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Mystery Paint Revealed!


Jane, Lee Gamble and a few others guessed it right!  Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is the mystery paint.  I received an e-mail from a reader a few weeks ago, telling me I should try chalk paint.  My first thought was, “Duh.  I know what chalk board paint is.”  I was being a little high and mighty at that moment and then I clicked the link she kindly sent me.  I was an idiot.  A high and mighty idiot.  Chalk paint is not chalk board paint, but something entirely different.

I loved the colors available and was intrigued by this product, so I thought I would contact them to see if they would send me some samples.  I would try it out and review it on my blog.  Well, I spoke to one of the best sales woman alive, Patty Seaman of Classic Wall Finishes.  She went on and on and on about how wonderful this paint was and I was ready to commit to it for life without ever having tried it.  She slowed me down and said, “Just try it.  If you don’t love it, don’t write about it.”  I felt even more confident after hearing that statement.  If she didn’t believe in this product 100%, she wouldn’t say that.  A few days later, I received some paint and Annie Sloan’s Quick and Easy Paint Transformations Book to guide me along.  I couldn’t put my brush down.  I painted five pieces of furniture in two days, starting with my corner cabinets.

 I really wanted to paint these and this was the perfect push to make me do it.  The greatest part?  This water-based, low odor paint bonds so well that it doesn’t require sanding or primer.  I applied the paint directly onto the factory poly finish. No expensive bonding primer required!

One of my other favorite things about this paint is how well it distresses.  When you distress latex paint, it rolls and peals off unless it has cured for over a month.  I sanded this hours after I painted it and the chalk paint comes off in a fine powder, so it looks natural.  The finish is flat and chalky, but shine and protection can be added by applying a coat of wax.  A darker wax was then applied to my corner cabinets to tone down the vibrant Louis Blue.

I then painted the buffet…
…my grandfather’s desk…
…a secretary, mirror frame and a bookcase.  I started out with a quart of Louis Blue, a quart of Old White and a sample of Paris Gray and still have plenty of paint for more projects.  Even with three colors, I’ve been able to achieve a variety of shades and tones by mixing the paint.
So, where can you buy chalk paint?
You can see a list of all of the US Stockists HERE.
You may experience a little sticker shock when you see that the paint is over $30/quart, but it goes a long way, no primer is required and you’ll love the results.  And don’t worry!  I am going to post all about my painting and distressing techniques, how to work with the clear and dark wax and all of the other exciting things I’m learning about this product.  You’ll definitely hear more about chalk paint.

For more information from Annie Sloan herself, you can check out her website

As one final comment for this post, I want to tell you that I did receive free to paint to sample, but this is not a paid advertisement.  I do not make any money from any paint purchased.  I fully believe in this product and wanted to work with chalk paint stockists, who are mostly decorative artist like myself, to promote my new very favorite paint in the whole wide world.

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  1. I am delighted to know that the Annie Sloan paint is available in the US now. Several years ago I purchased the Annie Sloan book Creating the French Look but when I went to order her paint not only was it $30 per quart but shipping from the UK was about $50 more! Thus I ended up using an alternative paint. Thanks for the great info.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I talked to Patty from Classic Wall Finishes in New Jersey today regarding my order I placed. What a wonderful lady! We must have talked for quite awhile and I learned a lot from the phone conversation. Anyway, she is overwhelmed with all the orders and wanted everyone to know that she is just a one person operation and doesn't have a lot of the chalk paint in stock and that her inventory is low until the end of March.

    I also need to mention that she would not be offended in the least bit if any of you would want to order your paint from one of the other stockists temporarily and she did mention Virginia from Southern Institute of Faux Finishing
    in Brandon, Mississippi
    (Phone: 601-919-FAUX
    [email protected]) might be able to help some of you out as well. Or even the other stockists too. She said "Sharing the Wealth" was no problem as she wants to help us all out as much as humanly possibly in order to get this paint as quickly to you as she can, but you can imagine how overwhelmed she would be to get so many orders in such a limited amount of time. Yes! We all know how stressful this can be, but rest assured, Patty is a trouper and handling it the best she can. Just please be patient with her and all the other stockists too as this paint is just becoming known to so many of us and we are running after it as quick as a sale at those Wedding Dress places where the girls stampede through the doors as soon as it's unlocked.

    So please be patient and always remember "Patience is a Virtue" !

    Oh, some good news, she mentioned they are also coming out with some new colors !


  3. That sounds awesome! I can't wait to try it as I'm always trying new paints and finishes. Have you ever tried milk paint? It sounds an awful lot like the finish you get with that. I bought a lot of it when I was painting more primitive pieces and liked the look but it is very dry and matte.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. My husband and I are almost in our first home for one year, and along the way I've been gathering a few antique pieces that are housed in my basement! I'd like to paint/distress them as you outline here. I went ahead and bought the book that Annie sent you in hopes that it will help me get started on this painting technique, but as I've been a follower of yours for a few months now, I see that you did some video tutorials for slipcovering. Any chance you could do this for painting and distressing as well? I've read some of your previous posts where you describe how to do it, but I'm still confused on the whole process. A video would be really helpful! But, just a suggestion. I know you are super busy and I appreciate all the posts you do take the time to write!!



  5. Please encourage your followers to contact the Annie Sloan U.S. Stockist's closest to where they reside. Also…..encourage your followers to pick up the "quick and easy paint transformation" books by Annie Sloan and also to sign up for a workshop closest to them. Techniques are taught correctly and there is so much more that comes out of the quarts.
    Cheers and Happy Painting
    California Annie Sloan Stockist


  7. I do love how these pieces turned out. Especially your corner cabinets! I have a desk that I've been wanted to paint for years, but since it's a veneer over pressed board, I could never think of how to do it. This chalk paint may be exactly the thing.

  8. Hi Everyone

    I'm just coming up for air after hosting two Annie Sloan "How to Paint Furniture Workshops in NJ and sorry I haven't posted sooner. I am so pleased with the response to Miss Mustard Seed's gorgeous finishes she created using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and waxes. Seeing, trying, and feeling the beautiful waxed finish is believing. It is so hard to believe that you can really paint over varnished (yes oil based too) and waxed surfaces directly without priming or sanding, but yes you can.

    Thank you for your patience to those that have ordered from me and although I am not a one man operation I am a small business that prides itself on outstanding customer service, just got quite a few orders.

    I encourage you to order from stockists that are located closest to you as they will have the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, waxes, books, brushes ready to send out to you.

    One last note I highly encourage you purchase the book Quick and Easy Transformations by Annie Sloan to see all that this paint can do and learn 50 painting techniques in the book. This water based paint will adhere to all woods, metal, concrete, plastic and more, can be painted inside and outside, on walls and floors.

    Also, when you buy the paint, you need to buy the Annie Sloan Hannant's clear wax to seal and protect the paint, and you need to apply that first even if you are using the darker Rustic wax. You can varnish the paint, but it will not have the same look or feel.

    Thank you,

  9. Michael Rutledge says:

    I've bought all my chalk paint from Patty and can attest to her wonderful customer service. She is a wonderful vendor and goes the extra mile.

    As for the expense of the paint, you only have to do one or two coats to cover, depending on the darkness or lightness of the finish you are covering. It goes further than a quart of latex, in my experience. Also, if you figure in the price of primer that you'd have to buy (or the primer/paint) the price is pretty reasonable.

    One thing I learned from Annie Sloan is that, if you keep it hydrated, the paint doesn't spoil like latex does (usually latex spoils in about a year, according to my local paint store).

    A technique I enjoy using is watering down a bit of the paint to make it like a watercolor and dragging it to form a translucent layer to accent French pieces. It looks sophisticated and rich.

    Michael Rutledge

  10. I was introduced to Annie Sloan's books and chalk paint/waxes via a local stockist, Anne (House of Anne). Six of us "gals" attended a workshop, painted pieces of furniture we brought along and fell in love with the paint and waxes! Serendipity Antiques in Old Town Temecula ( hosted Annie Sloan when she was in So. California ~ delightful demo by Annie and a book signing. Then the following day I attended a full-day workshop at Annette Tatum's in Santa Monica with 13 other lovely ladies. Annie took us through several of the painting techniques; very hands on workshop. We all left so inspired by this lovely and talented woman! I have some colors of chalk paint and two of the waxes now…am ready to begin painting 😉 THE BEST paints and waxes in the world!!

  11. I'm so excited to see so much interest in this absolutely wonderful paint!! I am a new stockist in CA….not listed yet on website as I just came on board, but I have stock! You can reach me via my email:[email protected], and I ship all the time….like the other stockists mentioned, I encourage everyone to contact the stockist nearest them. We are all giving workshops and have paint on hand for purchase. Thank you also for this wonderful blog…I am now following! You are such an inspiration to everyone! Happy painting everyone! Never prime again!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ooops my apologies to Patty of Classic Wall Finishes of New Jersey in my comment (#52) for stating that she was a one person operation! It was a misunderstanding on my part!

    Happy Painting!


  13. I am curious about this for sure, but is it not true that a true gesso does the same thing?

  14. I just came across this post and I'm LOVING the buffet- what color or color mix did you use for that???

  15. I don't know how I missed this post but so glad I found it. I love this finish and I am always trying new paint. I find the same with the paint having to cure for a long time so it doesn't leave ridges so this is so great to know.

  16. Okay, I just read through all these comments and would love to know if it is okay to use for kitchen cabinets. I am getting ready to redo mine and would love to NOT have to sand…O, BLISS!! Maybe I can contact one of the vendors and ask there? Thanks so much for this. The colors are GREAT too!!!

  17. Oh, how I wish that I had known about chalk paint before painting everything in my dining room with primer, 2 coats of paint, glaze and sealer! Never too late though…there is always the bedroom. Thanks for sharing the secret!

  18. Farmer's Wyfe – Here's a link to Annie Sloan's sight where she writes about painting kitchen cabinets.
    I'm in Southern CA and I'm also so excited about this paint AND to know there's a stockist, Anne Skougard of House of Anne, about 20 minutes away from me that also offers workshops! I was unable to go to the Temecula book signing – ugh!
    I'm a die-hard sand and prime everything with Kilz and paint with my HVLP. The thought of not sanding and priming is crazy to me, I can't wait to try it out! Is it fine to use in the HVLP sprayer?
    Happy painting everyone!

  19. Great news! $30 seems high, but I just spent over $20 for a quart of Latex at Lowes. I would pay the extra to save the priming step! As always, Marion, you give great instructions and inspiration:)

  20. Wow! This conversation just keeps going and going! So great to see all the excitement. I can tell you I have worked with a lot of paint in my time as a professional, and this is EZ, BEAUTIFUL and you can get such a variety of looks with just paint and wax! Did you know it can crackle? All by itself? No crackle medium needed? AND yes, paint right over the wax. I painted a cupboard…didn't like the side of it the next day…even though I waxed, I painted right over it again and rewaxed….it is perfect now! Contact your nearest stockist. There are just a dozen or so of us out there right now, but we are there to help with advice, workshops, paint, brushes, wax….your home will never look the same again!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I'm very happy i happened across your blog, beautiful work, tons of great information you have very graciously shared, and i think chalk paint is in my future, perhaps a newly painted kitchen! i'm in Canada as well, so if anyone locates a shoppist here, it would be great if you could post the info, or anyone who's in the business, looks like Canadians want this product, maybe a new business venture!

  22. Yay finally something I can get cheaper in Germany than you guys in the states haha lol I'll wait for your tut before shopping so I can get everything I need without delay & then paint to my lil heart's content. Wish I was two times brilliant as you & could work those free deals lol.

  23. Ok I'm a dork & this has been bugging me, but is this like chalkboard paint or can it be used as chalkboard paint? The sanding causing dust comment made me really wonder. Thanks

  24. Great timing. I'm getting ready to repaint bookshelves. I'll definitely be checking this out.

  25. Oh friend…so fun to come across this. I have trained with Barb at Faux Works for years…she is amazing. And I have been thrilled with what I have done using chalk paint :).

    Love this post!

  26. I am excited! I just ordered two quarts of paint and two waxes to do my kitchen cabinets!!! So much great info on this post as well as in the comment section. I'll be blogging about my experience for sure and hopefully showing off a beautiful kitchen!

  27. I'm wondering if this is the same(ish) as Milk paint. Wuold anyone know?

  28. I have been wanting to try this paint after seeing what you did with it and after reading about it. I have an entertainment center that I bought a the Habitat Restore and I have just painted it black but I'm not loving it. This looks like something I would love just not sure about the technique and it is rather pricey. Hmmm…decisions, decisions, decisions.

  29. Anonymous says:

    dumb question….can you use this chalk paint of previously painted pieces or just on wood finishes? also, i have an armoire that i have already sanded and primed and have been waiting to find a good color….could i use the chalk paint on the primed armoire?

  30. Use the chalk paint on practically anything, sanded, not sanded, varnish, lacquer, unfinished, previously painted….even waxed pieces – furniture, cabinets, floors, walls, even fabric! And seriously not pricey considering it goes over 140 square feet! I did a whole walled entertainment center with one can and still had some left over!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much! I read that there are some new colors coming out….don't know if I can wait though!

  32. I'd probably pay $50/quart if I don't have to sand anything EVER again! I have a kitchen table just waiting on me to paint it, but I've been putting it off for weeks because I didn't want to sand and/or prime. WE've lived w/o a table in our kitchen for weeks :-)
    eating on the sofa (which is not all bad, is it???)

  33. Hello Miss Mustard Seed! I just got off the phone with Patty Seaman from Classic Wall Finishes.You were right about her being the best sales person. She was sooo friendly and helpful. I live near Chicago, and we don't have any shops in this area that sell this paint, so I decided to try Patty due to your comment. So glad I did. I can't wait to buy some of the chalk paint and resurrect something! I love your blog, so glad I found you! Deb Plapp [email protected]

  34. oh wow!! i love this! there are tons of possibilities. I might just paint my bathroom cabinets now. Thanks for the review and the inspiration.

  35. Thank you for the beautiful post and incredible images. I can't wait to try this product out myself. Am loving your blog — already subscribed via my Reader. :)

  36. Hi Mariann,

    I'm doing a post on different bloggers that have used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, do you mind if I use one of your pics and link back to you?


  37. Please tell me what wax and color you used on the pieces. That really made them stand out beautifully. Love, love, the look!!!! Thanks for the wonderful tip.

  38. I confess I haven't tried chalk paint yet, only because I haven't had the time to paint furniture lately. But I still shared the info with my readers today.

    (just another fan, spreading the MissMustardSeed mania 😉

  39. WOW! I LOVE the Vibrant Lois Blue! Gorgeous!!!!
    I have to try this!!! TFS!

  40. I absolutely cannot tell you how you have just made my day – no my year! by posting this information! I have LOTS of furniture that needs painting and not much time to do it, so the sanding, priming, painting process has driven me crazy(er). I jumped over to the site and ordered "Quick & Easy Paint Transformations" and the color chart. Oh, I am so excited. Now just waiting for warmer weather – oh wait, with low VOC I can paint inside!

  41. Very interesting and insightful. I can relate to this both from a jogging and writing perspective.

  42. How great is this – instant age.
    I love the shades of paint, I can't wait to try it. I oh, so love the look of faded, shabby wood. I am a new blogger but not new to your site. I have admired from afar for awhile.
    Thanks for being so helpful.

  43. Barbara Muselli, says:

    I love your Blog, thanks for sharing so many wonderful projects. I'm excited that you think so highly of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, since I have just opened a shop here in Malibu,, and I'm a mini-stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. So if you have people looking for a store to pick up the paint, or have it shipped, and they are in Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Agoura, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks or Ventura, then I am their go to store! If they come to my shop, buy paint and mention Miss Mustardseed, I will give them a 10% discount on one item in my shop, which carries vintage and painted furniture, collectibles and gifts. Offer good through the end of August. Or sign up for a paint workshop! Thanks!

  44. I'm a little late since it's August and this thread started in March, but I am soooo in love with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! First I ordered old white and Provence (from Patty in New Jersey – Great customer service!!) then quickly ordered three more colors. Each time I make an Etsy sale, my first thought is "can I buy some more paint yet?" Thanks for the tips and examples – I love your corner cabinets! I can't wait to get more colors – I even found a workshop in AZ, but I'm going to be out of town on that date! This is too long, but I am over the top excited about this paint (and your site!)!

  45. I never heard of chalk paint. I need to figure out if some place in the Phoenix, AZ area has this! I'm getting ready to paint some items I picked up at garage sales for an upcoming flea market on Oct. 1. Thank you for the info!

  46. Anonymous says:
  47. I love this stuff! As my husband says “She’ll chalk paint anything that isn’t nailed down”. =) Thank you for showcasing pieces done in chalk paint, I love the new ideas.

  48. This project is amazing. Stacy from Conspicous Style featured it on my blog today..and i have to say the result is just breathtaking!! LOVE the color and the room is fabulous!

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