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Abodent & a Winner

One fun thing about blogging is getting to introduce others to products and companies I really like.  I was recently contacted by UK based Abodent about sponsoring my blog.  (Do you think it was because of the Union Jack dresser?)  Well, I loved their stuff so much, I asked for some of their products instead of a monetary sponsorship and I was not disappointed.   
I knew immediately I wanted one of their beautiful pillow covers.  Not only is this one so pretty, but it’s extremely well made with exquisite detail on the back. 
I love it! 
They also carry unique hardware including hooks…
…and cabinet knobs. 
You’ll see these quartz knobs very soon on one of my newest dressers. 
They also carry decorative pieces and tableware like this Floral Net Bowl and petite Blizzard Jug
This jug makes a perfect creamer or small vase for flowers. 
…and you know I love blue and white.  Be still my heart. 
Here’s the best news for you.  If you love this stuff as much as I do, you can use coupon code “10MS” when shopping their site and receive a 10% discount!
Vintage Inspired

Happy shopping!
The randomly chosen winner of the Winterberry Cottage print giveaway is…
BJ of Sweet Nothings!  Congrats, my friend. 
Remember, you can use coupon code “MISSMUSTARDSEED” at Winterberry Cottage to receive a buy three get one free deal. 

For those eagerly awaiting the next installment of the slipcover tutorial series, it will be posted tomorrow.  I finished the wing chair and filmed all along the way, so I just need to edit and post the videos.  If you’re working on a project, you won’t have to wait too long. 

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  1. I swung over and took a look and the website is fabulous…found a few too many things I would love to have!
    I love how you photographed all your new things, especially the reflection through the glass knob.
    and…I'm looking forward to the next video. I only have three pieces cut so far and am stuck on the arms which aren't really arms. It's been very helpful although I cheated and bought cording!

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  2. Congratulations to BJ! What a fun win!

    I think it is a win/win to share product for advertising. If you love something enough to want to own some it is more convincing to your readers….What you have shared are very lovely items. And your photos are great!!

  3. The knob caught me eye too. It seemed funny seeing pastels on your blog though…the quilt and pillow cover are a new look at MMS!

  4. alison says:

    That jug is just too precious!!

  5. Once again MMS…you made made my day!…love the pillow cover and more…you are just the best!!!

  6. What beautiful products!

  7. GORGEOUS! Love those Maypole Drawer Knobs! Can't wait to see them put to use!!

  8. Yeah for BJ.

  9. Congratulations to BJ!

    Off to check out your new sponsor's website!!!

  10. These products are terrific….and oh so Anthro-ish. L.O.V.E.

  11. Those knobs look amazing, going to have at look at the shop now, I'm in desperate need of some knobs for a desk I'm trying to finish off!

  12. beautiful…i swear all the good stuff is in the UK 😉
    i would buy so much from there if it weren't for the shipping costs!

  13. Congratulations BJ. What beautiful stuff they have.

  14. Be still my beating heart!…Wonderful stuff!

  15. Wow what fabulous goodies. I'll have to pop over!


  16. J'aime beaucoup votre pichet… J'avais acheté aux puces des poignées de porte dans le même esprit…

  17. J'aime beaucoup votre pichet… J'avais acheté aux puces des poignées de porte dans le même esprit…

  18. Congratulations to BJ! I love the goldfinch cushion! Your quilt is beautiful, Marian. That's such a pretty photo, as are all of them. I've been following along on your slipcover tutorials and they have been very easy to follow and helpful!

  19. Those knobs are fabulous and your photographs are gorgeous as always!

  20. Heck Marian I just can't keep up with you! Your blog makeover looks beautiful, definitely a representation of you. I see you are no longer with Blogher, care to share your thoughts about that?
    And thank you so much for the slipcover tutorials. I have a few projects like that in mind and I can use all the help I can get.
    Oh and in regards to future linking up to FF, do you consider a window sill furniture? Just wondering, not that I have done anything about my window sill project yet. I am just not as quick and productive as you.

  21. It must have felt like Christmas at your house!

  22. I'm a knob person and have a collection of them to prove it… what the h— to do with them – no clue but I thought they were to die for when I purchased them lol! Your's are fun! Jennifer

  23. Beautiful! I'm heading over to check out those knobs…

  24. Your pillow's talking to us of spring's arrival! Pretty patterned fabric for that one!
    Rose &Studio; Friends

  25. I am so excited and thankful for winning these beautiful prints. I am gathering items to redo a bedroom and these are going to be just perfect in there.
    THANK YOU, Marion and Winterberry Cottage.
    xoxo bj

  26. Marian,
    you are the energizer bunny! Thanks so much for working so hard to get out the next installment of slipcovers part II or is it III? In any case, thanks a bunch. I can't wait to view it and start working on my wing chair next week!

  27. Glad for BJ! What a great gal!

  28. Oh my gosh…..incredibly beautiful things, Marian!

    xoxo laurie

  29. You're so lucky to have been chosen. Many bloggers out there would probably wish for them to be sponsored too.

    Buy Aion Account

  30. That little pitcher is calling my name. Lovely photographs.
    Mary Ann

  31. Thank you for introducing me to a fab UK company! It's great to see a company over here doing so many of the little things I love from US blogs :)

  32. Aren't you awesome for introducing us to such a fabulous company! I hopped right on over to Abodent. LOVE their stuff!

  33. Excellent!
    I like a lot this blog!

  34. yay, thanks for the link! i LOVE their stuff. I just bought a little cast iron knob for a coffee table I want to re-do in your style come spring. :) (stained top & creamy base) so excited!

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