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Furniture Feature Friday – Favorites & A Link Party


Hello all of my furniture lovin’ friends.  I’ve had a bit of an up-and-down week.  Clothes shopping woes.  Panic attacks over formal wear.  Now this is my kind of party.  I’m sitting on my couch with my Diet Dr. Pepper, sporting some sweat pants and a ratty, paint splattered sweatshirt with so many holes around the sleeves that it looks like they were attacked by moths.  Thanks for letting me come as I am. 
So, let’s get to the makeovers.  I’ve been tackling some reupholstery of my own this week, so I thought I would highlight the upholstery work of some other talented ladies. 
Victoria from Whimsy by Victoria brought this ornate sofa back to life and into the 21st century.  Don’t you love the pillows and the pumpkins, too?
4 the love of wood was a brave soul to take on a tufted chair like this Victorian beauty.  She covered it with a vintage white coverlet, which I think is a brilliant idea.  
Sissy from Welcome to Giddings Lane did a beautiful job on this wing chair.  You must check out the color of the original upholstery.  The chair was given the nickname “Elphaba”, which if you’re familiar with the musical Wicked, will make perfect sense to you.  You did a wonderful making her “Popular.”  :)
Link away!

Here are the rules for this get together…

1.) Your post has to be about furniture.  Please, please, please…just furniture.  If you find your link has been deleted, it’s not because I’m mean, it’s because your post was not about furniture.  You can share makeovers, awesome finds, favorite pieces, furniture arrangements, or even pieces on your wish list!  Built-in furniture like kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities qualify as furniture.  
2.) Post a permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog.
3.) The link party closes Friday at midnight PST and I will choose my favorite(s) and feature their project on next week’s FFF.

Miss Mustard Seed

I’ll be at Blissdom next week, so we won’t meet, but I’ll be expecting twice the link ups on February 4!

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  1. Your blog is great你的部落格真好!!
    If you like, come back and visit mine:

    Thank you!!Wang Han Pin(王翰彬)
    From Taichung,Taiwan (台灣)

  2. Love the features! Thanks so much for hosting each week!

  3. I don't know how I did it, but I entered my link three times! How embarrassing! I'm sorry!


  4. Love the colors on the sofa ~ and the tufted chair is awesome!

  5. Great picks! Thanks for hosting!

  6. I love the white sofa. I can not wait to see what you do with your new chairs, ALL of them. Good luck shopping for an outfit. Alway try to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in because it makes you look better if you feel good about yourself. One thing I have learned from What not to wear is that you should not concentrate on the numbers but about what makes you look good. Haveing fun in the most important.

  7. Wish I had the guts (and skills!) to reupholster a piece. Those are all fabulous!

    Thanks for hosting. :)

  8. That tufted chair is amazing!!! And using a vintage coverlet is genius! I love it!!
    Those pumpkins are so sculptural and really pop next to that sofa..which is totally cool by the way!!

  9. Thanks for hosting, I always look forward to seeing what is linked here.

  10. Wow! Thank you for making my day! :) I am honored to be featured with those talented ladies! 😉 I know you will look beautiful…as always. Sending lots of hugs and love your way!!


  11. Does it count if I link to a post about a dream I had about furniture? 😉 Seriously, last night I had a dream that I was in an old house that was going to be destroyed and I was saving all this beautiful old furniture and wondering how I was going to fit it in my car. *Sigh* I need to spend a little less time on Craigs List, looking at blogs, and taking on projects, I'm araid.

  12. I LOVE the remake in the first picture, and so many fun shared bits to look at!

    I messed up and added my link twice and couldn't find a way to delete it! I apologize for the "Thrift Love" post, do delete it :)

    Have fun at Blissdom!

  13. Thanks so much for hosting lady! I love linking up over here and always see bunches of traffic! Have fun at Blissdom!

    love your guts

  14. Mels Designs says:

    Hello Miss Mustard, what a classy blog…I'm participating in "Copy Me"..visit me at Mel's Cabin

  15. Thank you so much for picking my chair! What a huge compliment. To be up there with that great tufted chair and sofa is amazing!

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