.  I decided to be polite and take a bite and I ended up eating the entire thing.  By myself.  So, I decided to make it this year and it’s just as strange and tasty as I remember it.  If you’re the adventurous sort, just give it a try!

And just a tip – the best way to get pomegranate seeds out is to slice the pomegranate in half and then whack the back side of it with a spoon.  The seeds will just fly out.

There you go…a daily dose of randomness.  Aren’t you glad you stopped by today?

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  1. beverlee says:

    I am so happy you are getting builtins…they are such an important part of any office. and I love the trophys as planters.
    You can buy packages of the pomegranate seeds already done for you….lazy! but no black fingers. I love them….
    and Merry Christmas to you and yours, and all the good things that means! beverlee

  2. First, I’m always glad I stopped by…and second…”faux”-tiques?? I’ve never heard that term, but I love it!

  3. Wow, I never thought of using trophies in my decor scheme, what an interesting idea! And that salad sounds crazy, but at the same time it sounds like something we’d eat over here. I just might have to make it sometime!

  4. Randomness is good…that’s how life usually presents itself!

  5. Oh Marian…no surprise here, but I LOVE old trophies too! The big ones eluded me for years too and I could never find one under $60-$70 in an antique shop. I finally scored two big ones last year (they are actually in that picture I sent you on my TV shelves) for $20. I don’t think I’ll ever part with them. One of them actually is engraved with “Best Greyhound”! How cool and unusual is that? I just love the tree in yours! For a “faux-tique”, that looks pretty authentic.

    Your built-ins look great! That is awesome that your husband is so handy. Have a great rest of the weekend,


  6. Love the way those plants look in the faux-tique trophies. I’ll have to keep an eye out for some of those. They must be hard to find because I don’t recall ever seeing any. Thanks for the pomegranate tip 😀

  7. Elizabeth Flamm says:

    A way to keep the pomegranate juice under control… when you break it open, do it underwater in the sink. My dad taught me that :)

  8. Are they going to sell the trophies on WUSLU? Those are some good faux-tiques! :)

  9. Janet Lawson says:

    Your built-ins are going to be great,and all of that storage will be awesome too..The trophy look so cool with the cyprus bush in it..But as for the salad..It does sound gross(LOL) but I will give it a go..Have a great weekend..Hope ya get your tree because I and I am sure everyone else wants to see it all decorated..No pressure though..HaHa..

  10. Anne Boykin says:

    I’m loving WUSLU – I don’t buy as often as I’d like but I sure like the stuff I have bought. I’ll keep an eye out for the trophies. The built-ins look great. Also, I’m so excited – my friend & I recently bought our tickets to the Haven conference in Atlanta next June!! Life is good.

  11. I don’t know how it is where you live, but girl- you better go get that tree! I’ve been busy and hesitated, and now the only trees I can find (okay- so I’m picky and MUST have a Frasier Fir…) are at the places where you can walk out with a $140 tree at two weeks before Christmas when if you had shopped earlier you could have had the same tree from Menards or Lowes for $35. Hope your luck is better than what I’m having in finding yours though!

  12. I am SO glad I stopped by! I can’t wait to try that salad. And old trophies? I’m going to go raid my dad’s house, I think he has a few of those! Merry Christmas!

  13. I went to Wuslu to find those trophies and couldn’t find them. I must have one or two. Are they going to sell those!!! Thanks.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      I don’t know if they’re going to ever had those as a deal of the day, but I’ll ask.

  14. Love the faux trophys!! Fabulous! And that recipe sure does sound strange…but I will give it a try and see what it tastes like. Ha!

  15. I love your blog, your helpful tips, your photography, your kindness (you sent me a personal email when I asked you a painting question!) – I love everything. One question I’ve always had tho. I haven’t eaten a pomegranate since I was a kid (decades ago) and wondered what you do with the seeds. I love the juicy part but can’t remember if I ate them or spit them. What do you do with them?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      You actully eat the seeds (which contain the juice) and throw the rest away! They give a wonderful tart pop in this salad.

      • I know those seeds contain the juice but isn’t there a brown seed inside that juicy thing? That’s what I don’t know what to do with. I can’t imagine swallowing them and spitting them out doesn’t seem too good either. I love the juicy part tho!

  16. I’m in love with the trophies and don’t mind a bit that they are faux. Two of them would look fabulous on my island for the holiday. Can’t wait to see the finished office space. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I officially have trophy envy. They look so authentic. I’d love to find something like that.

  18. Sheryl says:

    Always glad that I stopped by….great ideas ! Thank you !

  19. The trophy is perfect for the little shrub! How darling! And as far as the salad goes, I’d eat it and probably plain as well. I like Pomegranate and had some in a little tart a little while back. YUMMM!

  20. Betsy says:

    Thanks for the pomegranate tip . . . I just prepared one for my DD last week and it looked like I’d been butchering chickens in the kitchen by the time I got all the seeds scooped out. I was sure there had to be a better way but then forgot to go online and look it up. Ta da! You saved the day (and much time wiping pomegranate juice of the walls, cupboards, floors, ceiling and me)!

  21. When you said “trophies”, I was like, “huh?!” But those are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

    Leanne @ because (I think) I Can

  22. Yum, that salad sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I always looking for new and yummy things to snack on throughout the day. Sounds healthy too, even with the chocolate :)

  23. Lynn in downers grove says:

    Ha! Is it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that you title a post “a trophy…” and then treat us to a peek at the elusive MrMS?!
    I most definitely agree that a man who knows his way around a tool box is the kind of Trophy Husband any woman would love to have! This comes from a girl who was lucky enough to have her TH labor for hours hanging a homemade giganto drum shade 15′ feet off the ground today.
    Be well

  24. MARY EGUIA says:

    Your office looks grea of coarse. Uhm,the floors are fantastic!!!!!!!!Love the grain and color.We went to the outlets in Orlando, the Ralph Lauren store has big vintage trophies.They wouldn’t part with them though.Sigh.

  25. ALWAYS glad to stop by here Marian! :)
    You are indeed a blessing to me!

  26. yummy! this salad is delish with dried cranberries too!!!

  27. Billie says:

    Ooh, I’ve also want a big, old trophy and have had no luck finding one! If Wuslu isn’t offering this as an upcoming deal, could you pretty please ask them if they could??? :)

  28. I have really enjoyed your blog. Hey why did you have to let the trophy thing out? I already had a hard time finding them! I love your terminology too, faux-tiques, and wacking fruit …… Have fun and merry Christmas! Lori xoxo


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