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Video Slipcover Tutorial Series Part 2 – Cutting Fabric

Welcome to part two of the slipcover video tutorial series!  If you missed part one, how to make custom piping, make sure you go back and watch it first.
In part two, I share some tricks on cutting the drop cloth and show where to position piping on the chair.  Enjoy!
Here is a full transcript of this video – MMS-Slipcover-Part2
Ooo…I mention wanting to get a serger sewing machine in this video and guess what?  I received an e-mail from a local reader (who didn’t know I wanted one) who asked if I wanted her gently used Berina serger machine.  Um…yeah!  Thanks so, so much Winnie!


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  1. Molly Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh, MUSTARD! This is the best tutorial. I have been sitting in front of my computer for the last hour watching. I just figured out why you are so fabulous — you “eye” your lengths instead of measuring everything to the exact inch. Now I know why all of your things turn out so easy, cozy and warm. I am a sewer but I have never slip covered anything because I’m just way too precise about my approach. No more! I am going to challenge myself to trust my eye and just go for it. I love your quick, get-it-done method. You rock.

  2. I think in your post there are few videos too. But my youtube is not working. Is there any other source to see them.

  3. CanadianJane says:

    Hello – I just want to say that I followed your tutorial to the “T”…custom piping and all… and it worked out really beautifully!

    I am so happy with the results, and although I am not a novice sewer it was my first slipcover. My husband had salvaged amazing vintage wingback chairs, in great condition – but in a horrible green colour that definitely could give your orange a run for its money. :o)

    The drop cloth was the perfect solution – I love the organic texture, the imperfections, and relaxed style.

    I would have been way too intimidated to try this without your wonderful guidance via video – I feel a great sense of accomplishment – very proud of our beautiful “new” chairs – and just want to say thank you so very, very much!

  4. Sarah says:

    First of all, thank you so much for your tutorial. One quick question, when doing a slipcover for a couch do you just have ribbons in the back middle to tie it together or at the back middle of each section of the couch (so if the couch has two cushions, you’d have two sets of ribbons or three cushions would have three sets of ribbons). Hope this makes sense. If you only have it open in the back middle, wouldn’t it be hard to get the cover on and off? Thanks so much in advance.

  5. patricia says:

    Hi Marion, Im just redoing some slip copvers for my old Laura Ashley but and wondering if you found the best way to attach the piping? onto the seat or the box panel. Im havng problems with matching the conres if i do it on the box panel? I cant find anything online and Im about to email Diane from in my own style see if she has any expereince in this. Manya thanks

  6. Sylvia says:

    Hi Marian,
    this is such a great tutorial!! Thank you so much for spending so much time on explaning everything and making it super easy to understand! I want to make a slipcover for my sofa, but it is a little bit different, because it has an L-Shape, one side longer than the other one. So, if I do everything inside out and It turn it around, everything is reverse. How will I do that? Thanks in advance for your help!!


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