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Trumeau Mirror Transformation

Wood lovers…look away. 
I found this trumeau mirror at a yard sale in September and immediately fell in love with the shape.  I wasn’t too in love with the 1980’s speckled finish, though.  It looked fine from a distance, but it looked dated when you leaned it.  It was also a little heavy visually for the room.  I asked some opinions about painting it and received many pleas asking me not to. 
Well, I gave it a lot of thought and then I saw this picture…
(Thank you, Judy, for letting me know this picture is of the beautiful home of Desarae Crafts of Peeking thru the Sunflowers.)  I love the colors of this mirror and knew I wanted to paint mine, so I did…

…and I love it!.

The finished turned out perfect and the color compliments the other blues in the room, but it’s not too matchy-matchy. 

I was painting and reupholstering my pair of French chairs today and I am giddy with how they look so far.  I can’t wait to share…
Miss Mustard Seed

I’m sharing this at SNS over at Donna’s. 

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  1. Oh so fabulous!! Love the way it turned out! I was lucky enough to take a trip to Paris with my mom a few years back. I had my heart set on a trumeau mirror…can you believe I only came across two of them? I did come home with a mirror just not a trumeau.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see the chairs…

  3. The table and chairs are beautiful..Great job

  4. I'm a wood lover but I would have painted this too! I love the final result and your color choices. Perfect!

  5. Shut the front door….that is one rockin refab! It looks perfect in the room.

  6. LOVE this style of paint treatment. Definitely much better than the plain wood. Aqua is one of my FAVORITE colors, too. Super job!

  7. perfect choice! it looks great above your sofa!

  8. Ok, so I'm hoping that if I wish hard enough I'll find a mirror like that one I can attempt to paint. You did a great job transforming this!

  9. Wow I love what you did. What colours did you us as I d like to try that. Im a blue nut so I really need to do something like that. Fiona

  10. Love it! You really have an eye for the before and after look!

  11. LRWGandy says:

    This is truly lovely- can you pls advise the paint colors, order in which you applied them please? I have a similar mirror that has been in the corner of the garage and was just about ready to donate it to Goodwill but it has now moved back into the living room- I had told my husband I needed approx $200 for a new mirror over the sofa but when I told him I was going to up-cycle the one in the garage, (and where I got the idea) he wanted to know whose feet to kiss for saving him money! HA!


  1. […] comments, requests and pleas for a tutorial on how I achieved the paint treatment used on my trumeau mirror and reupholstered French chairs.  Well, I aim to please, so here it is! For the […]

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