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Tag Tutorial & Creative Eggs

In preparing for Lucketts, I’ve been trying to make things that are interesting to display around my booth and sell.  I bought some papier mache eggs and thought I would experiment a little.  So, I tried decoupaging antique sheet music on a few…
…and painted a few in chalkboard paint.
They’re just a little different and fun.  We’ll see if they sell.
I had several questions about my tags, so I thought I would show how I make them.  These are super easy and I can make more any time I need them.
First of all, I am blessed to have a great friend and designer who designed the style and layout of these tags for me.  She fit nine on a page, so I can print them up by the sheet on card stock.
Using a paper cutter, I trim the tags into strips, so they’ll fit in a punch.
I then punch out the tags.  You can order punches like this on the Internet or find them in craft stores.
The pain-in-the-rear about this punch is that I have to use it upside-down, so I can see where I’m punching.  This is a pretty big design flaw in my opinion.
But the shape is awesome.
I use a standard hand-held hole punch, so I can tie the tag onto merchandise.
I use hemp twine purchased from Wal-Mart for $5.00.  It’s cheaper than ribbon and I like the natural texture.
I tie all of my tags on loops, so the tags can easily be turned over by customers.  There’s nothing more annoying than when you want to buy something, but you can’t see the price tag.  I try to make shopping (and buying) easy for my clients.
Tags make a big difference in how professional your “goods” look, so it’s worth putting a little time and money into.
I must confess to all of you that my house is a total mess.  It’s not only a mess, but it’s dirty and I can hardly take it anymore.  A few days ago, my three year old exclaimed, “I’m tired of the mess.”  I know he was simply quoting words I have huffed many times over the past couple of weeks.  Here’s photographic evidence.  Yes…those are van seats in my living room.
I’ve already warned my hubby that after Lucketts we’re washing slipcovers, cleaning out the toys, shampooing the carpets, and deep cleaning the entire house. I am really looking forward to the moment I can flop on a clean sofa and prop my feet up on a clean coffee table, with clean ceiling fans overhead and watch a clean TV set in a clean armoire. Sensing a theme, here?

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  1. Thank you so much! I thought your tags are awesome! As I am getting ready for an art fair, I am scrambling around for something nice to attach to my work.
    You can't imagine how much you helped me today!
    Have a great time at your art fair, too! Good luck to us!

  2. Thank you for showing the chaos, it helps us all to know that you aren't perfect, lol. I am soo happy that this time has finally come for you, you will ROCK!!! I like the eggs btw :) Tags are a good indicator of what's to come!

  3. …like they say a McDonalds — you deserve a break today!!! Hope you get yours soon.

  4. I have the same cut out for my tags and I agree with you about the design! Major flaw.
    Your tags are incredible, by the way.

  5. Its my first time here… All the stuff is simply amazing.. I loved your blog.. Gosh!! You are such a bundle of talent!!

  6. Aside from the millions of adorable things you show off… I had to comment on this and tell you what a HUGE SMILE you put on my face by posting that picture of your living room! I have a special form of OCD I call, obsessive cleaning disorder. I am a wreck when things are out of place and when I see all the beautiful pictures of blogger homes I sometimes feel inferior about my own ability to create and keep a clean space. This just made my day! Thanks a bunch!

  7. I LOVE this idea for my bath and body products! thank you so much for sharing.

  8. hi love your tags can you share how to make the hemp "loops" you refer too when tieing your tags on items? Maybe direct me to a tutorial somewhere. Thanks ans love your blog and your stuff!
    Pam Allen

  9. Just like the last commenter, I too was curious what kind of knot was used for the tags. After a google search, I found that it is a Lariat Loop and is a variation of the slip knot. You can see how to tie it here:

  10. oh my goodness! I just Googled decoupaged eggs to get some ideas of ways to create fun Easter eggs. This link came up, I can't believe we both did music sheet paper eggs! I swear we are on the same creative wave link. It's kind of creepy!

  11. I smiled when I saw those van seats in your LR…that is the story of my life being a thrift enthusiast 😉 Oh how I dream of stow n' go seating. After browsing your pictures I have to say your LR and DR are just gorgeous. To be surrounded by vintage things (or vintage inspired things) would be like heaven for me. Love those little tags. Love your blog. It inspires me :)

  12. Hi, Any chance you could write a tutorial on how to price your treasures? I slave over them so I think they are worth a fortune of course, but one needs to be realistic. Do you have any giudelines for this sort of thing? I would also like to know how one prices custom pieces. I turn away people because I just don't know. My life has changed now and I can't afford to turn away opportunity, Thanks so much! sorry for the novel. :0)

  13. Jessica says:

    Those eggs are pretty, but I'm in love with the wreath hanging on your mirror! That is so pretty!!

  14. Have you ever thought of using a die-cutting machine such as a Cricut to cut out your cards?(I didn't read all of the above comments, so excuse me if someone already suggested this!)

  15. Thanks for the wonderful tag tutorial. Any chance you know the brand of the punch you used?

    The cluttered and dirty house is the story of a creative mind I'm afraid. Too busy being creative for housework. LOL Hoping to move soon so we can leave the dust behind for a little while.

    Karen I have an article How to Price My Art or Craft Product at

  16. Absolutely beautiful tags! Plus, I love the way you made them so beautiful while saving money!! You are an inspiration.

  17. I’ve been a fan of your blog for ages now. I just stumbled onto this post, however. Thank you so much! I’ve been struggling with tags for my items for my Etsy shop and those I take to a local consignment shop. I know what I’ll be working on the rest of the day! I’m off to Michael’s with my 40% coupon to purchase a tag punch.
    Thank you! Thank you!

  18. Can you give more details about your tags? What program did she use? Is she for hire to create mine? Thanks!

  19. ma che bella la tag, potre sapere dove trovarne una da comperare? grazie anna

  20. African Romantic says:

    Thanks for the info re: tags! Can’t wait to try it and remember:
    Creative minds are seldom tidy….let the cleaning & organizing wait..!

  21. i was wondering what kind of printer I need in order to print on cardstock and have it look professional?

  22. Caron says:

    I love the idea for the tags, they are very professional looking. I have the punch and am excited to make these. I was killing myself laughing about pics and thoughts on the mess in the house. That is my life too. Thanks for being transparent and honest it is encouraging to know that someone else knows the woes of sale prep. A tidy house means less product and less sales!


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