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Elegant or Ew?

I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere in a few rooms in my house.  My bedroom, living room, dining room and guest room are all starting to come together.  I’m especially excited about my dining room at the moment.  Every time I peek through my home office from my kitchen, I get this view…
I have found myself wandering into the room, just to look around.  Now, just imagine my blue and white Waverly curtains hanging on either side of the window.  Sigh…I am just loving it.
I’m not 100% sure about the arrangement on the sideboard, but that will probably be in a constant accessory rotation and will change with the seasons.
My aunt brought me the large ginger jars along with a pair of corner cupboards that I am still waiting to show you.  The drop leaf table (minus the leaves, which are in my basement) was given to me by my in-laws.  I was using it as a desk in my office, but it was perfect for this spot. 
Now, I know there was a little bit of controversy about the antlers I purchased at Lucketts.  I did decide to hang a pair on the wall and put the others in an ironstone plate on my silver chest.  Yesterday, one of the teenagers we work with came over to my house for some help with a sewing project and she said they looked terrible and were gross. 
I must say, I was a little grossed out while I was hot gluing some wire inside the little skull to hang them on my wall, but I stand by my decorating decision….and I’m in good company.
Photo Source: Country Living
I think antlers can look so elegant and earthy. 
Photo Source: Elle Decor
Nothing says “classy” quite like antlers on a truck…
…or toilet? 
Oh, come on, now.  Really? 
Now, I’m not going to go this far, but I do think my little pair looks cool and is an unexpected addition to this arrangement. 
So, what do you think?
I found some cool things while out at yard sales this morning.  I’ll share them soon!

Miss Mustard Seed

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  1. Considering that I live with a big game hunter, I like the antlers. I think you need a bit of leather or suede around the skull though. I think it also needs some kind of plaque behind it. It seems very wimpy in perspective. It's like an afterthought. The plates are gorgeous and I feel your eye is drawn to them and then to the antlers.

  2. Im not a fan of the antlers, but I love all the rest!

  3. One of the coolest antler ideas I have seen was a bunch of them all stacked together in a huge garden urn~very striking.

    Love your blog;))

    Blessings, Carol

  4. Loving your dining room! Can't wait to see the curtains.
    Mine is next on my list and I can't wait to get started. I need my hubby to move the chandelier over a bit so I can paint but he is trying to get me to finish a small boring project and he won't do it until its done! MEN!

  5. Don't like (sorry). Please don't hold it against me, I do love so many other pics of your home.

  6. For aesthetic purposes, I like the look. It's quirky and an interesting natural element. But for me, I just see the little baby deer that used to hold the antlers and it makes me kinda sad. But I'm a total sap and have been tossing around the idea of not eating red meat anymore so, that's the kind of person you are talking to! It's your home, and if it makes you happy, keep it!

  7. The antlers are perfect! Takes me back to the photos of old European estates and studies whose old leather chairs I would love to sink into with an old interesting book. I grew up hunting (and still do), and while there may be gross elements to it from the perspective of a queasy stomach, the value of a deer is great to those of us who need to hunt to provide for our family nutritionally and to manage the farm land for balance. While antlers can easily be bragging rights for the male set, I feel the female can embrace them in a better, more reverent way, honoring the deer for the provision it gave. If it were not for hunting, my family would very well have gone hungry through many winters. They were our food and were hunted in as honorable a way possible. Antlers, for me, are a reminder of this and a sign of something to give thanks for. On the lighter side, as a decor element, I feel they bring timelessness to a room, a feeling of history. Lovely.

  8. I Love your room and your decorating style but I am not a fan of antelers either. I do appreciate them in someone else home but not in my home.
    Love the chair pads and can't wait to see the curtain hung.

  9. I Like them… I think they do add a sense of earthiness to the room, and they are so sweet and small, the huge ones can be a little gross sometimes! It looks great in your room and I like it with the plates.
    :) Flick

  10. Aw, if you're going to do horns, do it bigger and be obvious about it, I say.

    I love your ginger jars! Very nice.

  11. I like the juxtaposition of the antlers next to the china…I see why many would not, but this is the wonderful thing about decor, each to their own! Janell

  12. I mulled over some antlers recently and passed on them, only to wish I had picked them up. I personally think if they were shed naturally they are OK. Trophy heads are too much for me because I am squeamish, plus I think it is disrespectful to the animal that has provided food to display it's head. Yours however looks not like taxidermy, but more like a naturally found weathered piece. I agree with someone else who commented they they would look good mounted.

  13. i like the antlers. Funny thing is I didn't even notice them as 'out of sorts' until you mentioned it. I was thinking you were trying to decide on teh gold on the frame! I have to admit I don't LOVE stuffed animal heads… but anlters are fine. Not to mention since I am a meat eater I would be hard pressed to say it's wrong to have anything like that. And for the most part we are typing wearing our leather shoes!
    I think it is a nice juxtaposition! You rock!

  14. heheh forget the antlers…I LOVE the blue and white platter…it is gorgeous…I collect blue and white stuff..and it caught me eye.

  15. I think what's not-quite-right about your antlers is that if you look at the other examples, one is a collection of game antlers with some fishing baskets, creating an outdoor theme, and the other is in a less "feminine" setting than your room, and also appear to be "game" animals. Your antlers look like something off a cow or steer, no offense. I think this is what makes them look a bit off, combined with your more cottagey overall look. They really don't relate to anything else in the room, even with the ones in the bowl below. But if you like them, that's what counts.

  16. i think if they were a little bit more substantial they would look better…the other examples are all mounted on boards..if yours were mounted i think it might give it that little extra 'something'..i don't know if that helps or not 😉

  17. First-LOVE the faux birds in the dining room. But I have to ask… what's the difference between having skins/hooves/horns etc hanging on the wall from deer, elk , antelope, etc…or a dog? Cat?

    Buddhism puts all living things on an equal plane. IMHO, I think hanging animal skeletons/skins is very disrespectful of mother nature's creatures. people seem to love them, so I know it's a trend that will continue, but still…it's just not for me.

  18. I don't mind the antlers, but they seem to be a little out of place there. Maybe they should be on a wall that is more full. They look really small up against that open space. Although, I do think you have changed this room up a bit since this post. Did you leave them in the room or move them??

    Andrea @

  19. Dr. J says:

    As my husband always says, if you were certain you would not have asked for an opinion. My opinion is 1) Too casual/lodge for this room even in an eclectic scenario 2) Too creepy in a dinning room – ditto the plate of bones below. Forgive me, but they look like you were clearing the table and the phone rang and you forgot to throw them out. 3) Scale is wrong – too small. In place of them, I would rather see you repeat another narrower gilt frame(s) with, black elements inside (silhouettes – maybe your children – or an "empty" frame with a scroly wrought iron thing, or a script saying inside – my Aunt did "…give us this day our daily bread" as a wall art "border"). Then, on the table, replace the plate-o-bones with an antique cut crystal bowl filled with dried lavender and delphinium petals (or blue and white porcelain balls $1ea @ Christmas Tree Shop) to pick up the blue of your china and mirror the sparkle of your chandelier. I'd also like to see some antique silver things there as well. But, it's your house…

  20. I think your antlers are great! Interesting topic for debate though, so it’s nice to see other people’s opinions. I have about 6 pairs of old mounted antlers in our snug/TV room, on the shelves, along with glass jars of shells, interesting beach combing finds, swan feathers and old Swiss equestrian plaques. Vintage antlers are just that! Vintage, and although I am an animal lover, I see no wrong in purchasing something which had belonged to an animal which died before my parents were born. I would never buy new taxidermy type pieces but with antiques there will and should always be interest and popularity. Marion, don’t change the antlers!


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