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Waxes 101

So sorry! I planned to have this video to you last week and I even filmed one, but I was tired and it was half-heartedly done.  You deserve better than that, so I made a new one yesterday morning in my very best painting outfit.  Believe it or not, I actually go out in that ratty, paint splattered sweatshirt.  Someone call “What Not To Wear” on my behalf, please.  I wanted to post this video last night, but it was still converting after midnight, so I had to turn in and post it this morning.
Without further delay, here is my opinion piece on waxes!

(A transcription of these videos is available HERE for the hearing impaired.)

The wax I’m using in the video is called Fiddes and Sons and I purchased it from John Millen Hardware.  (They lowered the price of the wax to $14.00 for my readers!)  I use the Clear and Rugger Brown waxes.  The other waxes I mentioned are MinWax clear and dark waxes, Johnson’s Paste Wax and Hannant’s Wax in Clear and Rustic Brown.  Hannant’s wax is available from Chalk Paint stockists.

Here are some close-up pictures of the chest I was working on in the video, as promised.  You can see how the dark wax brought out the texture in the wood.

Happy waxing!
The Lettered Cottage

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  1. So I noticed you don’t wipe off the clear or the dark wax after you apply it…? I’ve watched and read so much on Annie Sloan’s and waxing, I’m overloaded and don’t know who to follow.

    Have you ever latex-ed a dark paint first (so that there is a dark underlying color), to paint a light color chalk paint over it? Since it’s latex you would have to sand, prime, paint, right?

    Thanks for the video and all the good tips!!

  2. I’m going to order some Annie Sloan’s and wanted your opinion. :)
    Have you used the “pour spot lids”? Any need of them (only $5)?
    Also, I’m ordering the clear wax, b/c tried minwax and I thought it left a dingy color…
    After only one waxing experience, I think I must have the wax brush, so getting the smaller of the two. Thoughts?

  3. Karen Geil says:

    Thanks so much for the informative video on waxing. I have just become Chalk Paint user and I am liking it!! Just needed so questions answered and you did just that! Can’t wait to start my next piece!

    • Frances Mazzarisi says:

      I used Annie Sloan soft wax on my piece I painted.
      i was told to wipe off right away or it would be
      difficult to remove.Is that correct?
      Thank you

  4. Bonnie says:

    Remarkable instruction. What do I do after I have applied the waxes? Just buff with a soft cloth?

  5. Debbie Malone says:

    I took the time to watch everyone of your tutorials, I especially enjoyed the slipcover one, even though I am busy with painting right now! I am eager to learn everything I can and you make it easy to follow…your instructions are wonderful! I admire you Miss Mustard Seed and consider myself lucky to have a great mentor that’s willing and humble to share everything you know! Thank you for the tutorials…God Bless my friend!

  6. Hi there, thank so much for this video. Most excellent! I wanted to ask you about the texture on the wood in the photos. The dotted looking texture on the wood, is that a result of the wax? or is it a texture of the wood brought out by the wax. The reason I’m asking is that I love that texture and trying to duplicate it. Thanks so much again, have a great day!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      It’s the texture of the wood brought out by the wax. You can create that by creating a texture with the paint or by beating up the wood before painting and waxing it. The dark wax will find all of the imperfections and bring them out.

  7. DeeAnn says:

    Thank you so much for the video, for sure going to try this. You are so talented and have really enjoyed all your information please keep posting, love it!

  8. Samantha says:

    Hey! I love the video it is so helpful!!!! I just had one question, do all these waxes work over chalk paint? I have heard that some of them will ruin the chalk paint and don’t work well with them? The Fiddes wax is much cheaper and would be good to use if it will work with the chalk paint.
    Thank you for the video!

  9. It says the video doesnt exist anymore???? Is it uploaded somewhere else?

  10. jennifer says:

    Hi There – It’s so great that you are willing to share all this information with us. Thank You! I have a wax question: I purchased the Annie Sloan dark wax and I’m having a terrible time with it. I usually use Minwax and have no trouble with it. I find the AS dark wax to be very “dry” — I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I try using a tiny bit and it doesn’t seem to be enough. More wax makes it streaky — I also try to buff it and it just doesn’t seem to “buff” – does that make sense? I spent a lot of loot on it, but I’m ready to throw it out. Any suggestions? Thank you again!

  11. Thank you so much for the video! I finally got a chance to view both waxing vids at home (and made hubs watch part as well, since he is a doubting Thomas).

    I have a can of Minwax clear wax, which, due to our sensationally hot summer, is actually quite creamy and easy to work with. I’m wondering if there is a way for me to darken a bit of the wax to use for a specific project, rather than try to find a dark wax locally and pay through the nose for something I’m not sure that I will use again? I don’t want to glaze this piece due to the amount of carving and relief (it’s an old handmade mexican/spanish piece), but I’m having good luck with the wax on other (less intricate) things. Any thoughts?

  12. have a desk that I am eager to redo for our office want to paint the bottom a funky sha green
    (sherwin williams color,I think) the top is a very smooth laminate Since this will be in the office the top will get daily use my laptop phone etc will be desktop , the top cannot not be pampered
    I’ve read so much about chalk paint and waxing and I love the results.
    I will be using a homemade chalk paint , with the calcium carbonate or unsanded grout recipe whichever ingredient is easier to find. Ah for my question, how do I approach painting the laminate top and will using the fiddes wax clear and dark be enough protection for the top
    eager to get started


  13. Allison Hodgdon says:

    I’m new to chalk paint although I can’t say enough about it. Love it! I’d used MinWax Paste wax. It worked but I never knew when it was “there.”

    Picked up the Johnson wax and its incredible. Love it and its less costly than MinWax. Right now I have to watch that. :)

  14. I thought I heard on a AS video that her clear wax can be tinted with her chalk paint ??? Anyone try this ? Maybe her “Soft Wax” isn’t a petroleum based wax ??

  15. Where did you get your wax brush? I saw one on Amazon some people liked it but many said it shed. I was about $14.00. Thanks for you help!

  16. Hi! Okie dokie… so I used Typewriter Black on a desk that I am going to use for a buffet in my dining room. Then, I used the MMS Wax with the MMS brush. Then, I let it sit for 5 min. Then I took a clean white cotton cloth and rubbed it off. But, the problem I am having is the lint showing up on the black buffet now. How can I get rid of that?

  17. Can the fiddes clear wax be used over stained wood or do I have to seal the wood first?


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