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New Dining Table

My friend Donna sent me an e-mail today commenting on the fact that I am busy working on my house and have totally neglected to decorate for Christmas.  Yes, that’s true.  We do have our tree up, which half the lights are out and there are hardly any ornaments below three feet (my boys keep pulling them off), and I did manage to arrange a couple of mantles, but other than that…nothing.  The truth is, I’m about to work on a ton of Christmas projects for HGTV and I’m holding out on buying a fresh tree and greenery as long as I can.  You also have to remember that I started making my Christmas line in September and I got a little burnt out, so I took a break and worked on Halloween stuff in November and now I’m ready for Christmas in January.  Craziness!
I’m also about ready to start a mad dash.  I’ve got Blissdom (yay!), the Ground Hog’s Day Sale at Lucketts, a Chartreuse barn sale each month, my booth to tend to at Wild Rose, articles for Cottages and Bungalows, a wedding I’m designing for and the Lucketts Antique Market, both in May and, on top of all of that, I’m starting another business venture that you’ll be hearing about soon.  I am nuts AND busy, so I’m taking the time to finish two rooms while I have a slight calm before the storm. 
So, at long last, here is my new dining room table.  I finished it the same way I did my last one, which I sold, but I like this one even more. 
(Hmm…I’m still thinking about painting those corner cabinets, though.  They’re just so close in color to the floor…)

Here’s the before. 

I wasn’t sure if I would liked the shape of these chairs when I first bought the set, but I really love them now they’re white and skirted.

The detail on the legs is so pretty and a slight distressing brought out the detail. 

The table top is my favorite.  The inlay is so gorgeous and was covered in that horrible orange and black speckled finish.  It’s now natural and classic. 

You will be able to read a full tutorial on how to make these chair skirts, but not on this blog.  You’ll just have to wait and see where it will pop up… 

Today, my sewing machine was on fire.  I finished upholstering the two French chairs, made two pillows and the last two curtain panels in my living room.  I will definitely be sharing it all with you, but here’s a sneak peek of the chairs…

I was so happy making them, knowing they were for me.  I didn’t have to work on not getting attached to them.  I finished after the sun was long down, so I’ll get some pictures tomorrow. 
Miss Mustard Seed

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  1. Marian,
    You are the "wonder woman" of industry. I'm so impressed and happy you finished your dining room. Is it the picture or did you paint the walls another color…they look much more turquoise on my computer?
    Karen at Garden Home and Party

  2. Don't leave us hanging on the darling seat covers! Let us know where we can find the tutorial when it pops up!

  3. Love the new dining set!
    Reading all your upcoming plans… I have to wonder how you keep up with HOME…. and do you SLEEP?! LOL

  4. looks great — but please please please DON'T paint those corner hutches! at least from what you've shown us in pictures, they're such a lovely rich wood and balance the airy whites and blues quite sweetly, and go well with your table and even the floor. don't paint them! =)

  5. Marian, I don't know where you find the time and the drive to do all these projects so well and so quickly. I love the new set. I agree, more so than the last set! Pretty backs on the chairs and pretty slips!

  6. Just beautiful!! I love those ruffled chair cushion!!

  7. Just beautiful!
    B. Ragards Elisabeth

  8. I'm a newbie at this blog thing, so you don't know me, But your dining room table ROCKS, just beautiful1!!!!and I would paint the corner cabintes,My friends laugh at me they tell me "give the girl a can of white paint and God help us….

  9. Beautiful table! Has that wall always been blue? I don't remember that… It looks great!

  10. I love the table and chairs, and I think you're right about the corner cabinets. They would look fantastic painted.

  11. I love what you did to those chairs. I think the cabinets will look good painted or not. :) So if you need the energy for something else, don't paint lol

  12. So GORGEOUS, Marian! The inlay is stunning & those slips are so very sweet. Cabinets are beautiful as is but I'd love to see them painted. Has that accent wall always been blue? I love it!…don't remember it being blue though. I remember the drapes & a cupcake sign.


  13. NICE! I really love the shape of the chair backs too. They look great with the skirts, nice touch – much better than simple reupholstering (like I usually do!). I see what you mean about the corner cabinets. That's always such a dilemma – liking a certain finish on wood but then ending up with furniture and the floors matching. I'd say paint them, but maybe not entirely so there's still contrast with the table. I'm sure you'll figure out what looks best.
    Did I read a little hint of things to come regarding a blog how-to? What do you have up your sleave MMS?
    Have a super blessed CHRISTmas with the fam,

  14. Absolutely beautiful! But now you've got me worried that I'll miss the chair skirt tutorial!

  15. That table is gorgeous! And the chairs would have had me at hello! the corner cabinets would look great white too..

  16. OMG!!!! Look at that table before and after!?!?!? OMG!!! WOW! BTW: I didn't comment on them before – but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your curtains! LOVE!

  17. Your table is beautiful and it does sound like you are very busy…but remember this is the only year..the only time for this Christmas and no matter how busy you are or successful you are be careful that you don't miss out on what is truly important. Blessings, Dianntha

  18. What a fantastic work your home has to be one of my favorite homes and posts of all time…love it! round dining table sets

  19. I have been checking out a few of your article stories and I must say pretty clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog. Thank you very much.

  20. Andrea Mayo Zawada says:

    Is your table top oak veneer? I have one I need to finish and was worried about sanding it. There is also about an inch missing and I’m not sure what to do about it, can you advise??? Also, did you use 2 tones of stain?
    Please and thank you

    PS: Love your work!!

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