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My House – Before & Afters of 2010

While everyone else is organizing and freshening their homes for the remainder of the winter, I’m still in the thick of decorating for Christmas.  I have to work a year ahead in my freelance writing and I have to do it while the fresh tree is still alive and the Christmas stuff is out.  I’m making a final push to finish all of my projects, so the tree can come down and I can move on!

Since the only stuff I have to share is soooo last month, I thought I would share the big changes I made in my home this year, all gathered together in one post. 

I’m surprised at how much my home has changed in a year.  All of the before pictures were taken around January of last year.  Here we go!
The dining room before…
…and now.
The living room before…
…and now.
The guest room before…
…and now.

My bed (the room isn’t quite finished, yet) before…
…and now.

Whew.  I get tired just looking at all of the painting, sewing, refinishing and upholstering I did. 
But there’s lots more to come.  The projects on the list for this year are…
We’re working on our home office, which is a very awkward space.  It basically became a glorified hallway when the 1940’s kitchen was removed and the addition was put on.  We’re putting built-ins around the window with a wonderful chippy farm table between them as a desk. 

A bench, bead board, hooks and a shelf are going on my two tone wall (that’s painted with chalkboard paint above.)  The room will be much prettier and more functional.  Can’t wait for this, too!

I’ll keep plugging away at my master bedroom and I’m sure it’ll be finished sometime this year.  The kitchen and family room are still on my makeover wish list, but those have to wait until we reach some personal financial goals.  Once those are met, I am getting new counters, floors, appliances, everything.  I really can’t wait for that one!  It’s where we spend the most time and it’s the space I like the least right now.  The good thing is that the bones are great.  It just needs some cosmetic changes to get it all to my liking.  Hope you’ll come along for the ride!
Furniture Friday will be back this week and will post at the usual time – 10:00 pm EST Thursday night.  Get your posts ready to share!
Miss Mustard Seed

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  1. It's okay to still have your Christmas decorations up. This is Christmas eve in Russia. Tomorrow, Jan 7, the whole Orthodox world will be celebrating the birth of Christ! Enjoy!!

  2. Amazing what you can get done in a year! I am so inspired by all your hard work.

  3. Great post, I love everything you've done with your home this year! Beautiful work! :)

  4. I LOVE the afters. Do you have a tutorial on how you did the curtain behind your bed? I would love to "borrow" that idea from you. So inspiring ~ Deanna

  5. Wha ha ho! Are you kidding me! You were busy this year. Those afters are pretty spectacular!

  6. The rooms look gorgeous. And I used that exact fabulous fabric in your dining & living rooms in my library! Love it!

  7. Wow is all I can say. Your rooms were beautiful before… but…Wow!! Now they are GORGEOUS and loaded with oodles and oodles of charm. :)

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