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Lucketts Finds & Matthew Mead

The last few days have been great in the treasure-hunting department.  There was a huge community yard sale…more like a flea market…in a town near me called East Berlin.  We headed over there early Saturday morning with the kids, in the hope of finding some antiques and vintage pieces I could take with me to the Lucketts Antique Market.  It was not a disappointing morning. 
I found…

 …an antique hose and nozzles…

..a couple of old shoe forms…

…a set of math flashcards from 1957…

…a sliver lighter…

…and antique laundry bag (Look at the four digit phone number!)…

…a couple of feed sacks…

…a vintage baby dress and slip…

…an ironstone chamber pot (I’m not usually into these…I mean, they were once a toilet…but this was such a bargain, I couldn’t pass it up.) …

…an ironstone bowl…

…a flow blue platter…

….a vintage blue suitcase with a pink interior…

…and more.  I also found two sets of antique oars, a fan, a scale, some old roller skates, an ornate table, a dresser, a pair of side tables, an antique wheel barrow…and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things.  Anyway, it was awesome and just what I needed to build up my inventory for my biggest event of the year. 
My dining room is suffering for it, though…

…and my shop is full of projects at all stages of done-ness.  Aside from the projects, it’s a bit of a mess due to some flooding we had in last week’s storm. 

Here’s a closer look at a few things in the works…

…a china cabinet (Love this one!)…

…I stripped a dining room table to get it ready to stain and paint…

…and my latest sign.  It’s not finished, yet, but you get the idea.
I’ve gotten a lot done, but I still have A LOT to do. 
Before I let you go today, I have one more thing to share…

Getaway with Holiday!!!

Head on over to Matthew Mead’s blog to purchase your copy of SUMMER with Matthew Mead.
If you order your copy by May 6th, you may be one of the lucky readers who receive a GOLDEN TICKET, tucked away inside of your magazine!

There are ten fabulous prizes (check Matthew’s blog for details) and ONE of those lucky readers will win a grand prize of a $1000 Visa travel card to take you wherever you would like to go!! And visit our website to see the other fantastic prizes you can win!

Please note, all readers who have already purchased a copy of SUMMER with Matthew Mead have secured their chance to win. But if you haven’t yet ordered your issue, head on over here and get yours now!
You just might be the lucky recipient of one of the coveted Golden Tickets!!!

 Talk about eye candy!  I can’t wait to get my issue…and have some time to sit down and read it!

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  1. Amazing finds!!!
    I'd be happy to take that hose and nozzles off your hands.

    I'm with ya on the chamber pit thing, though… 😉


  2. Your finds are awesome!! And what you are working on looks wonderful too!
    My workshop flooded too and is still in flood mode ~ ahhhhh!!!

    Have fun creating!

  3. Those are great finds,I wish I lived closer, I'd love to shop at your booth.

  4. love your finds! can't wait to see the china cabinet finished.

    have a creative (productive) day,

    Amy W.

  5. Great, great finds, you lucky lady! I wish I'd just win the Lotto already, so I could buy a huge truck and come buy all of your awesome goodies! Luckett's is so lucky to have you!



    P.S. Yeah, I'm with you on the chamberpot thing, but I think we just have to put that out of our minds, and wash the thing with boiling water and massive amounts of disinfectant! Some of those old chamberpots are gorgeous!

  6. wow, when i worked in foster care, i had a home in east berlin….cute little town ~ you found some great treasures there!!!

  7. Just LOVE finding a blog you can sit back with a cuppa and get lost in! thanks for providing one!!
    A little jealous of your gorgeous finds!! well done!! Can't wait to see where they end up!

  8. Beautiful finds! Such unusual items! Don't worry about the chamber pot – it's really a very pretty piece of pottery (no pun intended) and I once saw someone using a bed pan as a planter in their yard! Now THAT was a bit much! Good luck at the big sale – hope to see you there! ~Leena~

  9. I'm curious about the iron stone and other pottery you buy. I see obvious chips in the pieces, so most people would think these aren't worth anything. So why are you stocking up on this stuff to sell? Just curious because I've passed up on some iron stone pieces because they had chips, and I'm wondering if I made a mistake. Thanks!

  10. Wow, those are great finds!! I love the suitcase especially. I'm so happy I discovered your blog. I didn't know that you painted your own signs, too. Have you ever seen Chocolate Butterbean's. I recently found their blog, too, and wanted to share. Have a great sale! I do have a question with you (about a vintage children's rocking chair I bought), but I know it is your busy time. I'll bug you with it later.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That little silver lighter is such a beauty! Although I don't advocate smoking, I can just envision a lady in suit, hat, gloves, and spectator pumps using that to light her cigarette!

  12. You can't stop a woman on a mission! You are simply amazing and I love all your finds.

  13. I love the baby's dress with the slip; and that darling suitcase with the pink lining, but I must say you have some great finds! Hugs!

  14. I collect those very suitcases, I have all shades of creme and blues. Way to go! Let me know when you want to come down to Vintage Source, sale is coming up.

  15. I think that the Northeast is a treasure trove of great tag sale finds. I mostly find stuff from the 80's, not the kind of stuff you show. I'm scratching my head over the hose and nozzles, though. Huh?!

  16. What a haul, Marian!

  17. Wow! You scored some great stuff! Love the vintage suitcase and the china cabinest!!

  18. Where's the armoire? :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Boy oh boy… If I wasn't in CA I would be buying those little greenish blue tables in your workshop.. Oh!! And that little white china hutch. Hmmm. My husband would probably thank you for not being so close. :o) Super cute stuff!

    Northern CA

  20. Hii! I've just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award … you can read my post at It's totally your choice whether to play it by the rules or not :) But I just wanted to say that I love spending time on your blog, awesome work!!

  21. Wow what an awesome haul! My husband and I were chuckling over the state of your living room as our front yard looks exactly the same way right now! It's chocked full of odds and ends all waiting to be fixed up and sold. I'm in the process of having a clean out of the garage and trying to figure out if I have enough "stuff" to open another space. I love the dining room table and the china cabinet. I'll have to tell you about the "stripping" job I did last night. Ha! I will blog on it later.

    Cheers! Lisa

  22. I am a sucker for antique hose nozzles…..great finds.

  23. Really great finds! Can't wait to see their transformation.

    The color of that suitcase is amazing!!

  24. Wow Marian what awesome finds, I am glad you had great success on your hunt! I love love love the suitcase, and the china cabinet you are working on, and the dairy sign, it all just made me smile :)

    xx Karen

  25. Wow…did I say wow?!!!
    Fantastic finds!
    You are one busy girl!

  26. Wow, you scored big time!! Love that suitcase!

  27. I ordered my copy too!! Can't wait!!
    What wonderful finds!!!!!

  28. LOVE all those treasures … i scored an old antique dining room table that my neighbor's FIL was about to throw in our huge bonfire. it's called a 'butterfly' table – cool leaf pops out when pulled apart. anyway, i want to strip it – what do you use to strip your pieces?? thx for the help!

  29. WOW! you are a busy girl!! Love all the new finds! and so wish I still lived in Virginia!! (we were in Fredericksburg) but alas we are now in Texas.
    Good luck selling your new things-im sure they will go fast!

  30. What great finds! That sweet suitcase has my heart going pitter patter!

  31. Oh wow, I can't believed I missed it. We were just visiting in York, over Easter and my mother-in-law mentioned the East Berlin yard sale. It totally slipped my mind, but it looks like you found a lot of good bargains.
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. TWO sets of oars? I might have just cried a little.

  33. I am in LOVE with the suitcase with the pink interior!!! I am a photographer and this would look FABULOUS for a prop :)

  34. What amazing finds. My favorite is that Green suitcase with the pink interior. It is great condition too! Oh, I bet that suitcase could tell some good stories. So happy for you that you are well one your way. Workshop looks fun. Lots of stuff in the works that I can't wait to see the end result. Have a great day. -K

  35. You don't stop, do you ?! Love your new finds … hope the flooding wasn't too bad.

  36. Anonymous says:

    How fun for you to do what you do!!! Love your finds..that flow blue platter is beautiful!!! chips and all!

  37. Wow! I am loving the finds! :) You are a lucky girl!

    If you get the chance, come see read about my HILARIOUS confession and see my awesome find for $13 whole dollars! :) A. French. Vintage. Birdcage! Yay!


  38. That white cabinet is going to be Wonderful!! Wow – all I needed to see on the Matthew Mead magazine was 'tricia foley'… You might have the most plates spinning (or balls juggling) of anyone I know of!

  39. Sigh. You know you're old when Marianne is buying "vintage" stuff you had as a child.

  40. Brandy says:

    I used to have the same blue suitcase! I still have the personal small toiletry case, I think they were my mothers before I got them.

  41. I absolutely love the vintage suitcase! Awesome colors! Great finds…. maybe some day I will visit the East Coast and pick up a few of your great finds!!

  42. Wanda says:

    I just happened to Pin your Suitcase because I have the same one! Same color but I thought it looked more of a Minty Green with Peach inside. I could be wrong because I don’t know anything about them. I bought them from a garage sale maybe 20 years ago with north in Minnesota. I also bought the makeup case that matched it. I love them but don’t use them at all. I have tried giving them away to my 2 older Granddaughters but they didn’t like them. Teenagers! Thanks for letting me tell my story.

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