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Video Slipcover Tutorial Series Part 2 – Cutting Fabric

Welcome to part two of the slipcover video tutorial series!  If you missed part one, how to make custom piping, make sure you go back and watch it first.
In part two, I share some tricks on cutting the drop cloth and show where to position piping on the chair.  Enjoy!
Here is a full transcript of this video – MMS-Slipcover-Part2
Ooo…I mention wanting to get a serger sewing machine in this video and guess what?  I received an e-mail from a local reader (who didn’t know I wanted one) who asked if I wanted her gently used Berina serger machine.  Um…yeah!  Thanks so, so much Winnie!


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  1. I am so excited you are showing a wing chair since that is the first piece I want to try. Great tutorial. Thanks!!

  2. You make it all look so easy! I don't feel nearly as intimidated as I once was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to do this! You make it look so easy.

  4. Barefoot and all!! So great (at least I know someone else who does it like me, no measurements needed!). Us readers are so lucky, thanks for taking the time to share.

  5. This was SO helpful…I hope part 3 comes real soon. You did a fabulous job! I have a rocker/wingback chair that I want to recover and have tried to find someone to do it for me. I think I'll give it a try for myself now. I'll get to this part and wait for your next instructions! :)
    Thanks for always being such a huge help and inspiration ~
    sarah xo

  6. Thanks so much for doing these tutorials! Now, I can hardly wait until the next one!!

  7. LOVE your tutorials. They have helped me a bunch! Been thinking about putting a slipcover on the old chair in my living room.

  8. I'm so excited you are making these videos. I'm beginning to think that I can do this!

  9. I love watching the videos it's giving me more courage to try sewing.

  10. Marian you ROCK! You are inspiring an entire world of people to make their own slipcovers, me included! I just watched part 2 and now need to go watch part 1. I am starting with an ottoman and I am going to work on it as you release the videos. Now I can do the cording and cut the fabric. Can't wait to see how to put it all together! Huge thanks for sharing your knowledge girl!! ps. love the bare feet too 😉

  11. After a lot of resistance on my part I borrowed a friend's serger, then took the plunge and bought one. I hadn't realised the difference in SPEED between a serger and ordinary machine, on top of the benefit of sewing and overlocking in one pass.

    The main thing I had to overcome was my own snobbery – I love the old ways, and I dislike the look of serging. I had better get over it!

    Such a pleasure to read your expertise and continuing delight in making beautiful things, beautifully~

  12. Forgive me if this has already been asked somewhere previously but I haven't seen that you've posted anywhere as to what brand/type of drop cloths you use? When I see your slipcovers in the pictures here, they look so beautiful but when I go to Lowe's or Home Depot and look at the drop cloths up close, they look totally different. Would it be possible to list the brand/type and/or show a close up picture of what the material looks like?



  13. For Some reason today the video won't play for me. I've never had trouble with your videos before so it must be an issue with my computer. I'll try again later. I was so looking for to this one too as I have a wing back chair I want to do :(

  14. Oh, Marian, I can't believe I missed series 1…but I'm so thrilled that you're making this series!!! I just blogged & tweeted all about it! Thank you and I can't wait to get started following your tutorial!!! Thank you so much!!! xoxo Beth

  15. This is very exciting, I need to re-do my Ikea (crappy) sofa, but it's tricky, it has a bed, and storage area in it, and it's all hooked together, hmmm. Hopefully I can figure this one out…
    Thanks for posting!
    Erin from A Little Something, Too

  16. Marian,
    Great video, girl!
    I cannot believe in all the times I have slipcovered with dropcloths, I have never thought to use the hem toward my advantage!!! I have always cut the hem off! Stupid, me. :)
    I will not be doing that anymore!
    Congrats on the serger!
    I've got my mom's Bernina serger that I don't know how to use. My dad bought me sewing lessons for Christmas, so I will be learning to use it soon! Yeah!
    As I was watching you make that slipcover, I kept thinking how much fun it would be for me to come up there for a weekend and us sew together! I would love that! We are going to do that someday, girl. :) I'm serious.
    Luv u!!

  17. thanks for taking the time to show us your slipcover skills! you are so talented!

  18. Loved it. Came just in the nick of time…I have 15 yards of white denim staring me in the face. Hopefully a couple of parsons chairs have prepared this grasshopper for a sofa.


  19. I can not thank you enough for these videos!! Great job! Soooo appreciated.
    Your awesome :)

  20. Nutbird says:

    Bernina:Kenmore or Singer = Rolls Royce:Pinto
    I am so happy for you. Since I started sewing with a Bernina, my sewing skills improved about 1000%. Sewing was a little frustrating before, even though I had made bathing suits, real tailored suits, and an ottoman. Do you have the rolled hem feature on your serger? Since I got mine, I have made thousands of napkins with a rolled hem. You can also use the rolled hem for regular hems on tablecloths and doll clothes. One suggestion, get some needle threaders. When you have a deadline, the threads always break. Good luck! Ann

  21. Thank you so much, I can't wait to try this!

  22. This was wonderful! Years ago I used a drop cloth on a couch, but didn't like it because it was to stiff, plus I just draped it because I didn't know how to make a slipcover. I have books but I am a visual learner so they weren't very helpful. I bought a chair for my studio and am going to slipcover it in a drop cloth because it is black. Thank you again!

  23. Marian,
    You are the bomb girl!
    I am taking vacation in a couple of weeks and I was hoping you would do part 2 soon. Woo hoo! I was so excited about this when I hopped over to your blog today. Can't wait to see part 3.
    Thanks for taking the time to do these video tutorials. you are really helping out a lot of visual sewers.

  24. Dark Angel. I looked as well. this is what I found on this site.
    "So, I went to Lowe's and bought a couple of Finish Factor Canvas 8oz weight drop cloths. They run anywhere from $5.00/piece for a small one up to about $30 for really, really big ones. I've been purchasing the ones that run about $13.00. It takes about 1 1/2 4'x 15' to cover a wing chair with piping, pleats, and a "T" cushion."

  25. Kristy says:

    I'm really antsy to get started on our 3 pieces of furniture, but I will definitely wait until I see all of these. Could you offer any tips on how to inexpensively beef up sofa cushions with out buying new foam? I would appreciate it. Thanks for the great videos!

  26. Thank you so much Marian! I appreciated your points about using the finished hemmed edges. But most inspiring for me was just watching you launch into cutting the drop cloth fearlessly. I usually hem and haw and take TOO long. Thanks!

  27. Brilliant video tutorial! I learned SOOOO much! I have a wing back chair that is beggins for a slipcover but I just didn't know HOW or WHERE to start! Especially the back!!!!

    Thank you so very much!


  28. Marion it's been said before already but you ROCKED it girl!! I am eating this up like Ben & Jerrys! *winks* More more more!! And YAY to you on the serger!! What a wonderful gift! Vanna

  29. Love your tutorials! I'm looking forward to the next part in this series so I can begin my first slipcover!

  30. I was wondering how many drop clothes you needed for your couch… I may be crazy but I'm thinking of slipping covering mine…

  31. Lovely new look to your blog!

  32. I LOVE this. I'm such a visual person that this video is going to be SO helpful. Thanks muchly!
    I currently have a wing back chair as well as a love seat where the fabric is falling apart and with one in college, and one entering college, we need to make our dollars stretch. I can't wait for HubbyDoc to see my frugal work! Now if only I can steal my MIL's serger….
    Fondly, Tami

  33. I just wanted to say I thought you did a great job on your tutorial! I had to catch up and watch the piping one too. Both well done! And lucky girl on getting that serger! One day I'd love to have one too.

  34. Thank for the great tutorial. I am so excited to try this and I love the idea of drop cloths. Having a house full of boys and 2 dogs it will be nice to have furniture that looks nice and is washable! I was wondering also where you got your drop cloths from? I got one from Lowes & another from Sherman William and bleached both and washed like you suggested. One turned a cream color and then other didn’t' change color at all. I was hoping for the grayish white. Any suggestions?

  35. Great tutorial! Looking forward to viewing video #4 in your slipcover series if there is more to come. Would love to see the finished project. Will definately give this a try. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and know-how!


  36. Thanks so much for putting together and posting these videos. I was a little scared about piping, but your first video made it looks so easy. You inspired me to go out and buy some welting today. Hopefully by this weekend I'll be a pro at piping!

  37. Well, darn! I really want to watch this and it won't play for me. I even tried copying the URL and playing it that way. I'll try again later, hopefully with better results.
    Thanks for sharing the info. I hope I get to see it!

  38. I finally got to see it! Thank you, MMM for a great tutorial. Looking forward to chapter three!

  39. Jolie: Great tutorial & website! I'm preparing to do my 1st slipcovers & have to admit, I'm sweating bullets. I bought a 10 oz white canvas, I hope it's not too heavy for sewing. Again, thanks for tutorial.

  40. Hi Marian,
    You are so tallented !! I really like your new blog header!! I've really been sewing a lot lately !!
    Last Year I made a slip cover for a sattee, this year a few ottomans and rolled arm club chair. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment, not to mention how much money you can save!

    Thanks for wonderful inspiration!
    Laurie xo

  41. I have been wanting to slip cover a sofa, so glad I found your blog. So now I will know how to do it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Oh no!!! you said the machine was about 150 dollars and you haven't done a darn thing to it!! do you mean you have not oiled the poor thing in the proper places to put a drop of oil??? and the bobbin casing have you removed the lint that accumulates??

  43. Thank you for the tutorial! you have inspired me to sew and be creative again. I have started my slipcover.

  44. PattiH says:

    Do you have a PDF of this part please?

  45. Miss Mustard Seed says:

    No, not yet! I’m sorry. I do have two transcriptionists working on it though, so the entire series will be done at some point. They both have full time jobs and families and are just doing this on a volunteer basis, so it might take some time. Thanks for your patience.

    • This is so timely for me…I redecorated my family living space about 2 years ago…I went with a monochromatic neutral color scheme…Oatmeal colored linen “looking” flanking sofas….Well, a short 2 years later with a very busy household…(6 kids with friends and hubby’s office in house!!) My sofas need a lift…Can’t wait to see the rest of the series…My sofas are studio sized (apx. 63″ long) . How many drop cloths would you estimate I would need for each? Due to budget, I’ll probably buy a few at a time to build my stock…Thanks in advance!!

  46. Great tutorial! I’ve slipcovered several pieces just winging it!! So nice to see a tutorial and see that so far I was on track :) I have a chair to slip cover for a customer so I decided it might be a good idea to watch all your videos before I did it for someone besides myself. I am getting new ideas already and I’m so thankful that you have these available. I love new sewing tips and advice!

  47. Brookann says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for before starting my first slipcover project! I’m going to slipcover a couple of slipper chairs. They are very boxy and oversized, no arms or separate seat, so I think it will lend itself well to slipcovers.

    These chairs don’t have any piping on them. Should I add it anyway, and if so, where would you recommend? There are a lot of seams, each piece is separate and squarish, but I don’t think I want piping in every seam. Suggestions?

    Also, because of the shape, do you think I could get away with not adding ties? The shape is very similar to a parson chair, only bigger, and I’ve noticed the slipcovers I have for those (store bought) don’t have ties. Thanks so much!


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