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My mom and I work at an exhausting pace.  Yesterday, I primed four pieces of furniture, painted three, refinished a table, cleaned our workshop, made the slipcover video, wrote a post, wrote an article for, organized my son’s clothes and toys, and painted a lamp.  Crazy, right? 
Tomorrow, we’re going to paint the solo peacock wall in my dining room in the Aria Ivory that coats the other three walls.  I love the blue, but I am planning on painting the corner cabinets blue.  And blue on blue with the blue drapes is just too much…well…blue.  I also need neutral walls for my photo shoots. 
Today, we drove all over the world to do some shopping.  First up was Hobby Lobby in Chambersburg.  I bought a bunch of materials I need for my Easter/Spring/Summer projects for  My youngest broke something and threw M and M’s on the floor.  My oldest asked about 80 times if we could go Chick-fil-a first.  Shopping with two toddlers was a little hairy at times, but we made it out ok. 
After a drop cloth stop at Lowes and a long drive to Westminster, we ate (and played) at Chick-fil-a, where my youngest screamed so loud it attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant.  I think they were certain someone had lost a limb based on the volume and urgency of the scream, but the door had simply not cooperated when he and another boy tried to exit at the same time.  
Then, it was on to Goodwill, where I was certain I would find a great haul of furniture.  I was so anxious to beat everyone else to “my” treasures that I almost left the keys in the car (with the car running.)  Nothing else matters when deals are waiting.  
Guess what I came out of Goodwill owning? 
Not one, but TWO incredible Hulk action figures that will flex their chests when a button on the back is pressed.  That’s not all, though.  We also found a plastic Thomas the Train bowl. 
Yeah, that’s not exactly the haul I was hoping for.  It was a major bummer.
The furniture I did get to look at was a bunk bed set at a furniture store, which felt like a foreign and strange place to me.  My older son asked, “Is this someones house?”  I don’t think he’s ever been in a furniture store.  I don’t think I’ve been in one for about ten years.  “I’m a thrifter.”  I told the salesmen.  “I don’t normally shop in furniture stores.”  “Hmm”, he replied.  I don’t think he was impressed. 
On the topics of bunk beds, does anyone own a set they really love?  We’re having a tough time wading through all of the options and it’s really strange territory for me.  If anyone has some good advice (or a pair of sturdy bunk beds they want to sell), please share. 
My mom and I are pooped, so we’re off to bed. 
Don’t feel too badly for her.  I’m making her awesome and healthy meals, including a veggie omelet this morning.  

I may be working her to death, but she’s going to be well fed. 

Miss Mustard Seed

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  1. HA! Your post gave me a good chuckle!

  2. I still have days like that and my kids are 10 and 8!

    As far as the bunk beds, I plan on making these for my boys..

  3. Wow, girl! YOu and your mom are quite a team!

  4. I have so lived like that. I know how exciting/frustrating life can be when trying to get through life. Remember to stop and enjoy it too. Those babies grow up and are gone before you know it. Have you considered making a set of bunk beds yourself? You have some really great skills and it would be just a matter of finding a great plan that will suit your layout. There are some great ones at you may already know about her blog but I thought I would mention it. You may even be able to incorporate a dresser or desk or etc into it. Remember to breathe and get lots of hugs from those babies. Blessings to you.

  5. You guys rock! Aren't moms the greatest?!? Bummer about the Goodwill trip. It always seems that when I'm looking for something, I never find it! Can't wait to see what else you guys get accomplished this week. And I can't believe you also have time to cook…healthy!

  6. Love the Hulk….miss those flea market days when action figures and tonka trucks were all they wanted. They grow up fast..pause and enjoy those moments…someday you will yearn for them back.

  7. What a fun day despite only some green Hulks at GW. I'm so glad you're having fun w/your mom and the boys. (Yes, enjoy those moments, even the tougher ones!) Blessings!

  8. Wow, Just ready your post made ME tired. I know how it is to shop with little ones. My shopping usually includes myself, my daughter and a 3 year old and 2 1/2 year old. If I don't have a prepared a list ahead of time I can't do it. And for forget browsing. If I want to do that I have to go alone on the weekends when my grandchildren are occupied with other things. When I shopped with my two daughters as children I did ok, but not so with the grandchildren. I think it has a little to do with my age and a lot to do with I'd rather play with them than shop. Hey…maybe that's why my daughter always wants me along when she shops!

  9. Man! Y'all ARE busy! I think those corner cabinets are gonna rock it out in blue. :-) shaunna

  10. Oh my goodness, you are wearing me out just reading about all that you got done! Praises to your mama! If she likes chocolate you better throw some of that in her breakfast line up! And make her sleep in tomorrow! What a gem!

  11. You and your Mother certainly have an abundance of energy and patience! I found my son a set of Stanley young america bunk beds with the storage drawers, tall dresser and nightstand on craigslist. I could never live without the storage drawers as our bedrooms are small and the toys are in abundance! I paid $700 for a set that would have cost $3k new.

  12. Whatever it is, I'll have what you're having! :-) I have no clue how you keep this pace…none at all.

    Eons ago, I had bunk beds in my son's room. Didn't care for them. They are horrible to make up/change sheets and falls are not good at all. We finally took them apart and used as twin beds ~ much safer and easier to work with.

  13. Check out this website for AWESOME furnature plans. Pottery Barn style with 2X4's and sheets of plywood. Might be right up your alley! I have built some of her plans and I LOVE them. No more furnature stores for me! enjoy!

  14. I can't wait to see how you decorate with those two Hulks. I hear they're all the rage.

    Do you have that much energy ALL the time? With two toddlers? Pretty soon they'll be making a Miss Mustard Seed superhero! That hulk doesn't have anything on you!

  15. Makes me laugh at all that you do in one day. I am probably your mom's age and I remember doing all of that with four kids in tow. Whew, I couldn't ever do that again!!

    The best bunk beds we ever had were handmade by my husbands uncle, in fact they are still in use by my grandchildren. Heavy duty!

  16. you. are. superwoman. I rarely have energy to get dressed with 2 little boys, let alone do ALL THAT! youre my hero.

    AND im SO incredibly jealous that you have a hobby lobby. :( no HL here.

    On the bunk bed note- hubby made ours- his first REAL wood building project- with these plans at Knock off wood-
    they were really pretty easy. the longest/hardest part was the finishing. and we all know you're the queen in that department! :)

  17. We bought bunk beds by Young America for our boys:

    You'd just have to find a furniture store that carries the company (I think there's a search function for that on the site).

    Furniture stores always seem to lack soul, in my opinion. Haven't been in one since we bought the bunk beds 3 years ago.

  18. Ah, the adventures in toddler land! Please enjoy every loudness, bumping, spilling, beaming face moment! My boys are 18 and 16 and usually have headphones in their ears! The silence IS NOT GOLDEN!… neither is waving your arms in front of them to get their attention… well, it's just silly!

  19. check out the bunkbeds at Sams—we love the ones we just bought.;=bunkbed

  20. Oh my goodness, where do you find the strength. I sure wish I had your energy. My kids are older and I have hard time getting them to go anywhere with me. "Ugh mommy, you always take to long when you go shopping". Enjoy it while they're young enough not to have a choice! haha!!!

  21. Anonymous says:
  22. wendy says:

    what color blue did you use on the wall in the original picture (before painting aria ivory)? do you think that shade of blue at 50% would look nice on my ceiling with aria ivory on the walls and tucker resist indigo fabric on the windows? i’ve been wanting to paint the ceiling blue and i’m looking for the perfect shade to go with tucker resist indigo. thanks in advance for the help!

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