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the best thing about blogging


There are a lot of cool things about blogging, but the very best is meeting people who share your passions.

I put out the word that I would be in Raleigh and wanted to go to the flea market and hit some antique stores and a few amazing women came to hang out with me (and each other.)  It was a little crazy trying to meet up, but through the miracle of cell phones, we were able to gather.


I was joined by (from left to right) Tammy‘s mom (oh, I forgot your name!), Rie, me, Tammy, Fiquet (pronounced Fee-kay, but she won’t get mad at you if you mess it up), Kristen and Brittany, We also met Holly, Kim, Esther and Mekala (pictured at the bottom of the post), but they had to leave before this picture was taken.

Once we were all gathered, the shopping began…although, I was really too busy chatting to do any serious shopping.


Kristen and Esther were checking out this curvy chair…I think I heard the vendor telling them it was $10, but neither of them took it home.



Kristen was my shopping nemesis.  She walked over to me with a big smile, carrying a black box.  She didn’t even need to open the box.  I knew she had scored a typewriter and within about 15 minutes of knowing her, I told her I hated her.  Totally joking, of course.  I beat her out on a $3.00 vintage alarm clock, so there.  It was really pretty amazing how we would look at a booth and at the exact same time would point out the same thing.  Spooky.



Rie and Fiquet were chatting quite a bit and then shared with us that Rie bought an old farm house that Fiquet looked at when she was buying a home.  She ended up in another old farm house, so they had a lot to talk about with their common experience in renovation woes and rewards.


I purchased some vintage metal letters, a “ladies” sign, two metal file baskets, some votives, an alarm clock, a really old alligator skin medical bag and a few other things.  It was a pretty successful shopping trip for all of the chatting I did.  Rie found a great basket and some shutters, Fiquet bought some “push/pull” door hardware, Brittany found some great carved wood pieces that came from an organ, Tammy scored some silver and Mekala bought a stack of fabulous trunks.

We then headed out to SuzAnna’s and the surrounding shops and did some more browsing, chatting and shopping.


I bought a couple of scales and an ironstone pitcher from the wonderful ladies of Vignette.  They had great taste and were so sweet to give me some pumpkins that another reader, Elizabeth, had dropped off for me.  (Thanks to Esther and Tammy as well for bringing me some of the most beautiful heirloom pumpkins for my upcoming photo shoots.)

Mekala had to leave a bit early, but she was such a gorgeous girl that I had to get a quick picture with her before she left.  I just love her hair.  Not many people in this world can pull off that color, but she is one of the few.


The girls who remained went out to a little Mexican restaurant to chat some more and eat.  As we sat around talking about blogs and businesses and food and kids and balance, I was so happy that these girls all lived near each other and could get together again.  I was also sad I had to go back to PA after meeting all of these kindred spirits who I would hang out with any day of the week.  It was an amazing time and I look forward to when I come to the area and we can get together again.

Thanks so much, ladies, for a wonderful time!

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  1. Jealous, hehe, looks like alot of FUN!! Sue

  2. So nice seeing you again Marian. AND, it was great meeting some fellow creatives in the Triangle area. Thanks for being the magnet that drew us together ;-).

    Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

  3. Looks like tons of fun! And that typewriter…don’t even get me started!! Love it :)

  4. jealous, jealous, JEALOUS! I wanna hang out! dont you need to come shopping in California?? Or better yet- a trip to the beach. then the crazy little boys can all entertain each other while we chat :)

  5. Looks like a fabulous fun filled day!! Blogging is great for connecting passionated people with similar interest. Have you ever thought about dying your hair the same color as Mekala…you could pull it off too!!

  6. Sounds like a fabulous day! Nothing better than a girl’s day out junking! Hugs, Leena

  7. Friends + Finds! What a great combination!

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

  8. I love it when that happens! I have met some great friends through blogging and have had the pleasure of meeting a few of them in person. Next time you’re in Raleigh, I’d love to meet you! Also, were you at the flea market on the State Fairgrounds?

  9. I totally agree!!! The best part of blogging is the relationships that come from it … both in person meet-ups and friendships and the pen-pals we collect. If you do this long enough, and are open to it, you can gather quite a rich group of new friends. It’s wonderful that you found so many in Raleigh and had such a wonderful day!

  10. Looks like you had a lovely time – and you got to meet my friend Tammy too!

  11. Sounds like so much fun! I love to spend a day with friends that share a passion.

  12. Mekala says:

    Thanks so much for inviting us out with you, Marian. I wish I didn’t have to leave early but I had a blast hanging out with you and all of these fabulous ladies. I can’t wait to do it again!!

  13. Marian,

    Yesterday was such a wonderful day…one of the best I’ve had in a long time! Thank you so much for getting all of us together. It would never have happened without you! I just loved meeting you and all these great local women as well as seeing more of Raleigh.

    Sophia’s – Live Beautifully

  14. How fun!!! It is so cool that we can meet people on line like that and then
    get together in real life and have so much in common ~
    You all are so cute!

  15. What a great way to spend a day! I recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed going back and reading tons of posts! Thanks for sharing a little of your world with me!

  16. Hanging out with people that enjoy the same passions is just energizing and an immediate bonding in friendship. I would love to know where you shopped as I live in eastern NC, a little over an hour from where you were. Thanks for sharing he experience!

  17. Esther says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration Marion. It was fun to go “treasure” hunting with you.

  18. I just scored TWO vintage typewriters on the curb. That’s right…….THEY WERE ON THE CURB WITH A FREE SIGN!!!! Santa came early this year with a Royal and an Underwood :)

  19. Oh my goodness I probably had the best time in years. It is hard to find women who like to dig through boxes of junk just looking for the treasure. Who can see the potential even when covered in grime. I haven’t had any friends here that “get” that. Until now. I thank you for getting all of us together so we could find kindred souls close by.
    I had a wonderful time hanging with you- I loved when you found the letters and yelled – back off they are mine to all of us- it made me laugh as we all had the same tastes.
    Thanks for including me in the mess – and next time I will know where you are so we won’t waste any time.

  20. It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time! I would hate that typewriter stealer, too!;>) What a lot of fun you gals had. Blogging is just such an amazing thing, isn’t it? The way it connects us all together is great! xo Diana

  21. Oh what fun. Meeting new people and thrifting in new places. That lady looks gorgeous in that hair. Such pretty skin.

  22. I had the BEST time! Thank you for organizing the get together. I loved meeting you & some of my local bloggers. I left inspired & recharged. Look forward to seeing you at Haven!

  23. We missed the fun! :( Glad you guys found cool stuff!

  24. It so nice to finally meet you! I had a blast, and would love to do it again sometime soon. You need to move to Raleigh. Just think of all the adventures we could have!

  25. Laurie says:

    Such a pleasure meeting you, Marian….I hope next time I can tear away from the shop and go treasure-hunting with you all!!

    Vignette Antiques

  26. Dionne Adams says:

    “We then headed out to SuzAnna’s and the surrounding shops and did some more browsing, chatting and shopping.”

    Was just wondering exactly where you were shopping after leaving the flee market. I live about 15 minutes from there in Cary, NC and would love suggestions on new places to explore/shop.

    Thanks so much!

  27. Janet Lawson says:

    What an awesome time it looks like ya had..And some great finds too..

  28. Looked like the most perfect day at the perfect place with the perfect group of ladies!

  29. Marian, Kristen is my daughter and she called to tell me what a wonderful day she had yesterday with kindred spirits at the flea market and other shops. We’ve shopped for finds together and done many vintage shows together – I laughed when I heard you like the same things. She is fast and has a quick eye – believe me, she has beat me to the prime goods many times! I just tell her, “You Brat!” :)

  30. Thank you so much for arranging the meet up! It was so fun. And I was so happy to be a part of it. I am glad I finally got to meet you and loved getting to know the other ladies too. must do it again!

  31. do you ever come to lancaster pa to shop?


  32. when are you coming to Texas? I’ll meet up with you where ever you land! :)

  33. Ok, while everyone is extending invitations – I live in Prescott, AZ {we’re at 6000 feet so it’s not as hot as Phoenix or Tucson}. We have a real town square, tons of antique shops and the best thrift shops in the world. I’m sure you’d love it here and I would so love to be your host – come anytime! Bring friends – I want to hang with you guys!


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