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As most of you know, I’ve been a busy girl lately.
Today, reinforcements arrived at the Dulles Airport and I had my guest room all ready.
My mom flew up to help for a few days in any way she can.  Don’t you just love moms?
On the drive up to PA, we stopped by Lucketts, so I could show off my space with Karen
…and we visited Lynette at Wild Rose.


It was great getting to show her what her investment has grown into.
For those of you who haven’t read the story of how my business began, you should know that my mom took me out for a day of shopping and bought everything I needed to start Mustard Seed Creations (now Mustard Seed Interiors LLC.)  She also sat in the van with my two boys while I shopped my hand painted ornaments all over Gettysburg.  She came when our store moved locations.  She worked with me at the Lucketts fair.  She checks out my stats every day to see how my blog is growing and she reads all of your comments.  She has invested herself in my business in every way possible.
So, I’m getting in bed early tonight to get some rest for all of the work I’m about to do.
You think I can get a lot done?  Just wait to see what my mom and I can knock out.
Take your vitamins and hold onto your socks

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  1. lucky you and your mom ;). sadly i did not have that kind of a relationship with my mom. but i am am fortunate to have a fab relationship with my own daughter 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing what a great mom you have. Where would we be without moms to come running when they sense we need their help. I am looking forward to seeing what you two do when you work together.

  3. Sounds like a mutual admiration between you and your mom..just the way it is supposed to be. :))

  4. Awww she is so cute! I know she'll enjoy that special guest room!
    Y'all have fun :)

  5. Just enjoy her while you have her. Simba and I need her back here at home so you only get her for a week! Love, Dad

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