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Hand Painted Tole Chandelier Makeover


I went out to some yard sales on Saturday to hunt for some additional things to take with me to Lucketts next weekend.  I was all excited about going to this 1000+ home community yard sale only to find out it’s not happening until next weekend.  After a late start and no yard sales, it looked like the day was going to be a bust.  Then, I found this great tole chandelier at my local thrift store.

Well, it didn’t look great at first.  It was spray painted a tacky gold and the previous owner stuck some crystal cups and swags on the candles.  It was very strange, but I could see the potential.
I first removed the crystals, which are glass, not plastic, so I’ll use them for something else.  I generally love crystals on a chandelier, but it was not working in this case.  Look how the crystal candle cup is just set on the original metal holder.  Really weird.
So, I sprayed the chandelier in SW Creamy using my paint sprayer.  It took two coats and some brush work to get into all of the nooks and crannies. 
It really needed some color, so I used very soft acrylic paint colors and a lot of glaze to add color to the leaves and flowers.  I just used my glue gun drip technique on the plastic candle sleeves and sprayed them with cream spray paint.
Lastly, I sewed a cord cover in some blue silk that was left over from another project.
I love this chanedlier and I wish I had a spot for it in my house, but I don’t.  It’s coming with me to Lucketts and I’m hoping it will find a good home there.  I think it would look so sweet in a little girl’s room.  More to come…
Miss Mustard Seed
I’m posting this to Met Monday.

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  1. that is so lovely. I wish I had a spot for her, but I don't think the hubby would appreciate me putting it in either of our boys rooms :) Great painting job!

  2. Great job, I love it! We are on the same page my friend as my post today is on a chandie transformation that I did this weekend.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Quite lovely my dear, a little girl's room will surely be sweetened by that beauty !


  4. once again, you have blown me away! very sweet light.

  5. I love that, you made it so much better !

  6. Wow, what a difference. Looks so pretty. It would look great in a craft room too 😉

  7. Oh it is just fabulous. Love your new paint job. It turned out wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  8. O my goodness…you are a genius! This turned out sooo beautifully!



  9. wow, it's beautiful!! kudos, miss mustard seed :)

  10. YOu did a splendid job with this. Great paint colors. We hung a similar one recently in our hallway. My sister had one in her laundry room…swanky.

  11. All I can say is WOW!!! I am sure it took some time but it is beautiful!

  12. That's perfection :)

  13. This is quite a transformation! The chandy looks beautiful now.

  14. Crystal from Fussy Monkey Business says:

    Totally love it! So much better than the before!!

  15. Wow, that turned out beautifully! Sometimes you see things, and just wonder what the original owner was thinking!! LOL!! :) You made that chandie look just beautiful again! Great job!!

  16. It would look sweet in my room! HA! Love it!
    Wish I could go to Lucketts…I would be there with bells on for sure.

  17. I love these chandeliers and you have restored this one beautifully! Great job!

  18. i like the change, it remember me a little bit of the 50ties. great work thank you for the pictures regards jürgen

  19. Wow! What a stunning transformation! Impressive!

  20. Oh how you inspire me, miss mustard seed! So beautiful. Honestly…just absolutely adorable! You are one talented artist. God blessed you with the natural gift to make anything your hand touches a work of art. : ) Blessings to you!

  21. Uniquely beautiful. You had a vision and went with it and the result is spectacular. Well done.

  22. That is beautiful! I can see it in a girl's room, too, or outside if you have a covered area and electricity. Love the colors you used.

  23. So pretty – Love the transformation!

  24. My dear…you are a genius!! It was indeed tacky, and now it is just beautiful!!

  25. B E A U T I F U L… I can't believe that is the same lamp… it is so gorgeous… you are amazing. Love, Love, Love it.

    Hugs, Deb

  26. That is beautiful! You have such a great idea for a diamond in the rough! I don't know how you can part with all of your beautiful creations!

  27. Oh, it's just lovely – some little girl is going to be so happy!

  28. It is Fabulous!

  29. What a vision. I would never have thought of painting it in different colors. Guess that's why you are the professional and I am the amateur.
    They are going to be fighting over this one!

  30. I completely misunderstood your post. I thought you bought it all pastel and painted it silver and gold. I could have creid until I realised that it was the other way round. I LOVE IT! You did a beautiful job!

  31. Just beautiful!!!! I would love one of those for my laundry room. Wanting to cheer it up a bit. Jackie

  32. I like the soft colors you used. This will make someone very happy!

  33. Just stop it now! How can you do that?

    I would have taken one look, if I looked at all at the thing, and thought, Eegads!! Now it's so stinkin' pretty that I want it. Hmmph.

  34. Wow!! Awesome transformation!

  35. Wow, you made that chandelier so lovely. Adding the colors was a wonderful idea. I posted about one that I got an an auction, but it was already painted and so pretty.
    I don't think it will last long.


  36. Your chandelier is absolutely gorgeous!!! You sure brought it back to life. And like you said, it would be so pretty in a little girl's room. I want to try to get brave and spray paint my brass chandelier. And I like the fabric-covered cord. Thanks for sharing. Good luck at the sale this weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  37. You did such a pretty job on this sweet little piece! I love the wzx drips and the soft paint colors..nice job!

  38. love this blog-i must say- and that chandelier is lovely- i have seen one of those at a friends shop- i should tell her to hand paint it- so pretty…
    just became a follower-cant believe i wasnt already..
    Look forward to more

  39. love this blog-i must say- and that chandelier is lovely- i have seen one of those at a friends shop- i should tell her to hand paint it- so pretty…
    just became a follower-cant believe i wasnt already..
    Look forward to more

  40. Adorable. As it was when you found it I would never have believed it had such potential!

  41. I love that you restored this chandelier to it's former glory. At first I did a quickie look through at it and thought the gold version was your make over and I was like "Ick"! I hate it. I liked the before and then I went back and read that the tacky gold version was the before. Much better. I have a tole chandelier in my house and I live the little chips in the paint it has gained over the years as it moved from house to house…it has now found it's permanent home in my house.

    Thanks for making that little chandi so pretty again!

  42. You did an amazing job on this! Looks very much like it probably did originally, before someone gave it the awful gold paint…a lovely piece!

  43. The chandelier is so fantastic! I wish I lived close enough to come to your sale. Your pieces are really great – thanks for the inspiration!
    Cheers, Andrea

  44. That is gorgeous and an amazing transformation!!! I love it – and want it!
    Beautiful. Thank you for showing how you did this.

  45. That is absolutely lovely… what an amzing job! I am almost speechless… and that never happens.
    :) Flick

  46. I love it! Gorgeous!!

  47. This is gorgeous! I love all the colors, it has such a whimsical feel.

  48. It would make a nice bathroom chandelier, too…I can see it hanging over a lovely claw-foot tub. Or it could work in a sweet, shabby breakfast nook.

    You're right…the gold was TACKY! *LOL* Much nicer now & I'm sure you'll find something amazing to do with those candle cups and crystal drops.

  49. This is beyond words gorgeous. Are you keeping it or selling it? How will you part with such a beauty. Of course now I will be looking everywhere for one just like it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  50. Love what you did with the tole chandelier. Lots of creative juices you got there and I admire that for you. Thanks for sharing this post.

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