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Be your own boss!!!!


We’ve all seen the ads…


…and then there is an image of a girl slammin’ a bikini by a pool, drinking lemonade, then playing tennis, then driving a hot convertible, then living in a mansion.

I’m waiting for someone to make an ad that shows images of someone in paint splattered work clothes, then in a basement office, then pecking away at a keyboard, then cruisin’ in a mini-van, then taking a break to make dinner and change diapers.

I am my own boss and have been for the past (almost) three years.  I’ve never worked so hard or enjoyed my work so much in my life.  If you’re thinking of “taking the plunge”, here are some realistic ups and downs you can expect…

First, the good.

You are your own boss.  That means you can decide how much you work, which jobs you take, what your focus will be, how you’ll work, what you’ll invest in…everything.  It’s terrifying and liberating all at one time.

Your can pursue your passions.  Simply put, you can do what you love to do.  I love writing this blog.  I love shopping for antiques and cool home decor.  I love working on my home, painting furniture, creating and making things.  I get to do what I really enjoy and I’m making a living doing it.

You set your schedule.  You can take a vacation when you want.  You can work when you have babysitters, into the wee hours or when it’s your “peek time.”  This is so important to me, because it means I get to be home with my kids and there for my family.

You are in control.  You can fly as high as your wings will carry you and you get to harvest the rewards of that.

Now, for the not-so-good.

You are your own boss.  Wait, isn’t that good?  Yes and no.  You have to be self-motivated when you’re tired and uninspired.  You have to make tough decisions about when to say yes, when to say no, when to grow, and when to let go.  As I said…terrifying and liberating.  All at the same time.  Lots of tears can be involved.

You can become a slave to your work.  You are always going to have time commitments, deadlines and obligations.  So even though your schedule is your own, it can be hard to take breaks, go on vacations and slow down once things get going.  I have to write for my blog, fill my retail space and I have freelance writing deadlines.  I can’t walk away and let someone else do it all for me.  I continually have to work on balance, so things don’t get out of hand.

You’re responsible.  It can be overwhelming when you have to be the accountant, the receptionist, the admin, the photographer, the stylist, the labor, the picker, the buyer, the appraiser, the upholsterer, the CEO, CFO, COO all rolled into one.  You can fly high, but you can fall hard, too.  It’s a lot of pressure and you have to have good people around you to support, encourage and help you.

I’m on the heels of a vacation, so this is fresh on my mind.  I hope it encourages and gives a “head’s up” to those who are wishing to “be their own boss.”  Go for it, but know what you’re in for!

I decided not to take Janet through security tomorrow.  I think a requirement of people working for the TSA is zero sense of humor.  (Sorry to any TSA employees who are readers!  This excludes you, of course.)  Besides, I don’t think she would fit in the overhead compartment.

 I’m “guesting” today over at Whisper Wood Cottage’s Authic Style Series.  Check it out!

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  1. I have to start by saying that your work is incredible. Your pieces are inspiring! I also love your posts on starting your own business and being your own boss! I appreciate your honesty…and of course your sense of humor!

  2. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I've been fantasizing about being my own boss especially as I sit here at my cubicle in my windowless office. I fully appreciate how hard you are working and hope that you can relax while on vacation.

  3. Amen!! I took a vacation on the spur of the moment with my family last week and truly enjoyed every minute. The ache in my neck was gone. I slept every night. It was bliss. This week, as no little fairy magically flit in and accomplished my work…I'm in a mess! Seriously, this is one of the few drawbacks of being self-employed!! I love your post. You always make me smile!! :)

  4. I am cracking up over here in CA. When I first really started putting time into the furniture biz was when my twins were still in diapers. I used to literally live in paint splattered overalls. ALL DAY. It got so bad that my sweet husband actually asked if I wouldn't mind wearing something else once in a while when he came home from work. Now my kids are older. I am on my 2nd pair of paint splattered overalls, and my kids BEG me to not show up at their school in this get up. (I did once or twice…..Hey, I am walking advertisement for my business, people want to know what I am painting!)

  5. This series is so inspiring and helpful! I am slowly in the process of starting a business similar to yours in Northeast Pa. I would love more info on getting a dot com and building a website, and How you determine what to pay yourself and pricing your items. Thanks! Keep up the inspiration! P.S. I've been rockin' a bandanna for years too, LOL

  6. Steffny Stokes says:

    This is so great!! I’m slowly starting my own business in Asheville NC. Your blog is such a blessing. It’s given me courage to go for it. Thank you :))

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