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welcome to wordpress


Believe it or not, my very first blog was started in WordPress.  Had I just stayed there, I would’ve saved myself a lot of trouble, but I think it was a good thing for me at the time.  I was on WordPress and felt pretty alone.  I didn’t understand how to plug into the blog community and get my blog “out there.”  I was writing to myself and my mom and we both already knew what I was doing.


As I started to get sucked into the world of DIY blogs, I saw that almost everyone was on Blogger, so I clicked the “start a blog” button and ran with it.  Blogger was easy to use, easy to connect and easy for me to work on myself.  Then my blog grew…and grew…and grew and about two years later, I realized I had created a bit of a mess for myself.  I had a website (and my original blog) on  That’s where I wanted to move my blog.  So, we had to kick my website off and work through the tangled web of links and sort out the domains and get my humungo blog moved over.  I don’t suggest waiting until you have over 800 posts and 47,000 comments to make the switch.  There was also two years worth of tweaks, adjustments, widgets and personalization that had to be added to the new blog and we’re still working it out.  (Can I insert that my designer, Marina, is an angel?  I’ve been such a pain and she has been so patient with me.)


OK, so now that I’m here, what do I think?  Well, I already had experience using WP, since it’s what I used for my website and original blog.  I did need some guidance (and I still do) and I’m sure I am doing things in the most inefficient way possible, but I’m figuring it out slowly.  I was also able to use the site before we went “live”, so I was able to get comfortable with it.  I was stressed and nervous about it at first, but as I started using it, I got excited about making the switch.  I was really enjoying the features and the dashboard and the updated look.  Now that I’m here…I love it and I’m glad I made the switch.


Here are a few new things to look for…

  • The comments section is one of my favorite parts.  Comments can be in threads, so I can answer a question directly and everyone else can see the answer without having to scroll through every comment.  It feels so friendly to me, because we can have a discussion.  So, if you ask a question, stop back by to see the answer.  I’m trying to figure out how to e-mail the response AND have it post, but we’re still working on how to do that.  For now, just check back.  (**UPDATE – Creative Kristi shared an awesome plugin with me that will send you an e-mail if I reply to one of your comments on the blog.  Nice!



  • Many of you have noticed my new profile picture.  I had a few people tell me I looked mad in my old picture, so I snapped a new one.  Yes.  I just set up a tripod and had a little photo shoot with myself.  Awkward.  Anyway, now I’m smiling, so people can see that I’m friendly.


(Hello.  I’m nice.)


  • I’m often asked where to find a list of my articles and now there is an entire page dedicated to them (with thumbnails!)
  • I have a new portfolio page, so you can check out a good representation of my style and some of my favorite pieces.
  • We’re still working on some things to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, so hang in there as we get that done.  Until then, there is a search box on the side bar.  Just enter a key word like, “sheet music wreath” and you will get a list of posts where that phrase is used.
  • I’ve also had a request for a translation option, so we’re going to work on that as well.


Advice I would give if you’re thinking about making the switch:

  • Work with someone you’re comfortable with.  You are trusting that person with a lot of information, pictures, etc, so make sure you choose wisely.
  • When possible, get your WordPress site up an running while your other site is still live.  That way you can work out the major issues before the transfer happens.
  • Move while you’re small.  It’s much easier to move a smaller blog than a larger one.  I should’ve made the switch long ago, but the fear of how it would affect my numbers and how it might mess things up kept me from it.  Those fears were baseless.  Everything transferred just fine and all of my readers, friends and subscribers have come with me.  The only statistic that was affected is my Alexa ranking, but that will climb back up to where it was and it’s not that big of a deal.
  • Enjoy the change.  There are a lot of great features available, so do some research and explore how you can use all of the plugins and widgets to make your site better.


I grew up as a military brat and we moved a lot, so I am comfortable with change.  This change to WordPress has been a perfect time to revamp and update some things I’ve been meaning to work on for a while and I think it will be better as my blog (hopefully) continues to grow.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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  1. nelda says:

    I usually follow your blog on my android phone, but now it only shows about 8 lines (in a small font) before making you click next to load a new page. Plus I didn’t see any pictures on the mobil version. Just keep tweaking things and I’m sure you will get there soon enough.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Ugh, yes. I know it’s a mess on mobile phones right now. I’ll get that side of things fixed once the site is finished. Just hang in there!

  2. retha says:

    Scrolled through and read some of the comments, did not see what I want to ask, apology if it is there.

    On the left hand side of the page from top to bottom I see many frogs frozen in ice cubes.There is also some writing “domain unregistered” When your writing goes over part of the cube I can see it, parts not.
    Am I doing something I should not to see this?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      LOL…I have no idea what frogs in icecubes are doing on my blog. I don’t see them… Is anyone else seeing this?

  3. Mindo says:

    Urm, I’m reading through Safari on a MacBook and I see a lot of overlapping text and “domain unregistered” under the frog pic.

    Is there something I can do to make your lovely blog easier to read? Thanks!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Have you tried looking at it in another browser?

      • Sarah says:

        I’m looking at it on Safari on my macbook and no frogs or overlapping text.

      • Mindo says:

        Yes, I’ve now tried Firefox and it looks the same. Perhaps Word Press doesn’t play well with Apple?

        • Mindo says:

          Oh well, maybe some Apple wiz will tell me what is up/how to make your blog readable!

        • Shelly says:

          OSX (“Apple”) platform has nothing to do with WordPress. (yes, I know, because I’ve been a WordPess developer since version 1.5.x) and I develop the sites on OSX every day. It’s probably a browser issue. (I’m viewing on an iPad right now and it’s fine though.)

  4. Robin says:

    Congrats on the move, Marion! My husband is considering where to put his website and these comments are all very helpful. As usual, you are teaching and entertaining us at the same time! And I would follow you anywhere. Best of luck.

  5. Congrats on a smooth move!!! Guess I will have to look into doing WP!! Thanks for the advice and the encouragement!

  6. Your new place looks wonderful! So here is a silly question. When you read a blogger post at the bottom of the post there is a place where you can click to see older or newer post. Where is that located on your new blog? I’m sure it’s there I just don’t know where to look.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      You’re not missing’s not there, yet, but I’m working on getting that added in. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  7. Do all wordpress blogs have to be designed so that if you want to read the rest of the daily post you have to actually click on it? As opposed to your other blog where the entire post was visible on the front page. I’ve noticed this on several other DIY or decor blogs and to be honest, it’s not my favorite feature. I like to just come to the blog and not have to do a lot of clicking around unless of course, I’m searching for something. It just seems a bit much for wanting to read a post.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      No. I am trying to figure out how to make the latest post show in full, so you can just read it right when you land.

      • that will be awesome! :)

      • Your designer probably has the theme set up to show the_excerpt(). Have her do a simple query to show the_content() for the first post, and the_excerpt() for the rest. Has to be done in the theme files though, so she should do it :)

  8. So excited for you! And I always knew you were happy, you can see it in your work!

  9. MMS, love the new look!!! Just remember, it’s YOUR blog and you can do with it whatever you want! You are an inspiration and will always have readers no matter what format you use. :)

  10. Teresa says:

    As a frequent reader, I .love the changeover. I loved your blog before, but it took forever to load on my Mac. It seems to be more of a problem with all blogspot sites. However, now you come up like a charm. just like every other wordpress blog. Yeah. Now I don’t have to log on and go about my chores while I wait for everything to load. It has really kept me from enjoying the linky parties…but NO MORE! Yeah!!! Teresa

  11. i think it’s all just wonderful! love it! 😉

  12. Holy smokes….I’ve been offline for almost 5 days b/c of the snow storm & so much has happened in blogland!! Your new site looks fantastic & love all the new features :) Nice new pic 2!

  13. Your blog looks fantastic to me. I’m just a small blog and I have had a self-hosted WordPress site since I began last January. That’s because I have 2 step-sons that make their living on computers, designing and programming, etc. They said that’s the only way to go. I’ve been using a free theme until I figure out what I want. I don’t bother my step-sons with all my questions. I just try to research and figure it out myself until I hit something that I can’t manage. Good luck as you continue to tweak and make adjustments to your site. And I love your new picture!

  14. I really didn’t mean that I’m a blog. I meant that I have a small blog! LOL! I should proofread!

  15. anonymous says:

    Hey! Much More GOODER!

  16. WOW! I too started out on WordPress but felt like no one would ever find my blog! So I did the same and switched to blogger! I have wondered when or if I would grow out of blogger… but the more I am html familiar I think I could manage WordPress again! Maybe I will switch sooner than I thought! Thanks for the advice! The new design and format looks great!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  17. I too have just started a blog under wordpress. I signed up under Blogger but decided that I wanted my blog to look awesome so I hired a local media company to help design my blog and get all the technical stuff going on WP-totally worth the money! I have gotten one thing that is helping me learn along the way….WORDPRESS FOR DUMMIES (the newest edition is 2010 so it’s up to date)! So far it’s answered a lot of questions and saved time for me! Yes, there are lots of buttons, options….but, I think most people will be very happy with WP if they give it a try. It’s just like with everything else that’s worth it for you-you have to get on there and just play around-kind of like photography and all the editing software. I’m such a fan of Miss Mustard Seed-I’d follow you no matter where you go though!
    Heidi (browneyedgirlygirl)

  18. I’m so glad you switched! I’ve always found it nearly impossible to post a comment on blogger blogs- always getting error messages, usually just give up. I have just started a blog on the wp platform, haven’t a clue what I’m doing. If you have any recommendations on what widgets and plug-ins to use (not even sure what they are…), I would be SO grateful. How do you add the “subscribe by email” and gfc boxes?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      The subscribe by e-mail box is one you can get through Feedburner (as well as your counter.) Just sign into your feedburner account (unsing your Google login) and I think it’s under the optimize section. There is a code you can grad and add it as a widget to your sidebar.

  19. I’m new to your blog, and I was enjoying it as it was. I do like your new blog layout, however I wish it would show *at least* the most recent blog post all the way through – so I didn’t have to click through to read the whole thing. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  20. GORGEOUS new profile pic, and a lovely blog- as usual. Loving the changes :)

  21. Welcome (back) to WordPress! I think you’ll love it. Everything looks great! I know some people complain about having to click on the post you want to read, but I’m the opposite. I like seeing all the recent posts without having to scroll, scroll, scroll. I tend to read more of them, too.

    As always, love your blog! :)

  22. Just an FYI, the new format isn’t very pleasant on an android phone (I read your blog on spare time…while waiting at the DMV, etc) lol
    Preferred the old format. Good luck with this!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yep, we need good blogs to read while at the DMV. Yes, I know my site doesn’t look good on mobile phones at the moment and I’m going to get that fixed. We’re finishing with all of the tweaks on the site and then we’ll get to that. Thanks for letting me know!

  23. LOVE the new site! I have my family blog through blogger and started my site through WP. It’s been a hard one to get use to. I can’t seem to find a good designer that designs for WP hosted sites. Who did you use?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Marina from Penny Lane Designs. She is fantastic to work with.

    • It ‘s difficult to design for sites, because you can’t do custom themes there. sites depend on the multiple-site platform, so the super-admin (the hosting staff) approves all themes and plugins before they can be used. When it’s approved, it’s available for anyone on the system to use. So you’re limited by that. This is why self-hosted WordPress sites are the way to go. You can do whatever you want with them.

  24. Oh and thanks for sharing that plugin! I’ve wondered if my readers get an email when I comment back. Now they should :)

  25. I am on blogger but finding it does not have as many options as WP (had an old defunct blog on there).So I appreciate this post very much. I went with Blogger for the same reasons as you and the while friend connect thing. Seeing it here on wp means I can have the best of both worlds. :)
    Also on another note – I have taken a screen shot here as behind your posts boxes I am seeing a frog in an icecube and something about and your site not being a registered domian. Not sure what that is about but if you would like the screen shot just drop me an email and I will send it to you. Off to check out WP and merging some more.

  26. I’m new at blogging, but I follow lots of blogs since ages and when I decided to start mine, I went for WP without any doubt: WP makes the process of commenting very easy to the reader; the variety of themes is fantastic so blogs are nice to look at…

    Still experimenting with all plug ins and features, but we’ll get there

  27. Love the look of your WP blog and the ability to have “conversations” in the comments. The information in this post is helpful, but still somewhat confusing. I wonder if you could write a post explaining why you switched to WordPress, what the pros and cons are, how easy or difficult the transition is and what it involves, and what specifically about WordPress makes it more challenging to use. I’ve seen other bloggers touch on this, but no one has really gone into enough detail to allow others to make an informed decision. Is it doable by yourself if you can’t afford to hire someone to make the change for you? What about the additional cost of buying your own domain and hosting site? Help!

    • Mindo says:

      I am seeing the same when viewing through Safari and Firefox (my only options). Hopefully MMS will get this fixed or readers will drift away.

      • Miss Mustard Seed says:

        Are you seeing the frogs in ice cubes? They should be gone now. It was just a gliche with one of the photos. Let me know if you’re still seeing them.

  28. Hi there,
    I recently discovered your blog and just love it! Can you share the contact info for your blog designer? I’m new to wordpress and need some help designing my blog.

  29. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet.

  30. Hi, I am a baby blog and I want to move to WordPress, so I picked my favorite blog…YOU, and scrolled all the way down to find the designer. That is where I got a little confused. I visited both sites listed, but since I have NO idea where to start I was wondering what each site did for you and what you did first etc.? Any advice on where to start would be greatly appreciated.
    By the way, CONGRATS on your new milk paint….I can hardly wait to try it!
    Thanks so much, Lori

  31. I also recently started with a WP website, for me it seems wordpress is one of the easiest to use. Untill now I haven’t found anything difficult yet:)

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  33. I am confused regarding your wordpress and blogger blogs. Aren’t they different sites? I also have a wordpress free blog and my own web site. I have been thinking of switching to the blogger site also due to no traffic on wordpress. Isn’t blogger through Google?

    I also was wondering how you get the sponsors on your site. I thought that you had to pay extra for the wordpress blog to get sponsors, but the blogger does not cost any extra? Yikes, how confusing! Thanks for trying to make it more sensible for us though!

  34. Magnificent site. Lots of useful information here. Iˇm sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you to your effort!

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