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Simple Mirror Makeover

I have a few dozen projects that I’m right in the middle of and I am making a push to get as much finished for next weekend as I can.  Not only are we attending the Lucketts Antique Fair, but our shop will be right in the middle of the Gettysburg Spring Antique Market.  So, I want to have as much for sale as possible.  I’m going to have a lot of before and afters to share in the coming days and weeks, so make sure to check in often.
I found this mirror at Good Will for a few dollars and loved the ornate shape of it.  It doesn’t look too bad in the “before” picture, but in person it looked like tacky, cheap plastic that was painted gold.
I love how the mirror shows some age and wear.  I simply painted it out in acrylic paint (Sea Foam by Folk Art) and then glazed it in Burnt Umber Acrylic paint mixed with polycrylic. 
It’s now in the stash…eagerly awaiting a trip to Lucketts.  If you’re making that trip as well, be sure to link up to my Lucketts Linky.  I want to meet all of my blogger friends who are attending.  (Donna…why, oh why do you live in Canada?)
Miss Mustard Seed

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  1. It looks just gorgeous. I love the color. Hugs, Marty

  2. This is just gorgeous! I happened to buy a mirror yesterday at a garage sale that looks alot like yours. Yes, mine is very plastic-y looking too! But I plan on painting it and turning it into a chalkboard! Thanks for all of your great ideas!

  3. Beautiful! I love the color. I mixed some strong coffee in with the poly to age something last week, I'll have to try paint next time.

  4. So pretty! I love that blue-aqua color. What's a polycrylic?? Do I need it? Where do I get it? LOL

  5. This looks great! I love the color! Umm… You may have to explain the poly mixture a little bit more;-)

  6. It sure looks good that color!!

  7. Gorgeous finish. That color is perfect. Very cool piece!


    P.S. Thanks for your input on the French Provincial china cabinet. I was already debating about the white or cream with french blue interior. I'm trying to force myself to consider colors other than white! :-)

  8. :( (shrugging shoulders, hands in pockets, kicking a tin can while pouting) I dunno.

    Fabulous piece! I have not fallen in love with any pieces I've found lately and honestly, that's so much of the end result. I'm starting to think good furniture in Pennsilvania grows on trees. In fact, I'm suspiciously thinking you grow one in your own back yard! :)

    Best wishes on your upcoming sale!


  9. The mirror looks stunning, love the colour that you have painted it.

    A bientot,


  10. You chose the perfect color for this beautiful mirror..Love it.

  11. Love the mirror!!! The color is gorgeous!

  12. I just love transformations. I also love the old glass in mirrors, especially when they lose their silvering a little bit.

  13. I love it in its new color! The frame details are wonderful.

  14. Love the mirror makeover! I wish I live closer I want to come too.

  15. I found a mirror like that but it had 2 sconces and a shelf that matched it. Seeing yours, I could kick myself for not getting it.

    Good luck on the show!

  16. I have that mirror!!

  17. I`m new on your blog and i love it!
    Your projects are stunning!;)
    This mirror is cool too.

    Greetings from Germany…

  18. Love it! I have the need to do some crafts now…. Off to do something.

  19. your blog is such an inspiration for me as i also just started my business in febuary. glad to know of bloggers alike, you have a great sunday and would love to be one of your hundreds of followers. verbena cottage

  20. That's lovely and the PERFECT color. I recently bought a thrift store frame very similar to that. I have very similar plans for it!

  21. Lovely! I see mirrors like that all the time, but they are more than a few dollars. Have one right now, but trying to decide what color to paint it.

  22. Very lovely re-do. I have been collecting mirrors for a long time & several are in storage, just waiting for me to re-vamp them. . . & now I have the inspiration I needed!

    And thanks so very, very much for telling us the color of paint. . . .it's most helpful!

    Again – a lovely redo.

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