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another keeper

Thanks so much for all of the feedback on my horse.  I’ve decided I’m going to keep him.  You’re all a bad influence.  You know that?  Or maybe a good influence.  I know I’m going to be glad I kept him.  Maybe we’ll have a “name that horse” contest to win ornaments from my Christmas line or something like that.
While shopping on Friday, I found something else I knew I was going to keep….this hutch.
I bought it for an article I’m working on and figured I would sell it when I was done.  I found the perfect place in my house for it, though, so it’s a keeper.  I love it when that happens!
I’ve always wanted a chippy, old hutch to house some ironstone and linens in and this is perfect.  I’m still debating over whether I want to paint the interior or not…hmmm…
I’m looking forward to having some time to pay attention to my house a bit once the holiday open house is over.  I have curtains to sew and rooms to paint and all sorts of work to do.  Although all of my work is DIY/home related, it’s sometimes nice to work on things that I get to keep and enjoy.  Things that are for myself and my family.  My mom is also coming up in a few weeks to help me out and I plan to take full advantage of having her here!
Before I go, I just want to say that this is a very exciting time for me and my business.  I just found out within the last few days that I am one step closer to reaching two of my goals…dreams, really.  We’ll see how things shake out, but it’s exciting.  Thanks so much to everyone who reads and subscribes to my blog, to those who link to me and post about me, those who sponsor my blog, encourage me, support me and purchase the things I find and make.   You are all a part of this amazing journey.
I am very blessed.

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  1. I agree with some of the other commenters: the inside of the hutch "as is" provides amazing contrast with your dishes and speaks to it's original life. I love it the way it is if it's going to keep displaying your dishes!

  2. Beautiful piece!!! I am so happy for whatever news you've received and pray for blessings and inner peace in all of the busy-ness of life. Hoping you're having an awesome day! Let's catch up soon!

  3. Love the hutch! I would be torn on painting the inside…love the warmth of the brown contrast.

    I don't blame you on keeping the horse…what a treasure! Looking forward to the name you choose. :)

    Have a creative day,


  4. How exciting! Can't wait to hear what your good news is. LOVE your work. I want to make a trip to Lucketts B.A.D.

  5. Beautiful piece! I love that the outside is perfectly chippy and the inside is as natural as it comes… please don't paint it! :) YAY for keeping the rocking horse! I never really looked twice at these before, but now that I see yours, I love it and wouldn't ya know, I see there's one coming up at an auction tomorrow night. I am not sure it's my style, but I'm curious to see how much it goes for. I can't wait to learn what good news is coming your way:)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Marian, we all so enjoy watching your success, and watching you become just what you are supposed to be. You are exceeding all your expectations…and thank you for sharing. Watching your potential come to fruition is so fun! And I love the horsie and the hutch! beverlee

  7. Love the contrast of the dark inside and the white ironstone! Great find and i am glad you are keeping it!

  8. I have a big cherry hutch like yours I think it's one of our favorite pieces. Sometimes it holds dishes sometime we use it like a bookcase you will love having it! So excited to hear your news. Thank you for the fun you bring us and inspiration your talent brings. Guess your name says it all.

  9. Oh, to paint or not to paint…I love the close up shot where the woods looks grayed. You can't tell from the full hutch shot. But what a find – super vintagey chippy! Someone mentioned it in a previous post – but again, thank you for being such an inspiration in blog land! 😉 I painted my first Union Jack dresser with ASCP and love it!

  10. Love the hutch! It already looks amazing with your ironstone… then everything you do, does. Wishing you the best

  11. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly love your blog, and the creativity you put into each piece. I love to refinish furniture around our house, but when life keeps me busy with 2 little ones, it is a welcome break to sit down with a coffee and sift through your posts. :-) Thank you! Blessings as you pursue your dreams!

  12. The suspense is killing me! Loved the comment from your mom. She must be very special to have raised a daughter like you.

  13. Love the hutch! You do amazing work. May your dreams become reality and even bigger dreams replace them! :)

  14. Blessed and in control of your destiny, your hard work and love for what you do really shows! You're so creative and inspiring. You've inspired me!!

  15. I love your hutch just the way it is! It really brings out your ironstone! You really do find some great things!

  16. What a great find. I love it like it is too! The latches are wonderful. What room is it in?

  17. Emelyn says:

    I like the interior the way it is. the dark colour against the white ironstone makes your items pop out more.
    you are very talented and love how you find something pretty in found items. :) Thank you for sharing your tips. I am on my way to having semi- artistic skills. 😉

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